Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Warring Piece On War And Peace

As Christmas finally lands this week in the land of peace (or war?) I am reminded of the dichotomies of this season in our history. In the traditional measure of generations at about 20 years a piece, we are three generations from America's last big one - World War II that is, two generations from the start of the Vietnam war - the American national disgrace, and now approaching a full generation since the end of the cold war. Well thank God, we're pretty much over 'war' as a national proccupation right?

Oh that's right we are still at "war". The White House reminds us this week that this is the first time in forever that the Presidency will transition while the country is at war. Now if your family is in Iraq or Afghanistan at this point - you know that they are away at war.

But ask an Obamanik, and the only problem we are trying to resolve is to end the financial commitment to Iraq. And end some kind of 'conflict' they are having over in that Afghan (?) place (like it's some kind of blanket thing on their sofa).

After all America is a land of peace. Except for a few problems in the past, America is the most peaceful country in the world. All we need to do is get GWB out of the White House and we can get back to the peace we generally consider normal.

Now, given their preoccupation with flushing Christianity from the public debate, the public property, and next the money, we can hardly blame Christianity for either war or peace, but at the time of year that celebrates the concept of 'Peace On Earth' as a basic goal of Christianity, we should ask ourselves what role Christianity plays in the concept of "peace".

Growing up Christian, I have been reminded in recent years - principally since 2001 - that Islam is NOT a religion of peace - despite GWB's new mantra that it is; that Allah and God are one and the same, and that he has apparently effectively announced that all roads now lead to heaven. (I didn't think we had turned over heaven to the American government - despite our relentless efforts to relinquish every other freedom and joy we have to them). In reality Georgie has missed it again. He doesn't know his authority level, and apparently doesn't know his enemies - or theology - either.

While I strongly agree with my teachers that Islam is not a religion of peace, the evidence is also clear that Christianity is not a religion of peace either. Both religions are about their own exclusivity as the only right way to God. And that is pretty much where the similarity ends.

Of course we confuse countries and fundamentalists on both sides of the fence. Islamic countries may or may not be peaceful (I'd say "NOT") and Christian countries may or may not be peaceful. (Much room for debate.), but fundamentalists on either side of these two religions are clearly growing definitive - and many militant about their positions. And the muslim side is growing militant faster.

So if you claim any type of Christian heritage from your country, you are soon going to be deciding if you prefer militant fundamentalist Christianity, or bowing to Mecca five times a day. Because peace is no longer remaining an option on the table.

And now with Washington's new flag waving decidedly in favor of Islam in the Jewish/Muslim support debate, this long growing international conflict is coming to land squarely in America beginning this coming year.

Of course you could never have explained this aspect of their choice to an Obama supporter in 2008 as they "rode the wave", but this is a sheep's life, and as long as 'the peace' can be maintained in the midst of pursuing greener pastures, why not enjoy the free ride?

And now the wake up calls begin as the growing beat of the steady drum now becomes faintly more audible, and the calls from Kenya, and Hawaii, and other lands of the 'obamanation' denomination begin to ring like a ding-a-ling thing. Adding of course to the chorus of Tehran, and Kabul and Damascus.

In reality, Christ was not a messenger of world peace. He was the messenger of personal peace with God - the only peace achievable in the midst of a world war - the only peace that supersedes the limits of human life.

In reality, Jesus was an instigator; a trouble maker; a rabble rouser and provoker. Anyone willing to take on the temple of his day, was taking on the equivalent of all known government and religion in one fell swoop.

Today, the equivalent would be all of Washington, Brussels, Rome and Mecca in one aggressive attack. Doesn't exactly seem peaceful to me. And imagine denouncing every known leader of people as incompetent with real authority based on the skill to 'out-speak' and 'out-perform' every voice on the stage of the day? Reducing leaders to a fools status with a stick in the sand, or a simple - but profound - question? Peaceful approach? Hardly. Master of non-violent provocation? Absolutely.

So what's with the Christian church of today?

It's decision time.

