Sunday, June 3, 2012

Run George Z. Run

Oh you gotta love a 'Just Us' system that can revoke a bond it has set based on actual facts. Then it accuses the family (wife) of lying when a great fundraising effort made successful because it is raising defense money against the 'Just Us' system, and it changes the families net worth.

Add to that the fact that the Just Us system is headed by a racist lying unjust ignoramous like Eric Holder who won't give a black killer a fair day in court anyway because he is more about black rights than legal rights.

I hope George Zimmerman is now comfortably living in a new country under the name 'Hector Rodriguez' and plans on living quietly in South America off the reported $ 300,000.+ raised for his defense. The best defense in a country this screwed up legally and with a media that has already figuratively lynched him - is to 'get the hell out of Dodge', and skip the country. If he shows up today for court, I'll understand, but if I were asked for my opinion, I'd tell him Run Georgie Run!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Technology Collides With Activism And The Net Effect: Judge Lanny Moriarty Is An Idiot

Letting a fool be a judge is nothing new in America.

Luckily for most of our nations history, the idiots were limited in their exposure to a local newspaper and a coffee shop discussion. Luckily also for most of our history, success was achieved in spite of our human failings because while most of the egregious our reckless failings were recorded, they were also rarely shared outside the county. Credit scores were only inaccurate because they were late to report the bad news, not because the credit bureaus were selectively inaccurate; and historically, the public's assumption of a persons credibility was still always in favor of the judged. Your Tennessee speeding ticket never made it to your Kentucky drivers license record, and the sins of the sinful were ignored principally due to the bliss of ignorance - nobody knew about them, and frankly, except for your enemies, no one cared.

Well in the last decade or so the world has changed. The world of Google and the internet has changed our personal histories forever - and anyone in a role of leadership like Judge Lanny Moriarty of Texas that is still so clueless to think that a night in jail for missing a little school won't hurt, and isn't going to have a lifetime of repercussions for what has otherwise been a top level student, needs to be jailed himself for one night.

That's right. One night. That idiot would no longer be a judge - (and probably won't be for long anyway because of our new national news media that is already exposing him for the idiot he is) because he would also have a record - like the one he has so self righteously condemned this young girl to. The difference however, is that he will likely collect a fat pension and sit on his lazy self righteous butt - sipping pina coladas for the rest of his days - because he has already enjoyed 40 years of freedom from the tyranny of the rapidly growing lifelong destroying technology which needs only the nominal but reckless decisions of the buffoonly oblivious - like Judge Lanny Moriarty. The girl will live with his idiocy on her record for a lifetime.

Is this man still in a position of leadership while being this unaware of the new effects his decisions make? Why? Who lets a man like this continue in office? What kind of judgment does this man demonstrate, and when will we wake up, and not only get rid of the incompetent authorities, but also those that give them this authority?

Complicate the "technology and judgment collision" with the selfishness of broken police department budgets - run by policemen that historically served the interests of their communities and actually gave a thing called a warning to someone on a roadway going a little too fast. Not any more. Every stop collects $ 100. minimum - they need the revenue - no matter that in their greed to buy new cars and hire ever more police they turn average citizens into criminals because they now have an MVR that costs at least $ 300. more in insurance premiums for every $ 100. in ticket revenue. Add to this the court time wasted on challenges to petty tickets bloated to often $500-1,000. to support police departments budgets further - all at a rocketing expense to you and I - in tax dollars, insurance dollars, and ever more judgmental publicly accessible records.

Look at how the "technology and judgment collision" has destroyed the housing market: The government blows up the housing crisis in America with Fannie and Freddie, and destroys the credit ratings of a third of the nation, and wonders why the same people won't come back and buy a house now with the mortgage rates lowered?? They can't buy them anymore. We are all now credit abusers, and traffic criminals, and then there is the record of the time we were jailed for jay walking back in Portland in 2007... The records have it all. Everyone is now guilty of everything - always and forever, and yet we still allow judges to blow off steam by adding to the corruption with a comment as publicly reckless as Judge Lanny Moriarty. Somebody with some authority please put this old cow out to pasture and out of our misery.

