Sunday, June 3, 2012

Run George Z. Run

Oh you gotta love a 'Just Us' system that can revoke a bond it has set based on actual facts. Then it accuses the family (wife) of lying when a great fundraising effort made successful because it is raising defense money against the 'Just Us' system, and it changes the families net worth.

Add to that the fact that the Just Us system is headed by a racist lying unjust ignoramous like Eric Holder who won't give a black killer a fair day in court anyway because he is more about black rights than legal rights.

I hope George Zimmerman is now comfortably living in a new country under the name 'Hector Rodriguez' and plans on living quietly in South America off the reported $ 300,000.+ raised for his defense. The best defense in a country this screwed up legally and with a media that has already figuratively lynched him - is to 'get the hell out of Dodge', and skip the country. If he shows up today for court, I'll understand, but if I were asked for my opinion, I'd tell him Run Georgie Run!

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