Enjoy this last 'peaceful' season because the end is near.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Capitals Punishment

With the recent execution of 38-year-old Joseph Gardner on December 5/2008, the State of South Carolina has executed its 40th resident since the return of capital punishment to the Palmetto State.

After my recent experiences with the legal systems lawyers and courts, I can no longer support the finality of capital punishment based on the output of a system that has now become more corrupt than those they purport to judge.

It is not that I do not support equitable and fairly meted out punishment for those who do wrong. It is that a system that exonerates OJ Simpson for murder in 1995 and then commits him to 13 years for a questionable robbery exactly 13 years later - clearly out of revenge - must seriously be suspect.

When I receive legally prepared documents that cannot spell addresses right, get zip codes right, find a correct address in the era of google, or even effectively lay out a case on behalf of a plaintiff or a defendant; when the court room is so preoccupied with procedure it cannot find the case, and the arraogance of the fools that manage the process is so self enamored it forgets who it is there to serve, the system has lost touch with reality, and should not be trusted for anything.

Within the last several years I have observed such incredible incomptence from lawyers and judges, and those that they employ to build their cases that I can no longer trust any aspect of the American legal system.

Like the perfect child that is caught in a first known lie, every thing the child says thereafter must be made suspect unlike ever before. A new reality is faced, and the loss of innocence is the death of trust, and the consequent chaos of required proof is required with every new comment.

The same is now true of the American legal system (and political system) in that it is now the turn of the legal system to prove its innocence. I now consider it the guilty party that must prove its innocence. And apparently I am not alone. The growing chorus of malcontents brought together through the new trumpet of the internet is beginning to seriously erode the publics confidence in such a mismanaged system.

It is time for good men to reexamine every aspect of the legal system and offer new hope. And unfortunately it will have to come from outside of the current system, because those that are married to it are so blind in their affection for the status quo, they lack all objectivity.

And so it is that I call for the growing cry of the public to be unified in a baseline of reformist thinking so that once again the results of a courts edict can be again made trustworthy, the results of the output proven, and a new standard of integrity set.

We have done ourselves as non-lawyers a great disservice in allowing the legislatures of America to be dominated by lawyers, and a new political standard must become to elect anyone but the lawyer in elections so that the basis of legal standards can be set by those who bring enough objectivity to establish new and reasonable legal standards.

Until that day is done, and integrity becomes a trustworthy norm again, I will no longer support capital punishment.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Highest Bidder? And You're Shocked?

Blagojevich - a criminal? Who would even suggest such an issue? Let the one without sin cast the first stone.

So we just sold the Presidency for $ 700 Million + and the media that would sell its mother for 7 cents in 30 seconds has the audacity to listen to the next Eliot Spitzer - U.S. Prosecutor Fitzgerald carrying on about the illegal activities of an Illinois Governor now who has the legal responsibility of appointing a Senator to fill in Obama's seat.

So what's the problem Fitzgerald? Wasn't he going to appoint a black democrat? Perhaps you felt he should take credit instead of cash? These people are politicians and so are you - you Pharisaical hypocrite. Get a hold of reality folks. If you give someone this much power, it is going to be traded for something. Its called political capital. If you don't like the system, change it.

But in my mind the only crook here is Fitzgerald for acting like he is above it all.

Saving Money In Our Bankrupt State

In a State like South Carolina that can no longer afford to repay the unemployment insurance to the premium payers it has joyfully taken it from, it is time for a little serious reckoning.

And before the responsible lawmakers who have abused this public trust began to whimper about their proposed absolution on the grounds that it is not their fault because ‘the economy took the money’, and we have a figurative lynching in the kangaroo court of our local media, I would suggest these buffoons first take a reality check.

Always the first to demand the highest of standards, the slightest infraction in the current law and order environment these Pharisees have been proud to cultivate now boasts an average 40 hour stay in our notorious local County Detention Center with not yet proven guilty people casually tossed in this gulag for any police officers or judges contrived whim. The net effect is a prison sentence greater than the combined stays of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and the newly redefined 42nd President of the United States who perjured himself on camera before the complete nation making a complete mockery of the word Justice – redefining it in their cases to be “Just-Us”.

