Thursday, July 2, 2009

Listening To The Idiots

Interesting dichotomy between the rhetoric and the reality when tyring to take my wife to dinner last evening, and listening on the news how the great fool the masses bought as our President last fall has now proudly announced that "The Stimulus is Working! The Stimulus Is Working!"

Well finally, I would say as I think to myself - I should damn well hope so! We gave away the complete economic farm, Rome has been burning since 2007, and all the newest Washingon buffoons can do is throw 50 times as many dollar bills and American industry onto the fire, while they and their banker buddies roast marshmallows around the edge.

I should hope the 14 Trillion dollar freaking stimulus IS working. Otherwise whats the thinking? The truth is their is no thinking. Their is an agenda. Damn the torpedoes, damn the Americans, and frankly damn the Chinese too.We've got an agenda to get passed and Squirelly, Harry and BO - the three stooges are going to get the damn thing passed come hell or NO water.

Well my dear wife and I finally arrived at our planned restaurant destination only to find it closed - weeds growing in the parking lot, all the signs gone except the one on the door - "This Restaurant now closed" - Thanks for your patronage throughout the year. Geez, this is the second of my favorite area restaurants (that had both been around for many years) gone in the last short while. So we agreed on another nearby restaurant. We arrived and selected from the menu - not missing the fact that every entree price had jumped by at least a dollar or two since the last time we had been here less than a year ago. We looked around - the staff was all new - not only new to us, but clearly new to their jobs - nobody knew what they were doing. And we looked around the restaurant more - the place was 70% empty at 6:30 pm on an average weeknight! What the heck is going on?

Well its pretty obvious what is really going on. The stimulus isn't working a bit for small business. It isn't working for the people that patronize small business, and it isn't working for job seekers or even the Chinese government. What is working is the lying Washington BS machine - generating its recently common crap that is pumped out by its paid best friends in the main stream media.

I do like to know what all sides are thinking, but with media like this, how can I ever find out what MY side is thinking.

The marshmallows are in the kitchen cupboard - grab a stick and help yourself!!
There should be some lovely glowing embers soon.