Friday, December 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich Is Right On The Courts - More Than Fox News

Fox News has made an undeclared endorsement of Mitt Romney, and ever since declared war on Newt Gingrich. Last nights debate made it obvious, as have the last weeks slant on news stories. But this mornings attacks with three Judges and/or former Atty Generals calling Newts position on overreaching Courts 'Nutty' takes the cake. Add in an endorsement immediately thereafter by SC's second absent Governor in two years - Nikki Haley of Mitt Romney, and the assassination was as complete as Roger Ailes and company could make it.

Criticize Romney? Hardly - they hit him with a pillow a few times, after sticking Newt with a pitch fork. But the real question is whether Newt really is 'Nutty' or does he in fact have the facts straight?

I agree with Newt. I have no problem with Romney except for his track record, and his ultra scripted manner - but I'll take Newt's passion and ideas in a heartbeat - especially when he cited the example of the outrageous output of the San Antonio, TX Court that clearly exemplifies how out of control the courts are. These courts need to be reigned in. Congress doesn't have enough time to begin impeaching every idiot Judge that gets out of line - it is time for a class action suit against arrogant lawyers and judges by our elected (not appointed) representatives. It is time for some accountability - not to Congress, but to the people. Unfortunately for the courts they ARE accountable to the people through none other than Congress who has the power to impeach.

And I argue against those that claim Newt's arguments violate the constitution (all such arguments being made by invested lawyers I notice) because in fact the Courts are to be responsible for upholding and managing the interpretation of laws. But the reality is that there is 'too much law' and Courts are left with 'too much latitude' which even then they can't stay within the parameters of. Instead, they simply create laws by either abusing their broad interpretations of existing law, or justifying their own positions with 'legal principles' which can be found, and/or defined and/or interpreted from any circumstance in fact to justify anything. Look no further than California's insane Federal Ninth Circuit court.

So it then becomes a question of how the courts are held accountable when they fail. They are supposed to be self regulating, but have in recent years only become self-defending, and therein is the rub. The only accountability beyond themselves is to the Congress, and it is time for the Congress to make the law that now regulates the Courts. And that IS constitutional when the Congress and the Executive branch sign the legislation necessary to define the Courts limits, and accountability structure.

So may GOD make it be so, and may God bless Newt Gingrich - warts and all.

Please support the agenda.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Official - The State Of South Carolina Has Declared War On Me

In fact, the "Official Notice" came in the mail yesterday.

The amazing thing is how they incompetently ignore information for years at a time, and then yank it out all at once when it accrues to their benefit. As of last year there was no record of this 2008 "violaton" on my Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

This appears to be a production for evidence to hit me with when I go into a jury trial for a Reckless Driving charge on December 13/2011 where I will also have to explain why I referenced the oversized lonely female deputy as a "Bitch" causing her and her "backup crew" to throw cuffs on me and drag me off to jail for the evening.

Incidentally the "Reckless Driving" charge was the best she could beef up after pursuing me for speeding at 12 mph over, and I stepping on the brakes a couple of times a little too hard for her liking considering her front bumper was effectively hooked onto my trailer hitch after she hit the blue lights. The woman is a bitch, and not only was my comment free speech, it is the God's honest accurate truth.

So now my lawyer has warned me - ironically hours before I received the mail yesterday - that the State of South Carolina intends to do everything they can to win their case. Apparently, that includes reinvigorating long dropped charges from more than 3 years earlier. Amazing.

This after the same God forsaken State of South Carolina raped me for three years on criminal charges that they could never prove, and eventually had to drop, denying my wife and I the opportunity to pursue the fostering and adoption of a child we were gearing up to do, denying me any potential employability for more than 3 years, all without even an investigation until it was coming up trial time - and lo and behold they can't prove their case. What a load of BS. Apparently they can't prove their case this time either - without trumping up some additional BS to help bolster their case. These people are the real criminals - not me.

And to this day, despite the fact that the State of South Carolina has never proven or made a single charge stick against me for anything but a traffic ticket ever, this same State of fools plays their information games to declare war on me again.

So what am I going to do about it?? Why I thought you would never ask!

All the while that these jerks and bureaucratic scum have been plying their trade against me, as well as the rest of the innocent public, I have been scheming, and learning. That's right - learning and scheming; learning to scheme, and scheming to learn, and like that evil Grinch of Whoville fame, I have been plotting my own approach to levelling the playing field, and taking this damn State down a notch.

Not only have I produced hundreds of websites against the evil activities of the illustrious Government, this State and its departments (see,, and a host of others - just search the name Scott Strople), I have registered the names of a lot more, and learned how to develop the most powerful of websites this world has ever seen - entirely focused on destroying the credibility of this state and any others that abuse the public with the mass distribution and management of information. Thats right - information! This is perfectly legal in a country that values the right to free speech.

And before much longer, you will see the first of the following websites up and active designed to demand accountability, and hence deny the incompetence of our governments the borrowing power and taxing power for much longer.

The websites I own that are now in development are:,, and

Their design is such that frankly they will have a very powerful public value to all of us as humans, while having a highly field levelling impact on the bureaucracies and governments that are responsible for them. The equivalent of a real independent public Ombudsman. And a process to assessing damage value, listing it publicly, and organizing for action in an independently run court forum, and/or group action of an organized class towards the goal of using regular courts to sue governments, banks, and corporations - all in a very affordable easy to use format.

I truly believe that when the public begins to see the stunning level of incompetence of our bureaucrats and government officials - recorded in a highly organized, searchable and relevant database, that they will become enraged, and finally be motivated out of their comfy chairs, and away from color screens, and into the streets. I am calling for revolution as are so many others these days, but I am building the tools to organize it from the grassroots, and individual level up.

I also truly believe that the banks and rating agencies, as well as independent lenders will finally be given the financial damage assessment our governments owe back to the public, and will now be held accountable for - the ammunition they need to lower ratings, and stop lending to irresponsible governments, and quit honoring every check that is produced out of a government office. And I can promise you that when this takes hold, this will change the playing field dramatically. It should be definitely live and growing before election day 2012 if God continues to honor my efforts as he has to date. You see, all that I have been experiencing has been for a very important reason. God has called me to make our governments accountable. And I can tell you the vision has been made clear with every notice like the one above; every unsigned letter from a government office, and every additional harassment.

So the State can have its day on December 13th. I have given up on playing by the rules of our current governments, and their pocket toy media. We will soon see how the ol' Palmetto State feels about declaring war against old Scott Strople. I may be beaten down, but so far I ain't gone.

And as long as I can use to keep hiring the best of the third world programmers for pennies on the dollar, scrape a few more dollars together to pay them, and keep the dream building, I will pay those programmers every dollar I would otherwise owe these damn governments in taxed profits. I will keep sending my money overseas as business writeoffs, and keep building the machine that will destroy the arrogance of this bloated cess pool running this country today.

You getting jerked around as well? Spending too much time dealing with government offices to get a damn thing done? Keep watching. We'll be delivering the very forum you need to determine the value of your lost time, and cost of abuse in a dollar value that you can finally lien against the government. You will have to justify your claim - this is not just a whiners site. It is a site for documenting, and managing data on credible claims of financial loss against every Federal, State and Local Government council and legislature, and their departments in America. And this month alone the claims of Americans could fill the first database I am sure. But this will only be the beginning, and the end is still out of sight!