Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Overpolicing America

Can there be such a thing as over policing? Aren't police all about good things for us all? And isn't there simply a lack of money to get enough good policing?

The reality is that police are the tool of a governing body.

It is a month and a half now since our new President was inaugurated, and his democratic house and senate control has been made complete. Never before in a "democracy" has such an overreaching, overspending, leadership ran over a people that elected it in such a sound way, through every possible aspect of government abuse, vindictive revenge, and fiscal mismanagement such that it has completely and effectively bombed a country with chaos.

Never before have the complete people of a country stopped spending so rapidly, so radically, and so completely in reaction to such actions through fear that they have caused a complete economy to implode in such a failure of confidence except in 1929.

And in my focus on the policing power of the state, I have continued to watch the power of police now with a new consideration. The police forces of America are now the government's new militia, self supported through abusive traffic enforcement, and now ready to turn on us all as they have become the tool of an instantly militant, ruling class who have made clear that their moderate campaign of the election era has been abandoned to their real agenda instituting the communist manifesto with every violation of freedom, taxation, and control that make Marxism reprehensible to those old enough to remember what it is .

Unfortunately, we have two generations now that have grown up without the experience of observing the reality of socialist marxism. And in their ignorance, have joined with the disenfranchised left, the disenfranchised blacks, and the majority fools of Congress to build the new society here among us, on our backs.

If you don't think an armed police force won't do this governments bidding, you do not understand the way a police army works.

In the midst of state and municipal budget cutting at almost every level in our country, one of the only place our governments will not cut budgets, employees, or priorities is in the area of policing. Our new federal budget adds government cars, and government personnel, and yet cuts the budgets of every other department. Where do you think all that money is going folks?

The answer is policing. Not every aspect of government policing (read "control") involves a marked patrol car rolling down a road watching speeders, and traffic rule violations. We have new government offices to simply study the GPS patterns of cell phone users, the spending habits of bank accounts, the use of credit cards, the conversations of callers, and the way in which you interact with those around you. And yes you are paying for this with your taxes - if you are in the half of the population that pays taxes.

But you can also bet that when the whistle is blown by "Pharobama" and his control minions, every aspect of policing will lockstep against your wallet and your freedom.

So why not add self supporting traffic police at every level? A minimum drag on taxation based public funding, and a simple way to grow the control factor?

Won't you contribute today?

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