Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Technology Collides With Activism And The Net Effect: Judge Lanny Moriarty Is An Idiot

Letting a fool be a judge is nothing new in America.

Luckily for most of our nations history, the idiots were limited in their exposure to a local newspaper and a coffee shop discussion. Luckily also for most of our history, success was achieved in spite of our human failings because while most of the egregious our reckless failings were recorded, they were also rarely shared outside the county. Credit scores were only inaccurate because they were late to report the bad news, not because the credit bureaus were selectively inaccurate; and historically, the public's assumption of a persons credibility was still always in favor of the judged. Your Tennessee speeding ticket never made it to your Kentucky drivers license record, and the sins of the sinful were ignored principally due to the bliss of ignorance - nobody knew about them, and frankly, except for your enemies, no one cared.

Well in the last decade or so the world has changed. The world of Google and the internet has changed our personal histories forever - and anyone in a role of leadership like Judge Lanny Moriarty of Texas that is still so clueless to think that a night in jail for missing a little school won't hurt, and isn't going to have a lifetime of repercussions for what has otherwise been a top level student, needs to be jailed himself for one night.

That's right. One night. That idiot would no longer be a judge - (and probably won't be for long anyway because of our new national news media that is already exposing him for the idiot he is) because he would also have a record - like the one he has so self righteously condemned this young girl to. The difference however, is that he will likely collect a fat pension and sit on his lazy self righteous butt - sipping pina coladas for the rest of his days - because he has already enjoyed 40 years of freedom from the tyranny of the rapidly growing lifelong destroying technology which needs only the nominal but reckless decisions of the buffoonly oblivious - like Judge Lanny Moriarty. The girl will live with his idiocy on her record for a lifetime.

Is this man still in a position of leadership while being this unaware of the new effects his decisions make? Why? Who lets a man like this continue in office? What kind of judgment does this man demonstrate, and when will we wake up, and not only get rid of the incompetent authorities, but also those that give them this authority?

Complicate the "technology and judgment collision" with the selfishness of broken police department budgets - run by policemen that historically served the interests of their communities and actually gave a thing called a warning to someone on a roadway going a little too fast. Not any more. Every stop collects $ 100. minimum - they need the revenue - no matter that in their greed to buy new cars and hire ever more police they turn average citizens into criminals because they now have an MVR that costs at least $ 300. more in insurance premiums for every $ 100. in ticket revenue. Add to this the court time wasted on challenges to petty tickets bloated to often $500-1,000. to support police departments budgets further - all at a rocketing expense to you and I - in tax dollars, insurance dollars, and ever more judgmental publicly accessible records.

Look at how the "technology and judgment collision" has destroyed the housing market: The government blows up the housing crisis in America with Fannie and Freddie, and destroys the credit ratings of a third of the nation, and wonders why the same people won't come back and buy a house now with the mortgage rates lowered?? They can't buy them anymore. We are all now credit abusers, and traffic criminals, and then there is the record of the time we were jailed for jay walking back in Portland in 2007... The records have it all. Everyone is now guilty of everything - always and forever, and yet we still allow judges to blow off steam by adding to the corruption with a comment as publicly reckless as Judge Lanny Moriarty. Somebody with some authority please put this old cow out to pasture and out of our misery.

How about we hire some sensible, clued in people that can figure out how to recognize the danger of bad judgement, and institute the 'warning' again. Less records. More intended consequences.

Now how guilty does this Judge Lanny Moriarty have to be before we can take his pension, and save the nation some more money??? Please, anyone?? ....

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