It is apparent at any level of review that America has lost the ability to understand the abandoned concepts of Christianity that are an essential part of a black and white justice system – namely mercy and grace that require the discernment of thinking people who recognize their own fallen state as sinners, and do not casually assume the role of arbiters of justice through the tyranny of excuses in a system overdeveloped inordinately.

So it is time these lawmakers began to push the pendulum in another direction before they too are mistakenly placed in the gulag for a casually presumed failing of their own.

They can begin with stopping the waste of money used to build up the ultimate bastion of State work – the South Carolina Highway Patrol. This enormously bloated agency is so full of $ 50,000. cars ridden in by $ 100,000. per year “officers” – the largest group of which can’t pass a donut shop or miss a second chicken dinner. The primary taxpayer funded rolls – er’ roles – of these people is to 1) corral traffic at major public events like football games and funerals and the fair, and 2) stop speeders on well built highways and extract money from them for driving at unsafe speeds.

Now these highways aren’t the streets in your neighborhoods – these are the four lane highways with passing lanes, and speed limits that were designed for 1950’s built cars – back when a rack and pinion steering system and disc brakes were still a novelty on European racing tracks. Now that the average car is built with every capability (except the driver) of successfully navigating speeds in excess of 100 mph, speed limits are only for the benefit of these publicly paid wallet rapists who collect the money – only to give It to their local counties – a fact of which they are proud. So the first thing the bankrupt State of South Carolina should do to begin pushing the pendulum back to center is to begin dismantling the states “Public Safety” department through a careful review of the success of this goofy waste of money. There is not a thing this group does that the elected (therefore accountable) county Sherriff’s office couldn’t take over, and manage more effectively.

Secondly, they should change the terms of funding the regional pet jail of J. Alton Cannon - duly elected Sheriff of Charleston County – working to ingratiate support from an adoring public for being a “law and order man” – perhaps in the vein of the notorious idiot Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. It turns out now the jail has outgrown ol’ Sheriff Al’s responsibility limits, and likely he no longer wanted to be associated with the nightmare because after all – he has to stand for election!

Clearly the State of South Carolina’s imbalanced funding formula is a major impediment to the Sheriff’s originally implied goal of exercising true justice, and is due for an objective review.

While I’ll be the first to suggest that legitimate incarceration of proven guilty parties is a worthwhile and necessary part of any rehabilitation process, a major percentage of the people at any given time in the Charleston county gulag – more affectionately referred to by it’s growing alumni as the “Leeds Avenue Motel” are awaiting first hearings.

And these average 40 hour incarcerations are to simply hold first hearings for matters as trivial as having taken a bag of potato chips, failing to cover a check for $ 32.00 to a local grocery store five years ago, or driving with a revoked license in the wake of failing to turn in a license plate in years past, casually turned into a bench warrant by flippant judges and prosecuting officers of no distinction – who simply do their routine jobs as defined by foolish lawmakers. These elected politicians who proudly introduce laws they have not done the work of beginning to think through the implications of – all in a society that has lost its justice equilibrium so badly that the system now demands that you prove your innocence and are treated as guilty until you do.

The heart of the problem is much greater than funding. But the short term resolution by a bankrupt state is a quick and objective review by an honest arbiter of fairness, and the proposal of a revised interim funding process that forces a dismantling of such tools of abuse.

Regional jailing does not work for real justice. In fact, the net result has become a system that rewards disparate policing organizations for sending people to the central gulag, and consequently lacks justice at every level. The problem is the State of South Carolina’s funding formula that pays the jails for time they hold the inmates – only encouraging this travesty of justice. Evidently in a large gulag like Sheriff Al’s the funding is actually profitable at the County level – the first major mistake, and the opportunity for change when the State decides to make the funding more fair and hence cut.

