Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cap And Trade - They're Coming To Get You Haha, Hoho, Hehe!!!!

Taxed for breathing? That might be a little extreme... But every time you breathe, fart, sneeze, or emit anything else (generally all day every day) our new government and its environmentalist agenda are about the restricting of your ability to emit anything, and charging you a tax for emitting too much.

It's called Cap And Trade, and almost everyone I know, knows almost nothing about it. So I did a little research (which doesn't take much these days - what with Google and all). You can read plenty about it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cap-and-trade or see it defined briefly here: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&defl=en&q=define:Cap-and-trade&ei=1-jRSdCXMYeCyQWF3pDEBQ&sa=X&oi=glossary_definition&ct=title which in about five minutes will explain it fully.

The advocates will tell you its all about preserving the environment for our children's future. Others will tell you its about harnessing the earnings of industry worldwide, controlling trade from polluting countries like China, and justifying new levels of taxation against their trade. Opponents - like me - will tell you that it is a violation once again of freedoms, through government intervention into everything you and I have and are, and the world's largest tax grab propagated by the new communists of the Kyoto Accord, and the Al Gore-ians.

Why bother dealing with poverty or perversion; by controlling every major industry and government on earth through oppresive rules and limits on output, and taxing excesses, we can fund all government agendas, and cap personal, corporate and religious expression - without the freedom to trade for rights. And the day you support that, we might as well tie each other up and jump off the bridge. All freedom is lost.

There does not appear to be anything more ripe for government fraud, corruption and mismanagement. As if traffic policing isn't out of control, wait till the sniff police show up to let you know that you're pants are 'speeding', and ticket you for overpolluting the environment.

The sniff police will be coming to every emission orifice in the world, with their ticket book in hand, ready to tax excess emission, and force you to purchase the right to fart excessively. Al Gore is rich, so he can simply buy the credits (as traded in a 'Cap And Trade' market) to use your lazy neighbors emission allowance so Al can fly his fuel gulping corporate jet, and even leave his lights on throughout 'Earth Day' - all while claiming to be the world's number one environmentalist! Oh. and of course the ruling liberal classes can collect yours, and your employers taxes and spend those for their own emission rights as well.....

Silly you say? Scary says I. Not because I am opposed to a clean environment - I am all for a clean environment. I am the first to clear the room when you fart. And I am the first to appreciate a green leaf over a brown leaf - especially in my salad. Besides the brown ones usually mean an afternoon of raking in the yard to clean them up - screwing up another chunk of my freedom...

What I am really for is less government involvement - because 'government anything' is overreaching, underskilled, bureaucratic, mismanagement done by the most cumbersome, expensive, and chaotic monopoly known to humanity. (ie Get the fat man off the little girl!)

If there is ever to be retained any hope of indivdual rights or freedoms, you had best learn to oppose every type of government involvement in any place you live. And that means opposing Cap And Trade.

From this day forward, I will the dub Cap And Trade: "The Fart Tax".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Media Are Maggots, Lawyers Are Leeches, & Politicians Are Puppets - Understanding How America Runs

Now if the people would stop being so pathetic... WAKE UP AMERICA!

This country was yours, and you did have Freedom. Not worth having mind you if you're just going to sit on the riverbank staring at the world flowing by, and entertain yourself with new color combinations in Washington, answer pollsters that spin the data, and let the maggots and the leeches tell the elected puppets what to do next. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, apparently "you can't handle the truth!!" Are you fighting back, or just going with the flow? Are you even aware of what the problems are or do you even care? If you aren't prepared to be knowledgeable about the issues, who are you voting for? Should you be voting at all?? The civic duty isn't to vote. The civic duty is to be knowledgeable about the issues, learn about the people who are willing to fight for your position, and then vote knowledgeably. Do not vote ignorantly.

Then there is the leadership thing. And I don't just mean leadership skills. I mean the wisdom and discernment to know what is right - based on a solid moral foundation, the conviction and good sense to have weighed it against all options enough to believe it, and then the cohoneys to demand it.

