Friday, December 31, 2010

Bright Future? Where Are You Headed?

“Are you sentimentally attached any longer to this broken Christmas ornament my wife asked as she carefully packed the Christmas decorations?”
“No” I replied - without even looking at whatever it was she was considered throwing out ”… I am no longer sentimentally attached to any of this I replied” wondering to myself how I had become so calloused, and uncaring.

I stopped my cleaning and pondered the thought a moment before an overwhelming wave of disgust settled in the forefront of my mind, and it became clear that the real reason I was no longer sentimental was because I have spent the last two years of my life being sentimental for much bigger and more important things – that affect my family and I much more deeply than a Christmas ornament, and/or anything it represents.

The reality is that I am sentimental for my children to have the hope, joy and promise that attracted me to immigrate to America in the first place – the great American values and integrity of America’s Christian founding fathers; the promise of a bright and prosperous future in the political environment defended by the world’s greatest military protecting the world’s greatest Constitution as proven over time in history as the longest succeeding and most successful republic in the history of the world.

Now that is all something I miss for me and my wife – but especially for my children.

So I ask myself – where did it all go in the last 10, 20, 30 & 40 years? Where did America’s strength go, and who let it go? Who took it from us, and who held them accountable? Who is responsible for destroying America’s moral, economic, military, and political strength over the last 40 years? Was it my generation that allowed all of this failure? Was it my parents? How did this happen?

An Oracle Against America

My thoughts have already asked these questions over and over again increasingly loudly over the last 10 years. I already know the answer because I have taken the time to study this history, and the people involved. I know who has done this and you probably know some of them to.

The reality is that America’s strength was initially inflated beyond reality when the American government of the early 20th century embraced Keynesian economics, and revved up the economic engine of America with debt and taxation of created wealth.

The great engine hit its prime in the middle of the last century when America beat the world at war with economic prosperity still married to disciplined resolve. And carried it forward as the disciplined resolve was refocused on the development of the biggest industrial and consequent broadly based socio-economic age in history. Never before has a middle class seen such affluence so broadly spread amongst so many people as has been the God ordained and blessed history of America.

But then the disciplined resolve of the greatest generation waned as their children began to influence more of the priorities of America, and disciplined community resolve was replaced with the “me” generation, civil rights, women’s liberation, pro choice selfishness and the new attitude that no one is more important than me.

Subscribe if you have, or would choose this now, but God has a much more effective way of dealing with the proud and selfish motivations of the arrogant, and now increasingly stupid. America has become selfish, lazy, too comfortable, unmotivated, incompetent, and ignorant to even understand what it takes any longer to be a great nation. The Congress has been overtaken by imbeciles incapable of making a simple calculation or demonstrating enough conviction to stand up for a principle. The education system has been overtaken by failed Congressmen, and women and are incapable of even knowing what a lesson is, let alone how to prepare it, what to accomplish with it, how to deliver it, and how to end it. Conviction? Only on their records. And you can add Law enforcement that have become the tax collection pansies for the only growing sector of America – the overspending bureaucrats. And while these bloated butt minorities now run the new America, hardly a one is capable of even reaching their shoe laces – let alone knowing how to tie them if they still had laces. Not a clue what they are there for, how they could ever begin to contribute a thing to the good of the country. And there are the Unions – the new mafia that has put the Sicilians and Italians out of their own businesses with shame as these ridiculous caricatures of power abuse every organization and person they touch to justify collecting political contributions for their democratic Congressional hacks, cronies, and now even a President.

So where are you going America? Straight into the toilet is the obvious answer. Hopefully a few thinking, caring, and less misguided souls will set down their 44 oz Slurpee, take their baseball caps off and use all this massive knowledge base known as the internet to take a moment, and see where it went off the rails, find out what was working better before, and share it with the rest of us so we can return to prosperity, and promise once again before we hit the wall. I would suggest a return to the Judaeo-Christian God as the creator and author of America’s founding documents, the God of it’s fathers, and the historically consistent provider of blessing to His children and destroyer of His enemies. If you don’t make yourself one of His children by choice, you already likely fall into the latter category, and apparently there are more of you than there is of us. This may be why we have lost our blessing America.

Call me a religious loon if you will, but you clearly haven’t demonstrated a better understanding of the problems, or especially any solution in the last decades, so who are you to criticize? Oh yeah, one other little problem for you PC types: God is just. Honest and just. That is the same word that is the root of the word Justice. Not like the kids store, or any myopic strained liberal lunacy as purveyed as a Justice Department by that nincompoop Eric Holder. Justice is the final weighing of a matter in the balance of all considerations – the only one capable of truly defining true and honest Justice – let alone meting it out – is the creator of all things – the Omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing), and omnipresent (in all places at once) God of the universe. If you haven’t taken the time to know the one that made you, you are simply an idiotic fool.

So if you really care a whit about your future let alone anyone else’s, why don’t you do us all a favor and take a moment to search him out on Google (where else would you start a search?). But I strongly suggest you go to and begin by reading the book of John. Use the search item “John 1:1”, and follow on reading from there. I don’t suggest you use the KJV (King James Version) as the style is outdated and often confusing. Instead use the NIV (New International Version) of the NASB (New American Standard Bible) and drop me a line if you have any questions.

Now as for America’s future, it isn’t looking to bright with the current crop of loons regardless of your political bent. So when you finally head to China, Brazil, India, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, Korea, England, Germany, Italy, or anywhere in Africa, be sure to take some bottled water, a souvenir American dollar, and shut off the lights on your way out. I doubt there is anyone else ready to lead this mess again until the Chinese come to collect on their investments.