How about we hire some sensible, clued in people that can figure out how to recognize the danger of bad judgement, and institute the 'warning' again. Less records. More intended consequences.

Now how guilty does this Judge Lanny Moriarty have to be before we can take his pension, and save the nation some more money??? Please, anyone?? ....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Housing Value Guarantees Are The New Essential Government Support

The complete economic destruction of America continues for one reason. The people have lost their fortunes as were once protected in their home values. And it is all the government's fault. So the government ought to fix it. Now this hurts me to say, because at the heart of all I stand for is: less government, right wing ideology, etc.... But when the mess has been caused by government interference, and the ongoing chaos continues because the government won't fix it, it is time to tell the government to grow up and (for a change) responsibly clean up their mess.

You see Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and all of their left wing ancestry back to the Carter administration made housing for the Masses their goals. Unfortunately they dropped that all important 'M' on masses - as in their eagerness to give everyone more, they typically ended up with less for almost everyone. They particularly destroyed housing values in the longer run, and consequently the mortgage industry, and consequently Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and consequently the rest of the economy for one reason... In their attempts to fix it, they simply over baked it. They clearly knew nothing (and still don't know anything) about the motivations of people, the machinations of money, the strengths of a mortgage, or the value of a home. And that is why in their attempt to fix it all, they have protected the banks, wall street, even the Federal Reserve, but ignored the rest of us. Cause they don't know how to fix it.

But I do! So here it is: Housing Value Guarantees.

What? More big government? Hardly a right wing concept - and besides its impossible to do - so they try to tell me. But here are the real reasons why to do it, how to do it, and why we cannot go on effectively without doing it.

1. The value of the American economy has always been measured in consumer spending that was made possible by the average Americans excess income, and confidence in their net worth - almost exclusively made up of their homes' value less liabilities. Today that value is trillions of dollars less than it was just a few years ago.

2. Americans have lost confidence in their personal net worth - as it was - ever returning, and they have adopted a new attitude - hunker down, and spend nothing except on essentials. The economy has been in a tailspin since, and their is not a hint of a good idea in the air from anyone (until now).

3. As a result - mortgages are not being renewed because homes have no equity, people have no jobs, credit scores have been decimated, and the idiot President is working on his golf game and basketball brackets. Wall street and the banks have quit lending - principally due to ill placed government incentives NOT to lend - as government pays the banks interest on their reserves with relatively no risk - at least compared to the risk of lending the money to you. And the banks get the bonus of cash flowing their operations easily because the money never leaves their banks. So why lend for mortgages to homeowners whose homes are worth less than the amounts owed on them? And then we learn that the banks actually make even more money by foreclosing than they do in honoring the mortgage agreements....

4. But the reason all of this happens is because the government - using our money - has already guaranteed almost all of the value of homes in the first place - to the banks - by guaranteeing the mortgages. the only losers are you and I. The banks win, Wall Street is winning, and the government never feels a thing... so you lose and they all win.

5. But if the government were to guarantee the last average 10% of home values to the market place instead of the banks - the result would be ENORMOUSLY different. And here's why:

6. By guaranteeing home values today at comparables (comps) based on last recorded sale values adjustable by already documented market changes to an actual value to an agreed upon baseline date, and then guaranteeing an increase of 2% per year to minimize inflation, and offset depreciation, everyone would be given a new confidence in owning a home, knowing where the value is going, and what can be done with that value.

7. Banks could then only make money by giving mortgages - not foreclosing, and they would have every incentive to work with their customers instead of against them. The credit factor would still be a rate consideration, but like car title loans, the real protection in most of a mortgage would be in the asset and not just the borrowers ability to repay. To offset the potential for damages to properties, appraisal comps would still be factors in the government guaranteed value, and property taxes would be increased by 10% to create a property maintenance reserve fund that could be used for improvements, but would be used for basic maintenance in the event the irresponsible failed to keep the property up. Banks would have to monitor their accounts for value deterioration, but the essence of the market value as compared to similar properties of similar condition would be maintained by government guarantee built on market forces.

