Friday, December 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich Is Right On The Courts - More Than Fox News

Fox News has made an undeclared endorsement of Mitt Romney, and ever since declared war on Newt Gingrich. Last nights debate made it obvious, as have the last weeks slant on news stories. But this mornings attacks with three Judges and/or former Atty Generals calling Newts position on overreaching Courts 'Nutty' takes the cake. Add in an endorsement immediately thereafter by SC's second absent Governor in two years - Nikki Haley of Mitt Romney, and the assassination was as complete as Roger Ailes and company could make it.

Criticize Romney? Hardly - they hit him with a pillow a few times, after sticking Newt with a pitch fork. But the real question is whether Newt really is 'Nutty' or does he in fact have the facts straight?

I agree with Newt. I have no problem with Romney except for his track record, and his ultra scripted manner - but I'll take Newt's passion and ideas in a heartbeat - especially when he cited the example of the outrageous output of the San Antonio, TX Court that clearly exemplifies how out of control the courts are. These courts need to be reigned in. Congress doesn't have enough time to begin impeaching every idiot Judge that gets out of line - it is time for a class action suit against arrogant lawyers and judges by our elected (not appointed) representatives. It is time for some accountability - not to Congress, but to the people. Unfortunately for the courts they ARE accountable to the people through none other than Congress who has the power to impeach.

And I argue against those that claim Newt's arguments violate the constitution (all such arguments being made by invested lawyers I notice) because in fact the Courts are to be responsible for upholding and managing the interpretation of laws. But the reality is that there is 'too much law' and Courts are left with 'too much latitude' which even then they can't stay within the parameters of. Instead, they simply create laws by either abusing their broad interpretations of existing law, or justifying their own positions with 'legal principles' which can be found, and/or defined and/or interpreted from any circumstance in fact to justify anything. Look no further than California's insane Federal Ninth Circuit court.

So it then becomes a question of how the courts are held accountable when they fail. They are supposed to be self regulating, but have in recent years only become self-defending, and therein is the rub. The only accountability beyond themselves is to the Congress, and it is time for the Congress to make the law that now regulates the Courts. And that IS constitutional when the Congress and the Executive branch sign the legislation necessary to define the Courts limits, and accountability structure.

So may GOD make it be so, and may God bless Newt Gingrich - warts and all.

Please support the agenda.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Official - The State Of South Carolina Has Declared War On Me

In fact, the "Official Notice" came in the mail yesterday.

The amazing thing is how they incompetently ignore information for years at a time, and then yank it out all at once when it accrues to their benefit. As of last year there was no record of this 2008 "violaton" on my Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

This appears to be a production for evidence to hit me with when I go into a jury trial for a Reckless Driving charge on December 13/2011 where I will also have to explain why I referenced the oversized lonely female deputy as a "Bitch" causing her and her "backup crew" to throw cuffs on me and drag me off to jail for the evening.

Incidentally the "Reckless Driving" charge was the best she could beef up after pursuing me for speeding at 12 mph over, and I stepping on the brakes a couple of times a little too hard for her liking considering her front bumper was effectively hooked onto my trailer hitch after she hit the blue lights. The woman is a bitch, and not only was my comment free speech, it is the God's honest accurate truth.

So now my lawyer has warned me - ironically hours before I received the mail yesterday - that the State of South Carolina intends to do everything they can to win their case. Apparently, that includes reinvigorating long dropped charges from more than 3 years earlier. Amazing.

This after the same God forsaken State of South Carolina raped me for three years on criminal charges that they could never prove, and eventually had to drop, denying my wife and I the opportunity to pursue the fostering and adoption of a child we were gearing up to do, denying me any potential employability for more than 3 years, all without even an investigation until it was coming up trial time - and lo and behold they can't prove their case. What a load of BS. Apparently they can't prove their case this time either - without trumping up some additional BS to help bolster their case. These people are the real criminals - not me.

And to this day, despite the fact that the State of South Carolina has never proven or made a single charge stick against me for anything but a traffic ticket ever, this same State of fools plays their information games to declare war on me again.