Happy New Year!
Alan Este
December 31, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Played By The Rules That They Taught Me In Schools.

I played by the rules that they taught me in schools.
And yet when we won they called us all fools.
I won the race to the top of a heap
with a fortune of money I was promised I’d keep.

But instead they had lied and couldn’t agree
that all of that fortune now was for me.
No, now they have new rules we can now see,
Even though they might make a criminal of me.

I’ll tell you the criminals are the ones who make rules
they change as they go – they are the fools.
And as for the rest of you – you are their mules,
as you serve for a season to earn as their tools.

If we've still freedom, we'll have to refuse
To listen as these fools decide what to choose.
They can turn up the heat and turn down the screws
But I promise in the end those fools can now lose.

Because you as the public are ready for truths,
And you know that their rhetoric is making you lose.
You need a leader that will really refuse
To spend all your money like they like to choose.

Out Reid out Pelosi, out Frank and out Dodd
Out Barack and the others that think they are God
Out bureaucrats, lawyers, police and bad judges.
Out arrogant Wall street bankers with grudges

Out fanciful artists with your heads in your rears,
And you sports stars with pockets but heads without ears
Out ACLU that kills life but loves queers
Out fraudulent pornmakers – tis time for your tears.

My God is above all of this hype and this lore
My God is the one who will destroy all of yours
He allows me to serve in the most lowly place
As you watch me now serve with a smile on my face.

You see you are this time to determined to see
That you get the money I say is for me
But neither will I ever give you a dime
Cuz’ this time I’ll collect while serving some time

For now I’m a dissident of the new KGB
I will not let you steal what was hard earned by me
In fact according to your foolish rules
You have to keep me while I build my tools.

Well my tools are knowledge and wisdom of truth
Yours are mere words that you change as you shoot
You are the fools that think you’re so right
But I’ll change your rules as I sit in your sight

My tools are words that change minds and right hearts
And appeal to the weary who while tired are smart
I have the support of the small and the wise
The ones who own ships and those who serve fries.

But you in your ignorance have all lost your way
You don’t even know what’s the goal of this day
You cap and you trade and you give away cash
You bandaid your unions that are lead by the trash

The truth is you waste both your time and our money
And you don’t even think that your actions are funny
Well you’re right – they’re not funny – turns out they’re sad.
And only the honest are now really mad

You think they are teabaggers there on your hill
You think fly over states miss your kind of thrill.
You are so smart and so filled with great skill
But truth wins the day and births your plans still.

The truth is that you are the self serving fools
Who selfishly avoid making “country-first” rules.
Well to hell with you and your fast dying schools
Where phonics and science are ignored with new rules

I prefer basics when learning in schools
Instead of your PC oriented tolerance rules
But math means that we can now triple the fools
And act like our civics are just Honda tools.

So to hell with you leaders - I condemn you right now
You are the ones who have bowed to the cow.
You are so smart when you’re backs are so weak
Why do you think that freedom has leaked?

Why did you think that your place made you better?
Have your cake too while the public you fetter?
You’ve a new view to come when you’ve finally met her
That I can't begin to explain in this letter.

All I can say is that dictators die
And once in their hell they learn how to cry
As for your lazy ass comfort while here
Your soul will regret your old lack of fear.

So my job is to warn you – you’ve robbed and you’ve stole
And unless you repent, theirs no hope for your soul
I have no interest in hearing your cries and excuses
My task is to expose all your lies and abuses.

You are the criminals but I’m the one jailed.
If that isn’t evidence of how you have failed.
You don’t have the ears to serve in your seats
The ones earned by blood and many defeats.

The blood you have spilled is of kids never grown
The freedom of yesterday spent for your own
You pay off your bureaucrats now on your roll,
And act like you help us with our money you’ve stole.

You’re smarter than the average because you’ve played us as fools
By stealing our money with daily new rules
People are entitled so you can’t cut those costs,
But stealing the freedom of the mass is their loss.

So until they wake up and figure it out
And try to find God and seek a new route…
I’ll take my money back – a dollar a day
Sleeping in cots and eating your way.

As for my heart as long as it lasts
I will seek a new way to love on this class
My fellow inmates as crazy inside
Are really no different than the ones on your ride.

Whether these bars or your government rooms
You as our government have made them all tombs.
So I judge your souls now as long till you die
I curse your use of the power misapplied

You’ll soon have eternity of hellish dark night
To think what you’d done if you'd done it once right.
Instead of your votes for what you know to be wrong
To demand that your colleagues all go along.

To have enough spine and brain in the fight
To truly determine the wrong and the right.
The truth is that compromise isn’t what’s good
You knew as a kid that truth’s stronger than wood.

When you have the power to choose the right stand
And improve the good for all in this land
Who are you to choose less and let the wrong win
You are the guilty of all of this sin.

No I won’t support your methods that fail
I'll instead choose to fight from the rail
To educate masses beginning with one
To show them what’s right instead of what’s fun.

So what do you stand for you spineless old fools?
What is the purpose of support for such rules?
I’ll tell you truth that is all about right
And you best choose this fight all day and all night.

The truth is that freedom is lifting a mantle.
Stopping the spending that burns like a candle.
Bureaucrat Payrolls are more than a cost
They are the key to why freedom is lost

So know as I tell you you have to cut cost
Beginning with laying off people you’ve bossed.
And you have to cut benefits for those in the street
For you have nothing to offer them all but defeat.

Hungry people find their own when they must
You can bet you are the first now they've cussed.
You have trampled on all of our trust
In seeking your way abused with your lust.

Our honor destroyed is now your new cost
Deluding the masses with what you have lost...
But we are the losers – our faith you have tossed
And the wisest and smartest are never the boss.