8. So how would the guaranteed value be established? The key is to build a baseline of values off of already recorded and traded values - ideally for a period back 3-7 years from date of implementation - before any type of speculation could have manipulated values. These values are already all safely locked into data in registry offices across America.The guarantee should then lock the values into average sale prices consistent with prices from a baseline date of around say 1/1/2010 when values had already taken a beating, but the underwater disaster since that time is made up for with a surge of immediate value recovery, and the rest of the public has a new lease - no mortgage - on life with the opportunity to pursue the American dream once again - own a home, mortgage it up, and spend like a drunken sailor. The economy will be back on track in no time.

9. But how you ask, can the government support the guarantee? Its simple - the same way it has guaranteed the FDIC and mortgage values - 90% or more of all home values - through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Sleight of hand, and occasionally honest market manipulation. They have been guaranteeing an average 90% of home values at the highest prices they ever sold for just a few short years ago - just not to you. So whats another 10% or less in today's price market - especially when this time it's to your benefit instead of just theirs.

Lets face it the American government has been broke for years. The only reason it doesn't give up is that it is the only country in the world that has the privilege of printing what is still recognized as the world's primary currency. And frankly - they print as much as they want to and have to. Every honest economist in the world knows it. Every thinking American knows it, and even China knows it. That's why they keep on investing in America - they can trust us to keep on doing it. And we will. We have to. So why not fix the american economy while were screwing the rest of the world? It really is this simple. Get a few administrators in a room, and hammer out the details. Run it through Congress, and lets get on with it. We all need it, and we all know it.

Oh and by the way, if any idiot in Congress decides that this is too dangerous economically? Deal with them the same way so many other interfering government folks have been dealt with - general disappearance. It is the American way. We pay a lot for our CIA, FBI, NSA, and Armed Forces - roll the dice and assign the task.  I don't personally like it, and likely you don't either, but its been going on for years, so you might just as well pinch your nose, close your eyes and starting yelling. In a few short weeks and months, everything will be right back on track before we let the idiots into the bar in the first place.

Friday, May 4, 2012

What Is Now Growing As Popular In America...

We should begin with the rapidly changing face of small business in the growing world of franchises. As we work harder, faster and longer each day to work our way out of the ever widening American economic recession, we hear the happy thoughts of the Washington wobble heads, and their media minions at NBC and the other alphabet networks of the Main Stream Media telling us "its over", and we should appreciate the new prosperity. So I thought today I would focus on what is prospering and succeeding in this new decay.

For instance, two of Americas fastest growing franchises are popping up on every street corner with ever larger shiny new signs, evidently competing with each other, and growing for the last several years at an unprecedented pace. You may not be the kind that goes to these places, but hopefully the day is coming when you can afford them like we all used to be able to afford Starbucks Coffee.

The first two franchise groups appear to be real estate related. They are the "Available" Group and the "For Lease" places. Geez, I must see an average of at least three to five new locations a day in our city. We point them out to each other as we drive by them - like we used to call Volkswagen Beetles when we were kids - its a game.

Another next two franchise groups that have been growing like crazy are "Title Loans" and "Pawn Shops". Whoever is selling these franchises has to be making a killing at the rate their growing. (And I guess if its not a killing, they must at least be breaking a leg or two...) Kinda reminds me of the nostalgic pictures of communist countries, back when our country was free from it all.

The next fastest growing franchise group must be the portable roadside donut shops of some sort. I am not sure what it is called, or what its about yet, because every time I go by, you can't get near for all the traffic, but the next time I go past the same place, the whole group is gone. In fact the only way I know it has to be a donut shop is that there are always at least 2-4 police cars with their lights flashing and only 1 usually, or a maximum of 2 other cars there. Sometimes I have seen as many as 6-7 police cars all with their lights flashing - can be day or night, so you can mistake it for a traffic stop or traffic accident - but why the heck would you need that many police for ....

Come to think of it, I think the next fastest growing enterprise in America must be 'Policing'. It turns out now that if someone so much as litters a cigarette butt out their car window, they are not only pulled over to be charged with littering, but are given everything up to and/or including a cavity search, while the hero arresting officer invites all of his shift buddies, and those off duty - all driving a tax bought Police car to witness his or her heroics on the side of the road. This is where I believe these roadside portable donut shops must show up because it always seems to take up to 2 hours to write up the littering charge, and complete the rest of the perpetrators bio, and ever growing police record.