So what am I going to do about it?? Why I thought you would never ask!

All the while that these jerks and bureaucratic scum have been plying their trade against me, as well as the rest of the innocent public, I have been scheming, and learning. That's right - learning and scheming; learning to scheme, and scheming to learn, and like that evil Grinch of Whoville fame, I have been plotting my own approach to levelling the playing field, and taking this damn State down a notch.

Not only have I produced hundreds of websites against the evil activities of the illustrious Government, this State and its departments (see,, and a host of others - just search the name Scott Strople), I have registered the names of a lot more, and learned how to develop the most powerful of websites this world has ever seen - entirely focused on destroying the credibility of this state and any others that abuse the public with the mass distribution and management of information. Thats right - information! This is perfectly legal in a country that values the right to free speech.

And before much longer, you will see the first of the following websites up and active designed to demand accountability, and hence deny the incompetence of our governments the borrowing power and taxing power for much longer.

The websites I own that are now in development are:,, and

Their design is such that frankly they will have a very powerful public value to all of us as humans, while having a highly field levelling impact on the bureaucracies and governments that are responsible for them. The equivalent of a real independent public Ombudsman. And a process to assessing damage value, listing it publicly, and organizing for action in an independently run court forum, and/or group action of an organized class towards the goal of using regular courts to sue governments, banks, and corporations - all in a very affordable easy to use format.

I truly believe that when the public begins to see the stunning level of incompetence of our bureaucrats and government officials - recorded in a highly organized, searchable and relevant database, that they will become enraged, and finally be motivated out of their comfy chairs, and away from color screens, and into the streets. I am calling for revolution as are so many others these days, but I am building the tools to organize it from the grassroots, and individual level up.

I also truly believe that the banks and rating agencies, as well as independent lenders will finally be given the financial damage assessment our governments owe back to the public, and will now be held accountable for - the ammunition they need to lower ratings, and stop lending to irresponsible governments, and quit honoring every check that is produced out of a government office. And I can promise you that when this takes hold, this will change the playing field dramatically. It should be definitely live and growing before election day 2012 if God continues to honor my efforts as he has to date. You see, all that I have been experiencing has been for a very important reason. God has called me to make our governments accountable. And I can tell you the vision has been made clear with every notice like the one above; every unsigned letter from a government office, and every additional harassment.

So the State can have its day on December 13th. I have given up on playing by the rules of our current governments, and their pocket toy media. We will soon see how the ol' Palmetto State feels about declaring war against old Scott Strople. I may be beaten down, but so far I ain't gone.

And as long as I can use to keep hiring the best of the third world programmers for pennies on the dollar, scrape a few more dollars together to pay them, and keep the dream building, I will pay those programmers every dollar I would otherwise owe these damn governments in taxed profits. I will keep sending my money overseas as business writeoffs, and keep building the machine that will destroy the arrogance of this bloated cess pool running this country today.

You getting jerked around as well? Spending too much time dealing with government offices to get a damn thing done? Keep watching. We'll be delivering the very forum you need to determine the value of your lost time, and cost of abuse in a dollar value that you can finally lien against the government. You will have to justify your claim - this is not just a whiners site. It is a site for documenting, and managing data on credible claims of financial loss against every Federal, State and Local Government council and legislature, and their departments in America. And this month alone the claims of Americans could fill the first database I am sure. But this will only be the beginning, and the end is still out of sight!

Friday, June 24, 2011

With A President This Incompetent.. Who Needs Wars

This man is intent on destroying this country all by himself. Who needs Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the rest fighting against us. Obummer can put us in the toilet all by himself, and apparently is willing to - either by choice, or like everything else lately, perhaps by proxy. Ol' Joe Biteme - the VEEP was sent to set up talks with the Republicans - the same ones that are still licking their wounds from the public scoldings they received after their wimpy results on the last 2 rounds of talks with the demoncrats where they effectively used their house strength to .... rollover.