You can't be the answer – we all must now fail
Until we choose God with our backs on the rail
You are not God and you cannot save
All you are doing is making new slaves.

Churches are ready for the onslaught to come
The people will turn and go on the run
Where food is a charity instead of a pill
Your government cheese that tastes of bad swill.

You have proven that you have no skill
That you’re ways are useless except for YOUR thrill
Well to hell with your efforts – get out of the way.
Instead it is time for a new kind of day.

A day in which mules begin now to pray
And offer their souls to the one worth this day
The God of the universe who made us this way
And chooses to hear our hearts when we stray.

Too big to fail? You will soon see.
You are the failures that have indicted me.
You are the ones more guilty of sin
I am but one who was lost in this din

And as for your judges that rule from the bench
They are more whores than the ones they call wench
For they in their selfish comfort so smug
Are the ones who as rotting we'll roll in the rug.

And throw among waste for the snake and the bug.
For they and their pigs are the lowest of slugs.
But whatever your seat in this arrogant rule,
None can judge further the mouth of this mule.

For you have done all you can to this one.
I’ve put my trust in the blood of God’s Son.
You choose your savior I've chosen mine
I don’t know you, but I will be fine!

Please support the FATLETTER agenda

Monday, September 13, 2010

Criminal Bureaucrats - The New Solution To America's Cash Flow Problems

In the absence of morality - the new standard for US Government everything (after all - we are no longer a Christian nation....) now includes taking whatever steps the government employee deems appropriate and/or necessary, to collect money on behalf of the cash starved IRS and each of its State equivalents.

The effect of a cheating bureaucrat attempting to "steal" money from citizens is the equivalent of a mafioso shakedown. Add to this the police powers to not only intimidate, but to actually take tax returns, seize bank accounts, and amend credit reports and Social Security records with false information, and the only conclusion one can come to is that the criminals are now the bureaucrats.

Some of you assume I have given leave of my senses, and are left scratching your head about what I am talking about. So let me back up these radical thoughts by defining my thinking with 3 TRUE stories that have surfaced in the last 6 months.

True Story # 1

The first relates to a woman I worked with in a consulting role earlier this year who has been divorced for more than 20 years from a man who fraudulently collected Social Security benefits back in the early '80's. While this woman denies any responsibility in the matter ever, she accepted responsibility for the period she remained with him because the Social Security Administration told her that she was responsible - despite her objections. For many years she made monthly payments to the SSA to keep the government off her back, and had paid off all of it in early 2007 except a small amount (less than $ 700.00) for which she has the last statement they sent her. She continued to pay $ 50.00 per month for more than another year until she had completed her final payments. All good for America so far? So what do you do when she files her taxes for 2009, and the Federal Government takes all of her refund of more than $ 4,000. and tells her it is to pay for this account, and that she still owes another $ 7,000.00??? Then when I help her repeatedly file for an account review, the SSA loses the first two applications, and then after a 3rd request, they tell her she needs to file an application for a review of her account.

I have now helped her ensure that she will not have a refund for 2010.

True Story # 2

My wife and I file our taxes for 2009, and while I don't pay taxes - and likely never will again (due to self employment - and a strong yearning to withhold alcohol from drunks) my wife has earned a reasonable wage, and after many deductions (including me) calculations made it clear that she was entitled to a substantial refund. While the IRS initially paid up, and then later disputed due to their review, the State of South Carolina took the irresponsible position of deducting almost all of her refund to pay water bills related to properties I had released to bank foreclosures earlier.

The State of South Carolina does not sell water, and they do not have the charter to collect water bill accounts on behalf of counties, any more than I have the right to collect repair bills on behalf of my friends from taxes owed to the State. But apparently this logical argument - that is made even more serious by the States overbearing policing powers - appears to be lost on these criminal bureaucrats.

My wife was shorted more than $ 800. until I personally took on the responsibility for reimbursing from funds otherwise designated as State taxes. Let there be no doubt - just because these arrogant overbearing fools presume that they are serving the public good, they have violated the moral freedom upon which America was founded.

She will also not have a refund for 2010.

True Story # 3

Related to the same aforementioned (failed) business that I was previously responsible for establishing and managing, (which was wound down in late 2007) I recently received a letter from the same american state government demanding that I contact their revenue office to address the tax arrears that they were about to hang on me personally by attaching a lien to my Social Security #.

While I was initially angry, I left a message after hours on the answering machine of the phone number provided demanding that unless further information was provided to explain their calculations, I was throwing out their letter and treating it as if it had never been sent. I did not leave a phone number, or any other information except my name, but nonetheless I received a call the following morning from the letter author explaining tauntingly that she had received my message. She began by asking how I was, and I replied "I'm pissed". She went on to explain that if I didn't make arrangements to pay "the $ 11,000+ balance" immediately, she would be adding a tax lien to my social security #. I explained that I owed nothing, and that she had best not take this action without providing a complete breakdown of the State's calculations, or as I promised there would be "ramifications".

While I was still explaining my position, this arrogant buffoon interrupted me and started making light of my comments - at which point I screamed in the phone for her to "shut up". Immediate silence, and then an incredulous response: "Did you just tell me to shut up??" "Yes I did - just shut the hell up and listen without interrup-" "That's it, I am ending this call immediately" Click.

So of course I called back, and left her a message: "Good now you're pissed too. Now let me explain in a format where I will not be interrupted. I owe nothing. If you want me to respond professionally, you need to send me a complete breakdown of your calculations, but that I had better not find out the next information on my credit report, or I promise again that there will be "ramifications".

Today I received the State's idea of information in the mail. Apparently I hadn't reported any payroll taxes since the end of 2007, so the State had generously calculated an estimated tax bill on my behalf for the last 3 years.

