Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Peasant's Perspective On How To Deal With The Overbearing One

The government of America is relentless in delivering their edicts and expectations, and telling we the peasants what they expect of us. But I have some advice to offer from the Peasant's Peanut Gallery.

I spent the last six months ignoring the lions share of the insidious stream of edicts and output of the Overbearing One - the Government of America.

In fact I have taken a new approach pushing the limits of not only ignoring the jerks, but taking my response one step further by throwing back at them by telling them to effectively shove it - I ain't taking it anymore. This has involved more than a few conversations with a number of their representatives (bureaucrats) telling them that they have no authority with me because I do not consider their 'laws' having any authority when they represent an administration, a congress and a judiciary that are headed by unserious lawbreakers that have destroyed the concept of accountability, and responsibility by their words and their actions.

Therefore in their lawlessness and irresponsibility as leaders they have made the services of their bureaucrats unnecessary and without credibility, so as the President and the Attorney General say - actually or figuratively - I will do whatever I want. That means ignoring everything these mental midgets pass as regulations - which I no longer consider as law as they have no backing in anything in penalties - which I refuse to participate in anyway. Fine me? I dont think so. I am not giving you anything. Want to discuss it? Sure, come on down to my place, and you better bring some weapons, before you start flapping your gums, because I am more likely shoot a hole in your boots than listen to anything you have to say.....

So quit taking these idiots so seriously. They have already thrown away your health care, your national security, your respectability in the world, and all they have left is to throw away your freedom. Don't give it to them, save your fight and energy for the right to maintain your freedom. They have nothing else to take from you. They really don't have any claim on your money - they are illegitimate in the collection and mismanagement of all money they ever get. They have no claim on your rights - your only rights are protected in the Consititution - and they act like it doesn't exist. Sure they have too many police, so stay out of their way, and keep your head low. But ignore everything else they promise or threaten. Most of their threats are worthless, and without teeth, and they haven't delivered on a real major promise in your lifetime, and they have burned all the tools they had for delivering on a promise.

If you're not going to get off your ass and take to the streets like they do in countries like Venezuela, China, Iraq, Iran, and now the Russian outposts, at least recognize your government is made up of idiots, and ignore them all you can.

Want to really do something good in America?  Get involved with a Christian church or do something about making public education better by working towards destroying the teachers union and demanding students be made first priority again. And vote for smaller government if you get the chance. If you don't know how, don't vote at all.

Till then, ignore the government and stay out of their way.