Thursday, March 21, 2013

So What (And Who) Is A Bully? - I Am.

In reading Art Moore's article CAIR defends Taliban, Hamas against bullying charge ( one has to ask themselves, 'What is a bully?'.

Clearly CAIR thinks that by being a bully themselves, enlisting the support of the American government with requests for an investigation (another big bully), they can reduce the standard for defining what a bully is below the lowest common denominator of bullying; - below the lowest whale-crap standard set by Hamas and the Taliban, so that even these lowest of the low offenders of humanity can be whitewashed to present as non-bullies? Give us a break. If these Muslim Islamo fascist torture groups are not bullys because they are to be protected for religious reasons (??) then how can schools even presume to take a position on what a bully is, or more importantly - what a bully is not? A bully is a fool that takes advantage of their advantage - even if it is just a religious excuse - to stomp down others rights. That is CAIR.

I for one am fed up with Muslims trying to whitewash the violent pigs they support and call them legitimate. Islamo-fascist torture groups like Hamas and the Taliban are the filthiest of human rights offenders today. 70 years ago it was Nazis, but today, the human rights offenders on this earth are predominantly directly aligned with Islam, and worse yet justify their actions in the name of the religion of .... ISLAM.

When you want to dissociate with something you do not believe in, you draw distinctions, you call out the offenders, and you grow a spine and fight against the destruction of the image of that which you are aligned with as not being reasonably represented by those offenders that are damaging the good name of your religion.

But that is not what CAIR is doing. They do not join in the chorus for separating 'peaceful' Islamic interests from the horrible and filthy acts of their Muslim Brotherhood in Hamas and the Taliban. They do not define what is unacceptable as they mutilation of young girls, the freedom destroying jailing and violent killing of Christians, they do not call for tolerance, because they are the ultimate example and spearhead of intolerance - as are all those that do not separate from those that carry out this human rights abuse at the most gutteral of all levels.

And when lying is justified in the name of the Quran/Koran for anything, why would we even give credence to anything a Muslim says when they refuse to dissociate publicly?

That is because Muslims do not choose to dissociate. They choose to support by their acquiescence to all that is bullying. Their defenders claim they choose to be quiet out of fear? Really?

I say no - they choose to be quiet because it is too confusing to both be peaceful and a part of the same religion that endorses and acts on the ultimate in bullying. That is because in my opinion the author of confusion is the author of their religion - Satan, or Lucifer, the spirit of the anti-Christ. George Bush was simply wrong - Islam is not a peaceful religion.

At its root, Islam is a religion of chaos, confusion, and freedom destruction. The Quran/Koran is the most conflicted, conflicting, and conflict generating religious model on the face of the earth, and it is simply proven - what other religious model justifies the basest sinful human actions including violence, and debauchery in the name of its religion. Almost every other religious model on earth calls for the human being followers to have self discipline that wrankles against the sinful nature of humanity, and creates the conflict that drives to a better condition. This is not true with Islam that justifies the use of all destructive human activities that not only destroy humanity, impose destructive actions against other humanity, celebrate the most debase as their leadership, and lead to the worsening condition of all humanity as well as the individual. How is that ever seen as peaceful??

If you have not read and studied the full essence of the Quran/Koran in a language you understand, how do you have any right to comment on what the religion is - any more than non-Christians that have not read the Bible have any right to characterize what Christians are like, or generalize about the Christian religion. And yet the American media has done both for years - characterizing and caricaturizing Christians as meddling, myopic, lunatics that should be kept away from, while welcoming the new peaceful religion of Islam as the logical basis for a new world order.... hello??? Who and what gives the media the right to make such generalizations? A microphone? The media of America is so notoriously clueless on the issue of religion, that every insinuation should be first questioned, and then challenged as soon as evidence is brought forth to reflect opposing perceptions, and points of view.

Maybe we should focus instead on teaching our children how to be a better bully, how to find a good bully pulpit, and why we should be bullying back against those that are so preoccupied with stifling the bullies. There will be no one left to fight against the real bullies when the newtered Americans inherit 'leadership', and the real bullies come to take our country.

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