Whatever happened to the American ideal of justice - "innocent until proven guilty"?
Is this the governments new approach? The mafioso shakedown? The new KGB dragging you into dark rooms to question us under a single dim light bulb? Or maybe we'll just jump to conclusions and file your "assumed" debts on your Social Security # until you prove your innocence???

These stories are all true, and they make clear to me that the American government is out of control at EVERY level. But criminal bureaucrats are not elected, and I doubt their elected bosses even have a clue about whats going on. So what do you suggest??

I have now counselled many on how to ensure that they have no refund for 2010, or ever again!

I would instead suggest that we the people start electing politicians committed to RADICALLY cutting government spending to starve these people out.

I would suggest that you pay your taxes (if you will) into escrow accounts, or into places you are confident are secure, to legally agree to your obligations while denying these governments the benefits of your money.

But in this electronic age, the last place I would want to be trusting my personal resources to are anywhere that these 'criminal bureaucrats' can have access to.

You make your choices. Mine are to challenge everything these people do at every level, until we restore a responsible governance at every level of America including eliminating 'criminal bureaucrats'.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Patrick Fitzgerald: Today's Award Winning National Idiot

Forgive my stupidity, but why would anyone let this idiot Patrick Fitzgerald - the famous F**ing fool that failed to fulfill the fundamental functions of a Federal prosecutor - let him now take a second stab at trying to kill the freedom of former Illinois Governor - Rod Blagojevich???

If you can't prove a case that has been controversial at best from the beginning in your best shot when you're simply trying to convict what has become the national norm for the last two Democrat Presidents - including the current: lying and cheating - also known as democratic politics; why don't you just shut the hell up and go home?? You deserve to be locked in your own closet, and ridiculed nationally.

Rod's my hero - even if his language more closely resembles a Newfoundland Priests.
But not because he is a good guy; but simply because by his failure to fulfill his own promises to testify, he most effectively proved that the arrogant self-serving buffoon prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is in fact today's National Idiot for the most important reason: He doesn't know what the hell he is talking about! Please someone - put this man out of our national misery. Quit paying him, and fire him!

Now we can all enjoy the reflective representation of every ridiculous detail again through the retrial of the century - all throughout this fall's election season as we work collectively to rid America of the stench of Chicago politics by dragging the President, his knuckle dragging Chief of Staff - Rahm Emanuel, and the other Chicago cronies in his anally tight circle - like David A**holeRod, and the rest of the NAACP - all taking prominent roles once again in the public media as the central characters of the Patrick "National Idiot" Fitzgerald vs Rompin' Rod's "Mad Magazine" show.

Not much can motivate me lately to move my cheese by myself. But despite my exasperation with the current State of America, only the adrenaline rush associated with this demonstration of award winning vapidness demonstrated by a new winner for the all too common National Idiot's award - it is clearly time to raise the banner today to the never ending incompetence of an American icon of arrogance - today's prize winning National Idiot: Mr. Patrick "I'll get em'" Fitzgerald!!

Way to go Patrick. Why don't you just fitz off.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solomon’s Rejects

Who is this ‘king’ that the vote has last brought?
What are these rules that this fool has now wrought?
Who are you minions of his with these rules?
Why has all logic been abandoned to fools?

Why is the treasure of freedom now lost?
As you drunks spend our futures at any plan cost?
You idiot savants with IQ’s of 30
Who follow the “reds” and call profit dirty?

“We are your ‘leadership’ focused on jobs
We’ll hire all the rejected buffoons and the slobs.
They will all know that we are their kings
And help us as we develop new things.

There now – see – all of you huddling masses.
We got unemployed folks off of their asses.
We give them great jobs, and we pay them a lot.
And now we can add even more on the spot.

In fact we’ll hire more to run printing presses
We’ll start printing money for fixing our messes
Quick make us lists of available addresses
We’ll hire some folks who’re black and wear dresses.

Let’s fill up those places with paper for cash
We’ll get lots of green ink from trees in a flash
Professors of money schools need now to bless us
And silence that chorus who our folly confesses.

Call the Chinese who think that we’re in a squeeze.
Tell them its over – we’re not on our knees.
Instead we stand tall with our nose in the air
We don’t need their loans to cut our new share.

We’ve got new cash from our fresh minted stash
And we haven’t a clue what they mean by ‘a crash’
We’re in control as we tell all in the room
We’re progressive enough to redefine ‘boom’

(or maybe our mistake is we should have said ‘doom’…
But who wants to think about filling that tomb.)

Now our work has been special and wonderful too
We’ve created more good than did God with his zoo.
We’ve cured all our ills, and the Middle East mess
And now we can fix Europe and the world of the rest.

But first let’s get bankers and give them a shake
Everyone knows the Gold Sachs are not fake
In fact it is clear that those Jews on the take
Are the reason we have this money mistake.

Get them on their heels and our buds at the Fed
And our porn loving SEC gang now we’ve lead
Let’s get the media and put them on their head
And no one will notice how housing’s still dead.

We need to find us some other good news
Election’s are coming what else can we use?
How about dinner for the media we abuse
Before we define how we’ll turn up their screws.

How’s General Motors? Have they brought out the ‘Lada’?
Its time we delivered cars to the mass as we oughta
Get ‘em green motors and run ‘em on grass
We can’t use the oil up or burn natural gas

I hear electricity is now made with coal?
We can’t use that black stuff from out of a hole
They keep killing miners as they skip all the rules
Who are these owners anyway? - These “fools”!