What good are skills like the ability to collect and manage data, analyze it and understand it, along with the good looks to be a maggot media magnet, and then develop the influence to do something with it - only to become Bawney Fwank, Chuckin' Charlie Rangel, Corrupt Chris Dodd, Creepy Chris Cox, Franklin 'Ripoff' Raines, or Harry Weed, Nasty Belowsi, Tim 'Charlie Chaplin' Geithner (who ought be wearing a yellow top hat) or 'Curious George' Obama.

That isn't leadership except the blind leading the blind - enjoying the Pied Pipers music lead as were lead into the bottom of the outhouse.

America deserves the politician puppets it has today. Public education is turning out idiots and calling them 'educated', and we are electing them. Main stream media manufactures Pied Piper agendas while their producers pick priorities from the psychedelic pansy patches of their drug infested minds, and the masses get in the line behind them.

In the wake of the main stream media's maggotry, we've increasingly abandoned - for more than two generations - justice, morality, virtue, caring for people, and everything else that made America great less than a century ago. Today we are on the rapid path to Britain's bottom - only faster, and with a louder swan song.

Father Jenkins at Notre Dame University has abandoned conviction, morality, and message to pull the puppet string once in fear of the media maggots and lawyer leeches. This is America's new leadership of the institutions of highest learning - developing tomorrows leaders. But can you really blame a University for sucking at the hind tit of political puppetry when these buffoons control their budgets, their boards, and the baseless banality of their new benevolence? After all what is a catholic University "leader" to do??? I would suggest you grow some brains, some beautiful benefactors, some brilliance and bravado, and then some basic balls. Take a stand for something worthwhile for once in your life - while the media maggots are shining their lights, and the message can be really heard! Are you really a Catholic, and do you really care about LIFE?

If you really care about America, it is time to push the rider off the horse, and take the reins folks. Read Majority Rules at http://www.atlan.com/, and digest the potential to truly shift the power back to the people. Nothing could be more radically correct, except putting God first again!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Overpolicing America

Can there be such a thing as over policing? Aren't police all about good things for us all? And isn't there simply a lack of money to get enough good policing?

The reality is that police are the tool of a governing body.

It is a month and a half now since our new President was inaugurated, and his democratic house and senate control has been made complete. Never before in a "democracy" has such an overreaching, overspending, leadership ran over a people that elected it in such a sound way, through every possible aspect of government abuse, vindictive revenge, and fiscal mismanagement such that it has completely and effectively bombed a country with chaos.

Never before have the complete people of a country stopped spending so rapidly, so radically, and so completely in reaction to such actions through fear that they have caused a complete economy to implode in such a failure of confidence except in 1929.

And in my focus on the policing power of the state, I have continued to watch the power of police now with a new consideration. The police forces of America are now the government's new militia, self supported through abusive traffic enforcement, and now ready to turn on us all as they have become the tool of an instantly militant, ruling class who have made clear that their moderate campaign of the election era has been abandoned to their real agenda instituting the communist manifesto with every violation of freedom, taxation, and control that make Marxism reprehensible to those old enough to remember what it is .

Unfortunately, we have two generations now that have grown up without the experience of observing the reality of socialist marxism. And in their ignorance, have joined with the disenfranchised left, the disenfranchised blacks, and the majority fools of Congress to build the new society here among us, on our backs.

If you don't think an armed police force won't do this governments bidding, you do not understand the way a police army works.

In the midst of state and municipal budget cutting at almost every level in our country, one of the only place our governments will not cut budgets, employees, or priorities is in the area of policing. Our new federal budget adds government cars, and government personnel, and yet cuts the budgets of every other department. Where do you think all that money is going folks?

The answer is policing. Not every aspect of government policing (read "control") involves a marked patrol car rolling down a road watching speeders, and traffic rule violations. We have new government offices to simply study the GPS patterns of cell phone users, the spending habits of bank accounts, the use of credit cards, the conversations of callers, and the way in which you interact with those around you. And yes you are paying for this with your taxes - if you are in the half of the population that pays taxes.

But you can also bet that when the whistle is blown by "Pharobama" and his control minions, every aspect of policing will lockstep against your wallet and your freedom.

So why not add self supporting traffic police at every level? A minimum drag on taxation based public funding, and a simple way to grow the control factor?

Won't you contribute today?