Instead, we should demand that every local policing organization go back to taking responsibility on their own for those they arrest until justice can be determined in a fair and practical fashion by the courts. This must include the respect for the public that is demanded of a system that is supposed to demonstrate that people are innocent of every charge until they are PROVEN guilty – in a full legal process – not at the whim of a fool rewarded to arrest and cuff the public, or a judge that has not yet made themselves aware of the facts. Instead of jailing for minor infractions, bonding should be able to be posted within an hour at every local police station.

A major excuse for holding people in the gulag for an average of more than a day, is their need to complete a national criminal background check. But frankly any country that can process a credit card payment in less than a minute should be able to complete a national check of criminal backgrounds within 20 minutes with a reasonable file of information. Their inability to do so is no excuse to abuse the innocents, and they do not have the right at this level to determine who is yet innocent.

The State should immediately appoint a diverse review committee who are given the responsibility to interview people that have experienced the system as well as those that run it to come up with a more effective system for determining how to mete out true justice. But any system the State is responsible for that is generating incentive money at the County level is well worth consideration of cutting funds to in a time of belt tightening and restraint.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Representing Yourself In Court Is Your Right

I spend a lot of my time fighting in courts, or preparing to - sometimes for myself and my interests, and often on behalf of others I take an interest in - wherever I sense injustice - because I love the fight, love to take on the court more than the opponent, and love to laugh at the arrogant fools that make this their profession.

I am not a lawyer, and as such I am challenged by the lawyers and judges that try to claim this publicly funded venue as their exclusive domain. As such in my pleadings to effect the right to represent one of my Corporate interests, I prepared and included the following; which I have determined in hindsight is worth sharing to a greater audience:

"The courts presumption of sovereignty does not grant it the rights to supersede the individual constitutional rights of every individual in America to protect all of their own interests.

The arrogance of the courts presuming superiority and claiming rights of exclusivity for lawyers over the rights of the poor, disaffected, and uneducated (a group to which I admit my own participation) – I contemptuously and categorically curse every court in America and its judges, officers and representatives that have, hereby, and would ever deny justice to any party incapable of adequately representing their own interests for any reason, and cannot relinquish this obligation to the benefit of the courts expediency.

Instead, it is the courts responsibility to meet every defendant at their point of need at any time, and in any place, to absolutely and fully support the highest priority of complete justice based in truth in every matter with every person – every time. Anything less is an affront to our individual constitutional rights.

Any person in America has as much right as any arrogant lawyer or judge to be in a court alone if they so choose where they stand challenged or accused of anything, and expect to receive the full mercy and support of the court until such truth and justice is fully served.

Anything less is unacceptable and worthy of challenge in any and every way possible by any person inappropriately mishandled in the absence of such care, and with any party to or officer of the court that is incapable of summoning the patience, or the resource to support such a mandate. Any party so incapable should either resign, or be removed from the courts in whatever manner is deemed necessary by any person or party until truth based justice shall again prevail in this land.

Any other response to any person is the basis for the valid contempt of such a court, and/or it’s officers, and such responsive action cannot be deemed punishable in the eyes of God – the ultimate sovereign authority on every matter of law and truth unless otherwise trumped by the hand of God alone. And for clarity sake, the court is not the God I refer to in this position.

Consider the referenced laws challenged and due for review by the South Carolina Supreme Court, or the State Legislature in the absence of such a fair treatment in this matter. I reserve the right to so appeal."
If you concur that you should be able to reserve and retain the right to defend yourself and your own interests without giving up these rights to any fool that will claim them from you, be sure to support this notion and stand up for your rights!

Fannie, Freddie, Franklin, Barney And Chris

While it might pass for the name of a hillbilly law firm, the reality is that it was this concoction of liberal loons, and legacy that have shaken the foundations of the world financial system to the point that even the royalty of OPEC aren't willing to eat the last piece of pie.

During the fray leading up to any election, every problem is either the fault of the GOP or the Democrats, the right or the left, the red or the blue. Now that the election is over, and every problem's legacy has become purple, there is no need to focus on the past. Let's simply remember that it was bad government policy that got us into this mess, and there is no need to worry any more because better policy is on the way!