Speaking of black and of night and whats right
Being as we’re black and this house still is white
Isn’t it time we show America who’s right?
Let’s paint the house black and redefine bright.

We are the Kings of the world’s newest order
We’ve saved all our country and well cross the border
Like housing for poor that we give when we try
We’ve now granted health to the poor as they die.

And of course like the housing who cares ‘bout the cost
Like every good deed that began for the lost
We have to remember our union friends first
Tis’ their votes and dollars that helped toss the worst.

And speaking of smart and bubbles we’ve burst
Another ‘beer summit’ could cure the world’s thirst
How bad is a drunk when we’re here with the worst
Axelrod, Geithner, and Bernanke were first

So let’s all get drunk and then mention taxes
The prolific rhetoric intoxicates masses
Hopefully they won’t think to bring or swing axes
Or try to swing votes of those key middle classes.

Call Harry and Nancy up from the hill
Have them and their minions over for swill
Let’s talk about taxes on energy too
Cap and Trade’s tops for the next dropping shoe….”

Ok you cannibals who eat all our young
And leave them lying their deep in your dung
Why do you claim that you are so smart?
When you’re thoughts are mere vapors akin to a fart?

I know the reason, but tis’ illegal to tell.
My telling the truth is the first step to hell.
My mind may be bursting with facts yet to yell,
But I’ll hold them in and let my brain swell.

Ok you masses who voted them in.
You get the blame for creating this din.
You are the fools who couldn’t care less
Except to run from the ‘right’ and all of their mess..

But what have you bought with the money you wasted
With your ignorant votes our freedom you basted
Was this special thinking that we have all tasted
The goal of your voting as the right you lambasted?

Is not the problem of “how they got there”
Due to your share of the lack of ‘vote care’
To see what experience and knowledge they share
When choosing who deserves to be sitting up there?

-- -- --

November is coming; please do us all right
Learn what you’re doing before joining the fight
Know all the people you choose to support
Or do us a favor and find a new sport.

We can’t afford fools at the polls anymore
No more than we can the fools in the store,
We’ve fallen off mountains, and we’re now at the shore
And we’re soon to be drowned lest we stop any more.

To the right or the left I cannot say which,
But we certainly must turn lest we fall in the ditch
A business professional is best able to pitch
O’er a self served socialist like ‘Pelosi the “bitch”’.

And who needs another lawyer in the senate or house
To serve lawyers interests like a ‘greed-burdened louse’.
We’ll never get torts reformed with these pigs
Padding their pensions and new lobby gigs.

So if you’re willing to admit you we’re part of the vote
That brought us the current field full of goats
Of having your brain up your butt their so dark
With the mental momentum of a car locked in park,

I have a solution for your cranial rectumitis
That might not this time come back to bite us
Plan in advance that you will learn about all
Of the candidates that are willing to run now this fall

Think about how people you know are quite smart
What about their abilities really sets them apart?
Do they know about history and the world of the past?
Do they know economics and solutions that last?

Do they own their own business and actually create work?
Do they know what they like, and know Obama’s a jerk?
Do they see what is wrong and know God is all right?
Do they look at the world in this same kind of light?

Maybe you ought to ask if they’ll run;
If they couldn’t do better than Kenya’s lost son.
Maybe you are the one who’d do us the best
Who knows how to revive what was killed by the rest.

We need some new thinking that knows all the old,
That knows how to play cards, and what decks to fold.
That knows that most unions have outlived their day,
Like black civil rights laws - now over played.

We need fresh people that are willing to serve
And serve the tough love that we really deserve.
We need a new approach to managing money
That doesn’t need Euros and Yen to be funny.

Please think about what you can offer to do
If you can’t run or won’t run, please think it through.
Then find the right people and lend them your shoe
You know, and I know, what I say here is true.

People that think are the people to vote
Distract all the rest, send them off in a boat
Don’t let them kill all our hope with a gloat
As they pick their best idiot by TV remote.

Please give a damn and please give a care
Take this ‘lil thought and give it a share
I am sure you must have some friends over there
Who could use this reminder they ought be aware.

Thank you for caring!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Wood (As Posted On Glenn Beck's Facebook Discussion Board)

Who are the responsible that have cast aside the era of
American generosity, enlightenment, and blessing?

Is it the nobles of Washington present or past,
perhaps twas the Elephant or maybe the Ass?
Is it the bankers behind Wall street walls,
or the Dow Jones components in their paper game stalls?

Maybe tis farmers who failed to sell crops,
Or fools who bought houses whose values fast dropped
Or was it the rules of self serving bureaucrats,
Helping the poor with their ignorance of real world stats

Maybe twas car makers giving up market share
All while protectionists generate deficit scares.
Maybe the rights we’ve demanded for me and you,
Are too expensive except to those without ACLU.

The reality is in our media driven romp,
We’ve all taken sides and are now poised to stomp.
The problem we have is that while we’re all mad,
There isn’t a one we can single out as bad.

The problem isn’t the bad, the problems the good.
We can’t find any more because we’ve chopped it like wood.
Like trees of great size, it wasn’t us that made one.
We’ve just made use of there shade from the sun.

Now the fools found the forest to be too much trouble
They’d killed all the small trees and made them as rubble
Now tis time to chop big ones that stand in the way
E’en though we don’t know why they’re planted this way

Must have been fools that would plant up a hill.
They seem like their farther away from the mill.
And what about these planted close to the sea.
Ruining the potential beach that could be.

And what about trees that fall in the dark,
And fall upon our things and then leave their mark?
And what about children that might climb and fall?
Isn’t it time we protected them all?

So lets chop the wood say the kings of the era
Ever so quick to chase out the sparrow
We’ll fix the land by making it safe.
We’ll cut the trees and find us more space!