Which leads to another massively growing franchise: "Jails". These publicly supported enterprises are one of the fastest growing franchises in America - run by Sheriffs on a profitable basis - funded from State coffers, the only thing these new bastions of technology are missing is new perps to put in their cells. New jails are on average more than twice the size of their predecessors, and while old statistics demonstrate that America incarcerates (puts in jail) seven times as many people as the next leading "civilized" country in the world, I am betting that the profits these jails are making for their Sheriff entrepreneurs at approximately $ 200./perp for an average 6 hour stay - makes this enterprise far more profitable than a high priced hooker - some of their favorite friends. As such I bet we can make it to 10 times as many average inmates as any other first world country within the next few short years. And the bonus is that while their innocent and abused residents are made criminals by their system for unpaid child support, vagrancy, and other unpaid debts (traditionally known as 'debtors prison' in third world nations), and are therefore unemployable and generally incapable of maintaining a credit score, or worthy of managing credit, the good news is that an ever growing portion of America can now have 3 square meals and a bed at the public expense, and no longer show up on the unemployment roles, helping the President of this illustrious nation brag on a declining percentage of people that are 'out of work'. You gotta love our growing "just us" system under the leadership of its "Holder".

Luckily, in our community, the ever growing policing franchise is able to get out a lot more to help their visibility, discourage the people, and grow their crime rate. In the last week alone in our community - I have observed the forces of policing spending hours running fundraisers by serving in uniform in restaurants, and blocking up the streets as they hold a 'Run for Law Enforcement' extravaganza with police men and women (and both of their friends) running through the streets, accompanied for blocks with light flashing police cars, and cops on motorcycles riding along to stop productive traffic, and overriding traffic lights at every intersection. How can you miss a sight like that? And with all the funds going to: The Police!

I only wish I had found the time to accompany them to the end of the run - with all those police car lights, and hundreds of new police officers all gathered around what must have been several of those portable roadside donut shops...

Well I hardly think we should go on much further. Any more fast growing franchises like these will make us a third world nation as well, and we hardly want to encourage this kind of growth. I think I will vote for some hope and change this fall; What about you?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why You Didn’t Have A Clue, And Why You Probably Still Don’t.

Because you are not meant to. The American governance structure has no interest in keeping you in the loop. You are useful idiots as long as you are walking in circles wondering “what in the world is happening?” all while hitched to an economy. You are the new mule that is grinding the grain, to be fed to your children, to fatten them for the slaughter, so the elites can feed off both you and your children. Think that is dire?

What had you heard of the coming “Baby Bust” throughout the early 2000’s? Or were your ears just overrun with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton “Bimbo Eruptions”? It is my contention that a lack of leadership in dealing with what were clearly known cliff edge predictions were never planned for, communicated clearly to the masses, or dealt with in any responsible or reasonable fashion by the leadership of the world’s leading economic engine, its media partners, or the business world that supports them – simply because it was not in their interest to do so, and they were protecting themselves at your expense.

You see as early as the mid-1990’s, and to a lesser extent as early as the mid-1980’s the trended effects of the Baby Bust generation had been forecasted by economists of the coming deflation of the years after the baby boom when parents slowed the rate of birthing of children dramatically. This period which began in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s were caused by both demographically observable and economically understandable data.

The net result was going to be that the basis of the American and world economic engine which has always been building more to accommodate the growth, was now going to be building less to accommodate the decline in demand. This includes everything that HAD been the basis of young couples forming households as they left the family nest and formed their own family home – buying a house, and new cars - and furnishing it, all on credit and mortgages, etc. With the inevitable dramatic drop off in the demand for housing and furnishings predicted to begin around the year 2010 and to remain in sharp crisis for at least 5 years, we find ourselves in 2012 well into this cycle, and only a political debate happening as to why housing won’t come out of its price falling depths, and why the Dow continues to hover in a range level it has been at for almost 15 years.

