Friday, March 1, 2013

A Nation Cursed By Competence???

Congratulations were apparently in order for the boy king - Barack Obama following the 'competently' managed election of 2012 where the well practiced and well funded campaigner in chief parlayed all of his varied self serving constituencies from Unions to seniors to non white groupings of every sort to stomp down the long proven skills of the service minded peacemaking professional - Mitt Romney.

Congratulations to Barack Obama, and congratulations to the ignorant.

But damn, what a mess for a country that really was in desperate need of leadership. Here was the guy that really has proven his ability to reach across the aisle, and demonstrated a lifetime of service to everyone around him including the people he didn't want something from.Here was the guy with enormous skills, a great personality, and even a voice that you can listen to - unless you're a bottom-feeding teamster like the ones we listened to threatening school bus strikes around Charleston, SC for the last month or more.

And the country gets the boy king again - Pharoa-Bama - master of the pyramids to himself, struts like Tuts, and an ego bigger than the Nile - all while living in denial about his real ability - nothing but sarcastic blather.

Well way to go America. You lose. You won the chocolate cake, but you threw out the kitchen.

And congratulations to Google, and Hollywierd, and the Teamsters, and even that idiot Judge John Roberts who probably thought he was going to help turn the tide against Obama by supporting Obamacare, but instead puked all over the entire nation in his sickness of self importance.

And congratulations to the Mexican voters of America who are more preoccupied with their second-rate underclass American status to care enough about their children to vote for what would be best for them.

Having a stronger 'brown' class in a broken country, versus subjugating their ethnicity issues to support the real repair of the countries problems is the equivalent of choosing Mexico to live in versus Canada for the ethnic rights - also known as foolishness.

After all who needs opportunity? The majority of Barack Obama's supporters have all been proud of nothing, ever satisfied by the status quo, mediocrity or less as their would-be standard, if they really believed in standards. Lets face it - they voted for Barack Obama because he's their loud mouthed brown man - raging against everything - especially success.

This country is so guilted-out about success they can no longer embrace it. And that is the real reason that Romney lost. Everyone is a victim, and now getting paid for it. Who wants to give up all that good bitchin?

Anyway America, I believe we have truly been cursed by the Obama machine's competence. May we never be so competent again!

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