But the trees are protection grown in the past
Planted with wisdom that has proven to last
Without progressive insight that knows so much more
And now proves to be the fathers of whores

What was once honor, integrity and love
Twas all made possible from blessings above
The infinite wisdom of ages beyond
Have been eroded by the fools on the lawn.

You have your gods, and we have the King
The one you so arrogantly drive from your thing
But you are the fool that doesn’t understand
That God built the freedom that has honored this land

You are the fool that has helped cut the wood
And made this land now so absent of good.
We who’ve allowed rob us of history’s treasures
In search of what they are sure are great pleasures.

So stand in your judgment – tis not you who’ll decide
Our God has already made ready your ride
Instead in the prayers of the saints thrown asunder
We’ll watch as our God reclaims freedom in wonder

All will choose sides, and till tis finally wrought
Your choice will define - whether life He has bought
Or off to the gallows where your soul will rot
Your success and your freedom will surely be not

Scoff as you will. Bill Maher is a fool.
Only those who honor God rule.
The realm of all majesty is not defined by this nation
Ignorance has survived through many generations

Beauty is fleeting and e’er hard to find
Its pursuit is how mediocrity’s defined.
Beauty and freedom in our life on this earth
Are gifts from our maker who defines all our worth

So if you are so smart as to always know better
I wont even waste my time with your letter.
Your position and power are irrelevant to me
I know the author of what is and will be

And we have no use for your tree chopping kind
The arrogant ‘(k)no(w) better’ fools in the line
The one who makes history in a leadership seat
Like Haman the head losing master of defeat.

This I will say to the questioning one
Ignore all the boxes that talk about fun
Ignore all the fools that always know better
And tell us how power will poverty unfetter

I have a suggestion that has proven so true
Look up the word that He gave to you
See where the love is focused for all
Not in the marketplace or inside the mall

Not in the ivory tower in the east,
Or the political will of its ignorant beast.
Not in the courts ruled by fools like your brother
Or even laws cast aside for another

Love is a concept that is only for people.
It is the root of every church steeple.
God is the author of love in this world,
And tis' His rejection thats left it unfurled.

The good news for you, and for them, and for me
Is God is still loving if we’ll just let him lead
All you need do is ask him to be
The King of your life and wisdom you’ll see.

So forget about trying to steal back your rights
They were left with your wrongs every night.
Forget about the partisan media fools
They don’t know anything about following rules.

Forget about those who warn of inflation.
They know nothing of leading a Nation
Forget about taxes that pay for these fools.
Scream how they first broke all their own rules.

To hell with bureaucracy – tis never too soon
Its time these too sing the job hunting tune.
Self serving attitudes no longer have place
In a land that wants once again to save face.

Can America be salvaged from here in this yard
In the scrapheap of Europe’s old discard?
What kind of beauty do they build with a hague?
When their financial world follows our drag?

What kind of morals are they claiming to have
When the best of their best is the least of the slavs?
Europe is tired and small and misguided
They cleaned out God who they quickly derided.

Freedom was lost, as they pursued all new Marx
And now they boastfully lack in their parks
Theirs is a history worthy of wonder
They were the first to cast good asunder.

Crazy you say? Doesn’t seem right?
Not so excited about pursuing such “light”?
Couldn’t agree more if I got to choose
I’m sick of watching America lose.

But what instead is the vision to pursue?
We’ve let go of Reagan and history too.
Why not ask God what we ought to find true?
He has made people more important than you.

But what about people is their left to abide?
Isn’t it people that hate and divide?
And isn’t it people that hurt and destroy?
That rape and kill children and wreck all their toys?

What is God thinking that people are worth?
If God is still God, why do we e’en give birth?
Surely the people of this twisted earth
Can’t offer this God any more or much worse?

But God sees it different as twas long ago written
He created folks with whom He is smitten
He loves the good in the people He makes
And grows that good carefully next to his lakes

He grows His good people on the edges of hills
E’en though they might not be close to the mills
He grows good in people like wood in a tree.
Good in our hearts and our minds you can see.

Regardless of anger and frustrated wills
He grows His good in our hearts till they’re filled.
People are all that have good in reserve
Its up to us to collectively preserve
All of the wood that is freedom in this land
And now strong as wood we must now take a stand
So, First collect wisdom as given by His hand,
And then let us together take back this land

Out with the partisans, and out with the corps.
Lets pay our taxes into escrows of courts.
Lets define leadership that’s worthy pursuing
Leadership that starts with the hearts they are wooing.

People must be highest priority again
when good is the base of their everyday plan.
Throw out the judges and close up bad courts.
Challenge police when freedom they thwart.

They’ve chopped down our wood and stolen our good.
By claiming they know their law really good.
Well their law's no good if it fosters the worst
So I say lets toss out the worst of law first.

If we want a leader that’s worth as salt.
We've got to begin to remove those at fault.
Anyone failing to focus on good
Is part of that chopping down all the good wood.

I want the God of creation back here
Where the good again lead, and the rest live in fear.
I want the nation that was founded back then
When good was the focus of vision of men.

I want the leaders we have to retire.
Or at the next vote we will have them all fired.
There isn’t a leader in Washington today
That has demonstrated how to lead in this way

Where good is the mantra we want for our land,
And with spine they are willing to back up this stand.
So let’s move on forward and define a new plan
We’ll start with what’s old, and what’s older again

The old Constitution cost nothing to write
Except for the boldness of defining new light
The Bible was written in a time before this
By a long list of writers that sought God on this.

Both chose the peoples rights to first love
As reflections of love from our great God above
As the basis for all that is worthy in time
And the reason we all have to live and to shine.