But those who don't study history are condemned to repeat it, and the history of this mess is the most important aspect of why you have personally lost a fortune, your business and/or job is under new pressure, and you will not likely see this country recover its grander days in your lifetime.

So even now the liberal press can agree that it was all caused by bad government policy - the spin was always in which government to blame? Well lets remember that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as social engineering experiments for the poor were entirely a fabrication of the ...GOP right? isn't that why you voted for Obama?

Of course not. The social engineering party is the Democrats.

And the long stalwarts of the manipulation, malignment, and massive mismanagement were none other than the maligned's favorite spokesman Elmer Fudd's fruit flavored cousin Barney Fwank (D) (of New Yowk), ably assisted by his chocolate flavored cohort and thieving mismanager Franklin Raines (either third cousin, mortgage agent, or simply close friend of our new President in waiting, BO).

This two step dancing pair of minorities were the least able to be criticized, least able to be listened to, and less challenged than any other pair of "ponzi scheme" generators in the history of publicly presented abuse because of their ridiculously well paid spokesman and frontman/legitimizer Senator Chris Dodd (D). Democrat Senator Chris Dodd is that white haired, stone faced, dashing and debonair, sultry voiced frontline example of all that is wonderful about American politics, who people love to listen to drone on. Everyone incuding the ladies, barney and friends, and even the men of the democrats love to listen to Mrrrrrrr..... Chris Dodd. Like his old and retired nemesis Sen. Ernest Hollings of South Carolina who spoke with marbles in his mouth, he is simply "marbelous" to listen to regardless of what he says - the life of the party.

And in the case of the democrat party, Chris Dodd has been the face and life of the loony left since well before the patriarch Ted K's marbles began to scramble, fall out and generally be lost.

But did Chris Do. enable his minority friends alone to socially engineer this disaster of epic proportions on their own? Of course not. These lefties only took on the leftovers that can be traced back through the Clinton era, and back as far as the era of the peanut breath President Shimmy Cawter, whose troika of White House, Senate, and House control planted the first social peanut seeds of crap in the earliest twists of mortgage oriented social engineering.

Only after the seeds were planted way back then was the resolve established to grow this new peanut plant into a massive beanstock by delegating the responsibility of watering and nurturing it to every self respecting 'loser loving lefty' that wanted to endear themselves to their favorite minority constituencies.

But only recently did the protection of the lefties allow the lunacy of "free mortgage money" stock (stalk) to grow through the roof of the Capitol building and grow right up to the clouds and on outta sight! Twas the perfect success in preparation for their new president. And then to everyones surprise, especially John McCains - it got even better. Even though the roots rotted on the big beanstalk, and it fell over, luckily it fell right over on the White House, and Senator Chris Dodd was able to flank himself with Bawney and friends and blame the President for trying to steal all the beans - to all the world through their other best friends on the left side of the TV dial.

So you voted for Obama? Well don't blame me when he takes your share of the beans to make Progresso soup, and only serves it to his friends. Bad policy makers support bad policy, and don't know how to make good policy. And we are about to redefine the notion of bad policy.

The rights biggest problems in this election were that there is no TV on the right side of the dial, there was no right leadership, and the time was right to turn left.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and let them eat soup.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Piggies In Blankets

The day was March 19, 2003 and America's military was focused on quickly moving toward Baghdad, Iraq. The television news was abuzz with the pending challenge attack that was anticipated by Saddam Hussein's strongest battalions of the Republican Guard that were Iraq's military elite.

America's military had braced itself and planned accordingly - ready to fight the strongest of traditional military battles against what was clearly going to be outpowered, but brave, strongly presented forces that would fight with a sense of pride along with a focus on protecting their families and country.

But instead we were shocked as the American troops boldly drove into town without any such confrontation. Instead American lives were lost to what the embedded news people described as a terribly disorganized and surreptitious enemy that was ‘too chicken' to fight bravely and honorably. Instead the Iraqi military men would hide, remove their uniforms - or cover them up with long desert style robes to look like reasonable civilians in amongst the rest of the Iraqi people, but would then spring a gun out from under such a robe and mercilessly attack the Americans as they drove by - only to run away and return to their military uniforms for their superiors. America was disgusted by these 'cheaters'.