Biteme's job is to stage the appearance of 'giving a damn' to the main street media in their extraordinary effort to avoid the financial disaster that is inevitable when you run out of money, and nobody in control cares a whit.

You see, demoncrats have a responsibility to their base that is at odds with the concept of fiscal responsibility. They compulsively have to spend. Its in their DNA. And frankly a spending cut is the equivalent of a throat cut as far as they are concerned. In other words they are completely incapable of 'being responsible'.

So with that attitude, the demoncrats feigned surprise last evening when the senior leaders of the wimpy republicans decided that they weren't coming to the VEEP's talks even if he did offer the finest of libations, and the finest of surroundings just around the corner where the new King of sIAM lives with his wife like a newly minted hiphop star and his diva in the new jivin' whitehouse. Oh those comments are racist? I can't imagine Herman Cain living like a junker. See its not about race; its about idiocy, and tone deafness. Anybody that in the midst of the worst worldwide depression in any of our lifetimes takes 454 people to London England for a 3 day junket along with 6 limousines, and multiple planes isn't thinking about the tax payers. He is thinking like a pimp. And frankly I am tired of paying for what he is selling.

Well just another diatribe from the frustration zone. You only read this far if you feel the same way. So - enough for today.

Here's praying that on January 21,2012 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is looking like a professional white house again - for a change.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bad Days & Good Days

The people of America have 2 fundamental problems that I have observed in action of late.

The first is that they do not have enough common sense themselves to admire it, respect it and choose it in others. Thats how we got the senseless Barack Obama and his equally senseless compatriot Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi is also senseless, but her problems are far more sinister than a lack of ability to comprehend common sense - let alone use it.

The second and more critical issue amongst Americans is their inability to understand the concept of Karma as the middle eastern religion refers to it. It is simply that what goes around comes around. And far too many Americans are making their living being someone else's reason for having a 'Bad Day'. Listen. You can't be everyone else's bad day every day without having a bad day come back to you increasingly in a world intent on making a bad day for everyone.

Now bad days are very easily created and are contagious. You can have 99.5% of a day be a good day, and one nominal incident can make it a 'bad day'. And just as easily, someone who is having a good day, can get upset about the most nominal thing and decide to turn a bunch of people around them's relatively good day into a 'bad day'.

Now if every American simply understood that the moment of 'bad day' you are having and passing on could be minimized in its impact, a lot of others may be able to skip having a 'bad day'. And more importantly, if those of you that create 'bad day's for a living would figure out how to earn a living in another way, the world could find itself with a lack of people that are willing to be always creating 'bad days' for a living against others. Most of you need to learn the basic concept of forgiveness and how to apply it to everything worth doing in this life.

That means a lot of you bankers, government workers, and police really ought to go find other jobs - either in your chosen profession, or in a different field entirely. I can tell you this: if you abuse your authority for a living, and have no conscience any longer about it, you are the biggest part of America's problem today! And some of us are committed to helping recreate your future, and in some cases making it a heck of a lot shorter.

Also a lot of you simply create bad days for either yourself - or more often others simply out of ignorance. Thats right ignorance. Ignorant activities, or simply an ignorant or rude way about you. Or frankly, after years of doing it - with a seared conscience: you have simply justified to yourself why you deserve the right to do what you do. (By the way, you have NO right to treat people as less than you.) You are no better than any other person, and the fact that you think that you are is solid proof of the fact that you have this problem in your life.

But more often it is mental ignorance. You are too damn stupid to even know how ignorant you are. You don't understand the golden rule, and you never practice the mental test of putting yourself in the other person's shoes to see how you would feel - as if you were in their position dealing with you. And then you justify what you do as legal or right. Laws are no justification for the poor treatment of people. That is why God overrode the Old Testament law with the New Testament grace. Your use and understanding of grace had better far exceed your knowledge and justification in law, or I promise you that if we cross paths, you will be looking for a new kind of grace when I am done with you. Because frankly, the law gives me more than enough justification, and ability to make your life go directly to hell ... here.... now.
And I am just the boy to deliver it to you!