So forget all the rest – these corporate priorities
These ill run schools with their frats and sororities
These greedy corporations and fee greedy banks
Its time to relegate them back to their ranks

Our government’s worse and so out of touch
Rein in their power and money and such.
Pay no more taxes to bureaucrat thieves.
Instead pay to escrows and force them to leave.

And as for these judges so bereft of what’s just
Thinking they're smart by defining their lust
Burn their books and their robes, and their precedents too
And send them out back to clean out the loo
Knee deep in waste would be good for them too
Enough of their dumping on me and on you.

So who is now ready to take up this fight
Simply by taking a stand for whats right
I for one have enough skin for their bite,
And I prefer good to their dim watt of light.

But I am but one who chooses the good.
And I’m chained to a tree to save its good wood.
I would have you - choose to - like me
Rejoin the land of the good and the free

Take up your heart and let it beat strong
Chase out this nations tolerance of wrong
Instead choose the high road away from the mill
Instead take a stand at the top of the hill.

The air is real clear above all the clutter
The view towards the sea will make your spine shudder
Then reach your arm down and stretch out a hand
And pull up a brother who’ll help take the stand.

There is no other way we will take back this land
Except by the challenge of the bad and the bland
And no higher calling is made for ones soul.
Than for you and for me to claim our new role

That is why I like a good tea party!
- by Scott Strople

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Year For Toyota? Or Great Year For Gov't Motors

What's the likelihood that Toyota's recall problems would have arisen this year had the the most corrupt American Government in the history of the republic had not just converted GM Corporation to Government Motors? Particularly when the GM declining market share needs a huge new influx of interest both to historically justify the government investment, as well as to benefit the Unions that are now a part of the NBC/GM/'3Pigs'* troica that now governs the country? (*3Pigs = 3 Stooges: Harry,Pelosi & BO)

So is Toyota more dangerous this year? Maybe their simply too proud to confess their arrogant irresponsibility? Or is it that the real crisis for Toyota is their fall from grace because of who they are not?

I don't own a Toyota or a GM. I am suspicious of EVERYTHING this Government is doing, and as such, my default assumption is that the Government that will lie, will make the competition die - and we all know that GM's victory is key to the success of the public's perception of the GM takeover. And of course what a perfect way to reward those unions that put their lawyer/President into office.

In any event, you can be certain there is not an ounce of good in the future of the Toyota relationship to the American market until an honesty loving free market 'pansy' (like John McCain) takes over the lead seat, and starts holding those lobbyist Unions at arms length for a change...

Now if Scott Brown knew what a 'Big Picture' is, and the Thursday health summit had a publicly beneficial agenda from the start, we could move onto serving the public instead of lobbyist/union interests.

Not likely soon.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Defining The New Real Estate Lows

So being the real estate watcher I have been for the last 30 years - many of which I spent as a Real Estate Agent, Broker, Property Manager and Landlord, I have always prided myself on having a fairly educated knowledge of the market, its factors, and the influences on it. As such, I have often 'bet the farm' on my predictions and had more success than failure through the years - until now.

Last year, I came to the conclusion that the residential real estate market must be nearing the bottom of its value trough to a low end plateau based on months of relatively stabilized prices, a fair number of sales, and my own observations of what I have come to since realize has been one of the more solid real estate markets in the country in the Charleston SC area.

However, as I have dug into the numbers, and studied the trends more closely, some very disturbing factors continue to gel in my assessment, and as such, I have developed new insights.

This real estate market both residentially and commercially is about to tank to unimaginable lows in the next two years for a variety of reasons - none of which lends an ounce of optimistic upside.

These include:

1. Over 70% of all purchases in the last year in markets across the nation are by first time buyers taking advantage of government incentives with starter level homes. The rest have almost all been sellers of these homes 'stealing' foreclosures at approximately 60-70% of market highs, and at less than the mortgage value was on them as little as two years ago. Most of these potential buyers have already bought, and this market is drying up.

2. The next group of buyers (a very small group) has been the speculative cash buyers. These are the people who had pockets full of cash, and like I thought the market had stabilized, and as such ran out and bought up more of these 'stealable bargain' houses for cash. Banks don't lend to speculators, so these people have been blowing their wad gambling that the housing market is coming back, or that they can rent these homes at a profit, and make a buck either way. These people are quickly disappearing and most have already blown their cash. This market is also now drying up.

3. The California market that always seems to be a year or two ahead of the rest of the American market is in a commercial real estate tailspin, which is destroying the state economically, as well as psychologically. It is also destroying the residential market as all the effects of neighboring empty properties take their toll on adjacent, and then all real estate. This market is out of control.

4. The American economy which is on government aid, is about to take another major decline as the US Government increasingly loses favor with the rest of the world including its two biggest benefactors - China and Europe. It is also losing favor with the American people as ALL major by-elections in the last 6 months have gone against the leadership - primarily over major spending policies, and as such, the only politically viable position is going to be to spend less to curry political favor, or to spend more to keep buying off the economic decline. There is no right answer, and the net result will be inaction. This is a major change from last years cash injections, and as such, the real effects of economic deterioration are about to take their true effect. While the FDIC closed 140 banks last year, it is almost certainly going to shutter over 200 or more this year, and every banker knows that this is no time to be giving away, (or even lending) the only life source that will be available when the government aid dries up. As such there is no lending going on, and that is the most fundamental factor in supporting real estate values.

5. Recent efforts by mortgage professionals demonstrates that even the best credit scores in America can no longer borrow enough money to close a real estate investment of any sort unless it comes with government backing, and a massive amount of equity. This of course limits buyers potential to buy to very small amounts of real estate -even if they are in a position to buy anything. The real result of easy credit was the ability to leverage a lot of property with very little cash. The opposite is now true such that even the most solid and liquid of investors can still buy almost nothing. The credit market is an increasing disaster.