The reality is that while Wall Street has been vilified in the public’s eye, and on the world stage for killing housing and the economy by bundling and selling the rest of the world our bad mortgages, the truth is that they were simply unloading toxic waste that they knew would have a decreasing value in a few short years because when you understand markets, you also understand that declining demand means declining values for the homes that these mortgages were attached to.

Armed with this knowledge in the early 2000’s the responsible thing for Wall Street and Congress to do would have been to come together, and start anticipating the effects on their business and making the purchasing of homes, and qualifying for mortgages more difficult while housing prices were still relatively reasonable, with the goal of easing credit requirements later to offset the otherwise certain slipping of demand for housing by getting more of the population into the market when the market began to show its anticipated glut of housing.

But no - the greed of the banks, combined with the idiotic agenda of a social engineering lobbied Congress took the approach to the cliff with the Thelma and Louise approach, and simply gunned it. The engine of housing roared right up until the tank went empty and the traction beneath it disappeared, and then the great careen began toward the new low – all kamikaze style. Then conveniently, Congress did its final work and bailed out their buddies at the banks at the expense of the people that keep voting for them, and conveniently all went off to retire with the most cushy pensions and retirement benefits on earth securely in place for the rest of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank’s likely natural lives.

Add to this a sensationalism driven irresponsible media feeding an ignorant and increasingly uneducated American population their chosen diet of Twinkies over meals, and it is little wonder you don’t have a clue, and probably never will.

The reality is that there is a new normal to be defined in the next few years and we are not yet there. It is nothing like it was, and is a whole lot more like the rest of the world is and has been – because our new normal will be on the same level as the rest of the worlds.

You want to dream about a better future? America will likely not recover from the adjustment to its new normal for decades. So unless your future includes a plan to ride it out and start enjoying life after about 2025-2030, I would suggest that much of the rest of the world has not put itself into the mess America, and Europe have, and are in a much better position to provide future opportunity for development, stable economies, and the benefits of an interconnected internet world that had been the basis of the American experience for generations prior to the last 30 years.

So if you want a clue, do your homework and plan accordingly! And good luck.

Why I Love Obama As My President…

His "Leadership" sets a new standard of freedom based on his challenges to every kind of law.

No other President in the history of America has so fully abandoned the constitution, the rule of law, respect for their constituents, and their religion. And no other President has so obviously lied like a rug, and so eagerly supported an Attorney General that did the same.

The good news for all of us is that laws no longer are limits, and you are more than welcome to do whatever you damn well please because lawlessness is the new norm of the land.

As such, here are the things you are now free to get away with without concern for the laws and constitution of our land. Here are just a few examples of the hundreds:

1. Tax filings are now optional, and should be filed only when you are offered a government job – see Timothy Geithner.

2. Political Correctness is no longer a reasonable expectation, and as such you should feel free to protect your race and religion as more important considerations than the freedoms or respect otherwise owed to the people you work with, disagree with, or find despicable in any way you disagree with – see Eric Holder’s approach to… well pretty much anything.

3. Religious restrictions are irrelevant as Government rules do not recognize religious rights, or special status – See Kathryn Sebelius with HHS on contraception.

4. States rights are disputable at any level – see Lawsuit against Arizona for attempts to enforce Federal Immigration laws at the state level.

5. Business hiring practices are no longer governed by State Laws – see Federal attack by Obama’s NLRB against Boeing in South Carolina.

6. Your independent opinions don’t matter because when you are certain that Obama is a Muslim in every way he celebrates religion while pissing on Christianity, he insults your opinion by telling you and the rest of the world you’re wrong – he’s a Christian like you.

7. And regardless of what America wanted for health care, Obama and Nancy Pelosi were happy to shove their grossly irresponsible and incompetently defined legislation down the throats of America by lying to a Michigan Congressman “Bart” about promises to serve to simply steal his Congressional vote.

So why would you consider any law of America worthy of credible consideration when these fools are running the nation, and responsible for enforcing these laws?

That’s why I love Obama as my President – I am now freed of all legal and tax obligations, and am just as ready to tell the next Government fool that shows up trying to collect or enforce any American law, that I am now on the Obama plan, and they can just kiss my ass. Hope you enjoy the new program as well!