Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are You A Part Of The Problem, Or A Part Of The Solution

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading about 'The Great Upheaval' of the late 1700's - a book by Jay Winik that describes in story-like detail the events of the American Revolution, The French Revolution and the European and Russian responses to these radical times and places in history.

In the relative comfort of America since the second world war period, we have forgotten what it takes to truly make a sacrifice and/or take a personal risk for important ideals, ideas, and priorities, and we can barely grasp the concept of civil disobedience for principle.

This evening, I watched on Fox News as they listened to the horrified frustration of victims whose losses by the Bernie Madoff scandal cost them their life fortunes. They sound like their the only people who lost money. I listened to the victims making excuses as to how they should be made right by the courts, the government, or even other ripped off investors.

Hey folks suck it up like the rest of America has. As we have all lost money watching our home equity disappearing, and our stock and other investment values have evaporated. Like you're the only ones that got screwed?

Look folks - it's as simple as this. If you are funding government with paying your taxes, you're enabling these fools - like serving alcohol to an alcoholic. If you don't agree our government is representing you and taxing accordingly (and spending according to the taxes collected), it is time to take a stand, and refuse to participate. If you are paying your taxes, you're a part of the problem. You are certainly NOT a part of the solution!

If you stop participating as I have, you take the responsibility for your actions. In discussing my position with my sister, she shockingly asks, "But aren't you afraid of the IRS putting you in jail"?

Well, I do expect civil disobedience to be challenged, and I expect people to disagree with me, but frankly, I can prove in a court of law - or more importantly in the court of public opinion that the Government is not representing me, taxing me appropriately, or spending responsibly. This is the only contract I have with the government of America regarding taxation, and as such, they have broken the contract. I am therefore relieved of my responsibility to pay my taxes.

But far more importantly is the fact that if I did pay my taxes, I would simply be enabling the problem to grow further - the same things I accuse our legislators of failing to do - stand for the responsible position - regardless of the consequences, and how people think of me.

You see, the way I see it, when I lost over $ 2 Million of net worth over the last two years, I determined to look into why this happened. I have determined that the problem was that the federal governments of the last two decades - both Republicans and Democrats - tookunsound and highly irresponsible positions with regards to lending practices, and Wall Street securities oversight, leading to a complete collapse of what is rippling out to be a worldwide economic disaster.

The 535 people of congress - best described in style and character by the "TheGuyFromBoston" (beware of very rough language!) are the responsible parties in terms of my losses. And until I have recovered the losses they have cost me, they owe me. I don't owe them. But even if I did owe them, I would have a hard time enabling their actions by funding them when they no longer tax me with "taxation by representation".

These are the jerks that have the nerve to give your public money to banks by the trillions of dollars, then ignore Detroit until they presume their own management skill superior to the experienced leadership of Geoffrey Waggoner, and the rest of the GM Board (as well as Chrysler's) that were left to clean up a mess created by Con-gress (the opposite of Pro-gress) in the first place.

I for one disagree. Con-gress can't manage a post office, or their own public responsibility let alone banks, auto companies, or justice. Any that have followed my (radical) writings already know how I feel about the inability and incompetence of the publicly funded courts, and their deputies. Frankly, it looks at lot like the late 1700's again, and frankly the world - and America - are ripe for revolution again as we once again are forced to overthrow the monarchs.

So unless you are enjoying your 'bread and circuses', decide what it is that you truly believe and decide on the stand you are going to take to undermine this fool's paradise.

I for one will not fund this stupidity. So look for me, and those (few) who agree with me - in a jail or in a headline near you. And if you decide I am not completely crazy, drop me a note and tell me so.