Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Forever Failure

Out Of Touch. A simple blanket assessment of all things government from the decision making levels. While the average employee at the street level is doing what their job description and policy manual dictate. The job description and the policy are out of touch with what America now needs. These were developed, written, and assigned for a different time. Like a robot that walks into a wall and just keeps taking steps and sliding on the floor, todays model of government was built on an underlying set of assumptions that no longer hold. Honesty was an assumed trait in the average employee when the model was built. So was work ethic, assumption of basic reading skills, and the simple math of primary education. And then there was the assumption about how people interacted. Respect for a family and a church. Respect and honor for elderly people, and frankly all people and their things. You can now throw most of that thinking out the door with what schools are releasing today and calling graduates.

The model was also built on the assumption that schools educated people in the basics, but that was dependent on teachers knowing what to teach, how to teach, and caring about both what they teach, and who they teach. Its not that most are not interested in these tings - at least when they start. But with the level of interference from media, family, government, the ACLU and a thousand other interest groups - combined with curriculum developed by Communists and Nazis foisted upon these teachers by activist school boards, and ignorant judges, you can forget America any longer providing an education that is in any way relevant to a work environment - particularly in a government office. So why would we expect government to ever be able to deliver services that are 'In touch' with the needs of the people around them.

And yet we have now elected a monkey who is manhandled by an ever-growing circle of insulating communists whose sole goal is to grow government bureaucracy.

You see, to remain in touch with the needs around you, you must remain agile enough to adapt to change. If there is one thing on earth that is unable to adapt to an environment of need around it - it is a bureaucracy. Instead, bureaucracies create the environment and stifle freedom, in the name of protection. They stifle liberty in the name of uniformity. They stifle individuality in the name of collectivism. And they impede education by exacting control, and defining the needs of the bureaucracy, instead of the needs of a life-giving society that only grows economically, and individually, and hence together - when it has freedom, and is centered in traditional life giving Judeo-Christian values of respect, honor, honesty, and self improvement for the benefit of opportunity. These values come from the Bible, and have been the basis for all life giving success throughout the history of mankind.

People do actually like to work for something they think is both beneficial to themselves and to others. The ultimate win-win situation. Of course some other people are a little less peace loving. But like our body, behind every smiling face and about half a body lower, every body also has a place for dumping the waste.

Unfortunately, now that we have all been bent over by our government and forced to hold our ankles while the government has its way with us, they finish up by simply painting a new smile on our buttocks and wondering why we are having trouble appreciating the new people we meet every day. Its because we can't recognize them. First of all my real eyes are at the ground level, and everything appears to be upside down. Second of all the people I meet are also all upside down and we have never seen each other upside down before so we do not recognize each other so easily. And then there are all these hands and ankles and feet down here amongst the heads. Even if I could recognize the people, I can hardly see them amongst all the ankles, feet and hands down here.

Meanwhile, the government looks down from above at all the newly painted smiles on everyones buttocks and wonders why the people never talk to them anymore....except for an occasional fart from some ingrate...

Out of touch. The moment government became about control instead of policy making they lost it. I believe the concept really took wings in the early part of the 1900's under the direction of Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt - who all in the name of curing America's ills began the serious development of bureaucracy with taxation of less than 2%. But as the frog slowly warmed in the pot, and we all became somewhat comfortable with the benefits of Government provision, we became more dependent. now we have an entire country full of bureaucracy built on 1930's assumptions, laden with new rules to make up for the inability of bureaucracy to adapt to new needs. And now enough government bureaucracy to paint a new smile on everyone's shining ass in America while the leadership continues to abuse every visible smiling face they have painted - available to view from the vantage point of their high station.

But of course what would I know about it. All I can hear is the government media telling me about the new rules, how much more often the government will be coming around, and how I should appreciate my new position here in life down here amongst the hands and ankles, and whining people. There sure isn't much sunlight down here, and now that we have eaten all the vegetables and grass, nothing else seems to be growing down here except the government inspired waste.

Is there anyone out there who could remind us again how to stand up straight and tell the government to leave us alone? So we could appreciate the sunshine on our faces again, and allow things to grow again? Is there anyone that even knows how to stand up straight and tall again??????

I can tell you one thing, Anyone who does will have to be ready to lead. Because everyone in America is ready for some real traditional American leadership - not this monkey and commie version. Someone that has the personal education, understanding, and intelligence, and will tell the special interests to leave, and tear down the bureaucracies. Someone that will choose to lead by publicly supported, government minimizing policy instead of bureaucratic control, and leave the growth to the private sector. They will have to begin by developing education into something worth teaching again, and teaching the benefits of freedom and liberty, honesty and integrity, and how we achieve these values in the development of the worth of the individual by improving ourselves through good (worthwhile) education, entrepreneurship, servant leadership, and giving more than we take.

That is the only way America was made great, and I am not certain there will ever be anyone to lead us back to greatness after the monkey is done crapping in our collective nest.

I won't hold my breath, but we can't really breathe properly down here anyway - bent over like this with our heads here amongst the waste. I fear its a Forever Failure.