This is the primary reason that you lack common sense, and can be generally categorized as just damn stupid (and selfish). More recently, this is the most common attitude I find amongst Americans so preoccupied with their own selfish wants and desires that they don't even care about the people around them, let alone try to feel what it would be like to be in the other persons shoes.

In the meantime, I am committed to creating bad days for people that author other people's bad days for a living. And it is turning into a full time unpaid career that I frankly find exhausting - giving the people around me a taste of their own medicine or relatively more. And worse yet, so many around me are so stupid, they don't even know why I am dishing it back out at them.

So if this little rant is about you, you better watch out - I'm probably coming after you - SOON!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What America Needs - Leadership's Key 7 Steps

So what is missing in America? Leadership.

But what should we be looking for in leadership in America in 2011 and 2012?
How about a clearly stated and simple to understand solution to every economic, moral, and security problem America has to deal with right now.

So what are these problems?

A. Economic Issues:
1. An out of control unemployment problem exacerbated by a technologically shifting economy that is moving from people provided services to machine generated services.
2. A grossly mishandled, overfunded, and paranoid banking sector that won't lend
3. Gas and energy prices that are out of control, and killing the working sectors.
4. A persistently declining GDP.
5. A lagging housing sector complicated by banks that will not lend.
6. A growing government sector that even an idiot knows cannot be either justified or sustained built on a bureaucratic growth in every funded entity in America with no limits on growth, and no ability to eliminate incompetence. Like anything else that cannot eliminate properly, it fills itself with waste.
7. Out of touch union leadership and membership that have no interests in anything beyond themselves individually and collectively.

B. Moral Issues (from the perspective of a tradition loving Christian):
1. Rampant dishonesty, and consequent lawlessness.
2. A corrupt government that has forfeited the moral right to lead.
3. An education sector that is incapable of educating - instead only serving to perpetuate the current levels of ignorance, and increase the problem cyclically over time, as even the majority of teachers are even unaware of what the problems are.
4. A legal system that is confused, and at war with itself, lead by incompetents that know nothing of the basis, purpose, and value of law. Run by a justice department that can no longer even define what Justice is, let alone manage the implementation of it at any level - including the fundamental policing level - where law and justice have been replaced with 'gotcha' fund raising scams on every street corner, and in every office, while morality has been removed from their equation.
5. Disregard for people as a priority of corporations, organizations, and government entities. Consequently, peoples rights are increasingly trampled and destroyed by larger powers.
6. Breakdown of the traditional family including by its definition. A traditional family is still an original union of one young man and one young woman, who come together to have and raise children under the protections of a supporting church and country. Everything else is non traditional, and a deviation from the norm that was defined by the Judaeo Christian God in the context of historical and still currently relevant scripture - even as we progress as a country from blessing into judgment.
7. An irresponsible and unaccountable media that now wags the dog despite the chaos of explosive amounts of information availability through 1,000's more venues, and options.

C. Security
1. A foreign relations duplicity that has left America confused, and incapable of protecting itself.
2. Immigration policies that are inconsistent and lack credibility.
3. Borders that are porous and open.
4. Impossible levels of tolerance of foreign influence, invasion, and abuse - ignored as though they do not exist.
5. A joke of a United Nations relationship that entertains the leadership rights of "turd world" countries as though they were equals in knowledge, standards maintenance, and understanding of excellence - so as not to insult them. These are the attitudes that lead to Iran and Syria having seats on the Committee responsible for dealing with Human Rights issues. The net effect is the negation of the concept.
6. An economically disastrous foreign trade policy that embraces highly imbalanced foreign trade deficits leaving this country vulnerable to every other lending countries chosen resolutions at any point they choose in the future.
7. An oil policy that creates hazardous relationships with some of the most unstable leadership groups on the face of the earth.

In other words: its a mess.

But what can be done about it?