What a gutless bunch of wimps - we Americans were disgusted by their lack of willingness to fight properly, bravely honorably, and wearing their true colors. What is this pathetic lack of self respect that would not be willing to fight honorably? Is it because they knew that they were severely outmanned, overpowered, and under equipped to meet the enemy straight on? In fact it was. The Iraqis had no real power, and no chance of survival if they did not resort to surreptitious and hidden approaches. They were to be more pitied than criticized, and America was too naieve to anticipate successfully such pathetic guerilla tactics generated by desperation.

But what if the tables were turned? What if the powerful American forces instead came in dressed as Iraqis in robes and innocently killed the innocent Iraqi citizenry as well as military without identifying themselves - would not the world have been far more outraged? That would have been the most disgusting combination of power and surreptitious wimpiness that could possibly be fathomed.

But that most disgusting combination of power and surreptitious wimpiness has now become the modus operandi of American traffic policing. The idiots that run police forces have made war with the American public - claimed in the name of safety and other noble causes - but really only for the sake of stealing money for their budgets - like Biblical Pharisees and tax collectors.

This kind of policing is worse than Iraqi military hiding under robes. It is the people with the power simply abusing without controls. Yes these jerks use the laws to justify their tactics so that they can 'win the war'. But who made it a war in the first place? They did - the ones with the power. In fact, if they had a bit of self respect, let alone any for the public they are hired to serve, they would return to what policing was traditionally - a service to the people that pay their salaries through municipal, state, and federal budgets.

What is this stench to accomplish a goal at any cost even when you have the power? Did the Americans abuse their power in Iraq? No they fought honorably and respectably in the face of such powerless and desperate guerilla opposition. But what justification do police use for their abuse of their power?

What traffic policing has become is an embarrassment to America, and particularly the wimpy police forces themselves that hide in unmarked cars, and prey upon the public.

The ONLY right way to police the public's traffic is to do so with a clear and consistent demonstration of what should be the respectable authority these Officers of the Courts have been granted with fully marked and obvious police cars. Anything less is an Iraqi wimp under a robe - but worse yet with the already defined war winning power to abuse.

It is time this type of traffic policing was outlawed by the fools we elect to represent us. But who has the brains - let alone the fortitude to stand up for the people? Yes I strongly criticize because no one else will.

Grow up little ‘piggies' - throw off your blankets and serve - not service - the public you are paid to work for - not against. Your arrogance is becoming a stench, and the public demands a new attitude before we take the necessary steps to eliminate your budgets.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Stranglers Match

One post and the question comes -but why 'The Stranglers Match'?

The name 'Stranglers Match' is based on my vision of a one on one fight to the death without the benefit of weapons. Only one wins.

My view of the tangled web of growing government bureaucracy is as a strangler that is slowly overpowering it's enemy - you and I - John and Susie Q. Public.

No one person can match the strangler's power in todays world.

But the solution to the problem is to ignite the fight back against the strangler. This is my attempt to ignite the flame - a match as you will - to strangle back; to incite the victim to strangle the life out of the bureaucracy beginning with its tentacles and kill off the problem.

Can the fight ever be won fully? No - we will always need a level of government bureaucracy - but it can be held in check with a good fight. We must begin to strangle back, and stop the growth before we are killed by it. We must all become a match for the strangler, and this is my match to start the fire in you.

My goal in this blog is to tell the stories of people who are successful in fighting back against government, and how they did it, along with outlining the vision of how to group together against the oppressive Pharisees that now take far more than they give, and have lost their focus. Ideas about how to reign in control. Steps towards success that force refocus on our oppressors.

Lets demand more of our government with less of our freedom, less of our money, and less attitude. After all - who is supposed to be serving who? Government is supposed to be for the people and of the people, not strangling the people.

I want to be the match that starts the fire. And let's make it a bonfire!!