6. And in the face of all of this chaos, prognosticators are nervously playing their cards ever closer to their chests - hoping to hide the impending doom, while bankers and lenders are saving every dollar they have to save them as long as possible as they go into what they know are going to be the worst two years in American economic history.

7. The foreclosure trend statistics are the most biting factor in the future of real estate as we contend with what was the most aggressive two years in lending prior to the crash - wherein five year ARM mortgages were issued like candy to people that were absolutely incapable of affording what they bought, and the lions share of these mortgages are coming up for renewal between now and the summer of 2012. Every evidence from their predecessors over the last two years - generated in the years 2003 through to 2005 have demonstrated an ever growing default rate generated by increased interest rates, combined with widespread unemployment and a quickly falling average credit score - making it impossible for these homeowners to renew - even if they now have the income to support the new mortgage. The net result is disaster.

If you don't believe it, you go ahead and support the monkey and his minions. They have their heads so far up their asses, they are now effectively color blind. There is no color in blackness, and Oblacka is so clueless, he wouldn't know where to spend the next dollar if he really had one. He doesn't though - he only has yours.

Grab your ankles folks - its coming!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So You Actually Read??? - Help, Please.

If you can actually read, you are likely older than the average age in America - 33 (and getting older). If you actually take the time to read (like this) anything other than text messages, and email - or anything past a headline you are definitely in the smallest of minorities in America today.

The ignorance of America and its declining educational standards are the biggest cause of America's problems already today, and more importantly reflect the most tragic trend in its likely future.

Without reading, and with only a steady diet of 'Everybody Loves Raymond', 'American Idol', and 'Sponge Bob Square Pants' interspersed with bouts of video games like 'XBox', 'PS2', and addictions like 'Warcraft' and the like, the average American has lost the concept of improving themselves and their knowledge base.

Add to this the fact that in most cases their education base from their declining level of schooling years, and the quality of the input has left them ignorant of the value of things that were the foundation of education in the past - such as the value of honesty, integrity, respect, honor, etc.; the importance of studying history so that you are not condemned to repeat it, how economics work - particularly against you - when out of control, etc. and it is little wonder the average American still thinks Barack Obama is 'cool', supported or voted for him because he is 'black' (# 1 reason) if they actually voted at all, and thinks that everything is getting better in the economy when the stock market is up (the great pool of collective ignorance) so that we can all celebrate the future.

The reality is that the economy, and the American collective politic are no longer being controlled by solid policy of any sort. In reality, the only policy of the current administration is selfish political posturing guided by idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are so out of touch with the people they are supposed to serve (Really???) that they consider the Massachusetts election of Scott Brown an indictment of the more than a year gone 'George W. Bush Administration'.

Hello?? They are spinning so hard, they have made themselves dizzy beyond a recuperable state. The only excellent news politically is that with this stance, the saner minds should prevail this November with a complete rejection of these loons under the banner of 'throw the incumbent bums out!'.

I of course will celebrate politically as we lift the nose of the crashing plane away from the ground. However the damage to our freedoms, our economy, and the ignorance of our people is already at the point that to land safely now still, and already, takes us into the burning embers of a damaged hulk that more fully resembles the sad pictures this week of Port-Au Prince in Haiti, than it does the Disney-esque picture of America so many of our American Dreams were built on.

And the place to rebuild America is in its education first. A democratic republic will never survive another generation with this growing level of ignorance. We are already at the point where the teachers are becoming so morally ignorant and informationally bankrupt that their 'teaching' is simply a contribution to the morass of ignorance given in wasted time in exchange for the opportunity to build minds.

It is time to create the policy for an educational complex in this information age that can acutally build minds for the future that contribute effectively - instead of simply hooking our childrens minds on to the public tit. The tit is dry, the minds are shrivelling, and the future is bleak even if we save the plane from crashing after this falls elections.

Can you help?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Is Not The Only Idiot In America

Obama is finally seeing the edge of the cliff as he spends today running around in Massachusetts like a chicken with his head cut off. Or maybe more like 'Chicken Little' - "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". And of course in the state where he polls worse than Martha Coakley - the home of Democrat formerly assumptive Senator to be, only Obama can take it from a close race to a clear lead for the Republican Scott Brown.

Of course its been a long time coming. Obama was a known quantity long before he was elected in November 2008 - at least by anyone with the slightest penchant for facts or the truth. Then the Republicans were the ones crying wolf - and the Republicans were right - in more ways than one. On the other hand the Republicans needed a 'bi*ch slap' also to get there heads out of the fairy tale clouds they had puffed themselves up into - spending like drunken democrats and letting their President act like a veto pen was a serpent.

The reality is that we didn't have a good option at all in 2008. McCain proved to be hopeless on every front, and particularly at saving the economy with his ridiculous campaign suspending white horse ride to Washington - where he caved like a school child under threat.

But Obama??? Give us all a break. And God alone knows its now overdue - the Senate splitting vote this Tuesday in Massachusetts is the closest thing we who oppose the Obama spend-a-holic rocketeer can hope for as a break in the overwhelming tide of disaster. So for once I am glad to hear Obama is running to the scene of the fight - to ensure what I can only pray will be a massive upset - the kind that turns the tide in time for the rush for the fall elections.

But of course if the former Kennedyites of Massachusetts choose to support the Obama machine once again - like all the fools did in November 2008, you will know where to point the finger when trying to identify the rest of the idiots in America.

Please people, wake up and smell the nightmare.