A few simple solutions will correct all but the dishonesty of the American people. This unfortunately cannot be resolved amongst a free people until their is a will to see this morality deficit change. This will does not exist in America.

In reality, America is no longer a free people as they have forfeited freedom to the government, the media, and the economic power of almost every other major country on earth.

Of course, things can turn around quickly when one realizes the condition and is willing to acknowledge it, as well as deal with the consequences in light of this understanding.

Here is how simply America could be turned around this week if the will and leadership existed to make it happen:

1. Immediate law regarding new bank lending requirements: All banks are frozen from further growth, or internal capital investment effective immediately, and must lend 90% of their liquid assets within the next 12 months according to the following model, or their license to function will be revoked:
30% of lending must be in the form of mortgages.
20% of lending must be in the form of car, truck and equipment loans, and
50% of lending must be in the form of business loans.
The discretion for the basis of lending will be up to the banks, including the terms and who they lend to, as well as how they lend. But failure to lend according to this format will cost their business license, and they will be penalized the balance of the unlent amount. Once banks are forced to start lending, bank's terms of lending will become consistent with the economy they serve in, and this economy will have the juice it needs to start firing again.

2. All American oil drilling moratoriums to be lifted on a scheduled release of oil drilling priorities over the next 12 months. Because oil prices are held high by perceived lack of supply, an immediate influx of future supply and consequent price reductions will have an immediate flight from value. Add to this a monthly freezing of offshore based oil prices (OPEC) such that each month a starting price will be established and for every dollar of oil price increase in the oil market, another dollar of American tariff be attached, and used as a subsidy to offset the pricing of North American generated oil such that the American focused investment in oil supply development is ramped up at the expense of offshore oil supplies - leading to a decline in focus on world price, and an independent American oil market develops on its own. This would develop the Bakken fields more quickly and efficiently.

3. Taxation of unworking capital held by corporations. The greatest threat to the American economy is the fear of losing money in the private marketplace by cash holding investors, and currently almost all are in paralysis to some extent. Once the loss of money for failing to invest is introduced, the money will move quickly.

4. Elimination of directed media free speech. Treat the individuals with the right to free speech - but not in media while under corporate control. Speak for yourself - but not a corporation. New rules for holding directed media accountable including State rights, and local control on television, radio, and internet directing. The internet provides real opportunities for individual expression, but only as long as entities such as google that manage content are made publicly accountable. Pay the boys for their work, but if search engines are the new method for distributing information, they need to have public input and accountability, and be controlled by public protecting structures of accountability - not one Corporation, or small group.

5. Close the southern border, work visa everyone in the country illegally within 180 days, and start collecting taxes from every one of them. Then be aggressive about illegal immigration thereafter without compromise.

6. Give every government department in America a mandate to cut 5% each year out of their departments including the ability to layoff and/or dismiss people without cause and without penalty.

7. Make unemployment insurance collection dependent on each person working a minimum of 24 hours per week, and make every employer in America offer a job to the unemployed in the way that they can make the best possible use of them effective immediately. The new deal would be that while working for an employer, each unemployed person's unemployment would continued to be paid to them at the full rate for the first 90 days, and then be reduced by 10% per month until it runs out at the end of the year. The employer's responsibility is to provide the job, make it profitable enough to pay for the employee after the full year, and pay the additional amount necessary to keep the employee in reasonable wages throughout the year. There would be no limit on what the employer pays the employee throughout the year, except that at the end of the year, it needs to be able to be an ongoing full time job for the employee (24 hours or more per week). If the employer is responsible for letting the employee go within 90 days after the end of the unemployment year, the employer would be responsible for a penalty of one months wages as due to the government. Each month after that until the end of the second year, the amount of penalty would be reduced by 10% until the penalty evaporates at the end of the second year.

This program would put 10-15 million more people to work in the next year for less than the cost we are now paying to have those same people sit at home now.

So thats if for today.

Really, a little creativity and shaking up the status quo is exactly what America needs right now anyway. Now I am just looking for a real leader to sell it and make it happen.