Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Is Wrong With You People? Government Healthcare Is A PROVEN Disaster!

I listened submissively as I listened to this elder of mine - this fool - ranting on about the virtues of Government run healthcare to come. He is an avid supporter!

"The government won't do a bad job. They can't look bad - they will make it good for everyone"
"Now our healthcare system will be able to be the envy of the world."

I was out of time and I had to move on. Nonetheless, this was an insight into the way this 'fool that "leads"' had become our 'leader' in the first. These are the keys as I see them:

1. An ignorant mass.
2. A smooth talking PC bs king.
3. A surreal agenda.
4. Promises, promises, promises.

And they lap it up like dogs.

What does it take to be this stupid? Bread AND circuses??

Apparently it doesn't take much. Despite the controversial oppositions of government run healthcare, no one can deny my own insights and experience. Government run healthcare in such diverse, educated, wealthy and sophisticated countries such as Canada, England, Germany etc. are a proven disaster. Logically, the first place we should strive to follow is where the masses die for lack of care. Their only relief valve has ironically been the real envy of world health care - the United States of America. Thats right. For the wealthy, the limitations of poor Government paid doctors, inadequate supply in the face of overwhelmingly abused demand, and the tragedy of failure has always - until soon from now - has(d) been the better option of going to America and having the matter dealt with properly with the best of healthcare in the world.

Now where are the voices of the wealthy that will lose this right? Or will they? Will every Doctor succumb to the failure proven system of government run health? Or will the masses be free to pay with Doctors that do not succumb?

The strings of government have no limits. Doctors that plan to offer both will soon find they cannot. As the demand grows for "Freecare" the government will require of the doctors that they make their government obligations their first priority. Their only option will be to opt out. Don't like it? Drop the government support cold turkey, cut yourself off from all government support, and systems, or toe the line. I GUARANTEE you these will be the only options.

By the way, in the regulated world of government anything, the going maximum pay rate for a doctor is similar to the going pay rate for a new government motors or government bank executive. Exactly twice that of the entry level employee in the same organization - generally defined at a rate not to exceed twice the minimum wage. After all in a communist country like America, the proletariat must all be within spheres of each other to help maintain their compliance.

Good luck comrades!!