Monday, August 5, 2013

A Message To The Partisan Fools In Congress.

If you have been a part of the American Congress, recent Administrations, and/or the Supreme Court of the United States of America over the last 30 years, the best thing for you to do is to go ahead and exit the gene pool on your own terms. But of course, that would be the ultimate finish to what has been a pathetic career.

The blame game has begun. The 545 current members of Congress, the Supreme Court and the President are collectively responsible for every day they are in office that they are not turning around the obviously wrong direction of this country because of whatever partisan excuses you come up with next. And frankly every one of the people in these seats over the last 30 years have no right to excuse themselves or pass on the responsibility, as everyone of them enjoyed their careers, and current pensions based on the same incompetence.

As the people of America are increasingly losing their lifestyle, their savings, their homes, their jobs, and their businesses, the people are slowly beginning to ask questions. Regardless of the questions, the bottom line is that the answer is that these elected politicians and appointed judges in Washington are 100% responsible.

There is no dividing the responsibility or blaming it on partisan politics, because ALL of the power of American decision making is made in these houses. It has now been clearly delineated by more and more media and their pundits is that the real war is between Washington's leadership versus all of the rest of America, and frankly the rest of the world. These 545 versus everyone else. And their answer to the allegations? Nothing but excuses.

As the focus starts to congeal against these self serving criminals, the abuse of their expense budgets and their lack of focus on what is truly important, is starting to irritate almost everyone else for a real change.

As this blame game begins to hone in on who the real culprits are, people everywhere are starting to get up out of their chairs and talk to their neighbors, and increasingly people are starting to ask what we can do about it. And of course a unified people against a small group of self serving crooks is generally the basic recipe for a public lynching or murder in the order of Ceaucescu as happened in Romania thirty years ago.

If I were one of these weasels living lavishly off the backs of the public as has been going on for decades, I might begin to realize that in this new environment, my partisan opposition was no longer going to be the biggest concern in America. Instead the more likely approach might be to quit worrying about retiring with a ridiculous pension, and instead suggesting some really better ideas wherein I demanded the participation of the rest of Congress - regardless of party - put something on the table that might actually begin to deal with the real economic and management problems, and satisfy the stirring public before things get physical and out of control.

If you think this is a premature consideration, you are obviously not paying attention to all aspects of the media as has been heating up throughout the summer of 2013....

Just a suggestion for you clowns in Washington!!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Phony President

Phony Scandals??

Phony President.
Phony Representative Congress.
Phony House Speaker
Phony Budget.
Phony Wars.
Phony Bureaucracies.

Apparently the 'Phony' President is the king of Phony.

A phony pharoah that ph*cks up everything he phiddles with, phumbling the phacts that he phondles till he phigures out how to ph*ck us out of our phreedom phor another phifty years.

Now that really IS A SCANDAL!