Thursday, March 26, 2009

Media Are Maggots, Lawyers Are Leeches, & Politicians Are Puppets - Understanding How America Runs

Now if the people would stop being so pathetic... WAKE UP AMERICA!

This country was yours, and you did have Freedom. Not worth having mind you if you're just going to sit on the riverbank staring at the world flowing by, and entertain yourself with new color combinations in Washington, answer pollsters that spin the data, and let the maggots and the leeches tell the elected puppets what to do next. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, apparently "you can't handle the truth!!" Are you fighting back, or just going with the flow? Are you even aware of what the problems are or do you even care? If you aren't prepared to be knowledgeable about the issues, who are you voting for? Should you be voting at all?? The civic duty isn't to vote. The civic duty is to be knowledgeable about the issues, learn about the people who are willing to fight for your position, and then vote knowledgeably. Do not vote ignorantly.

Then there is the leadership thing. And I don't just mean leadership skills. I mean the wisdom and discernment to know what is right - based on a solid moral foundation, the conviction and good sense to have weighed it against all options enough to believe it, and then the cohoneys to demand it.

What good are skills like the ability to collect and manage data, analyze it and understand it, along with the good looks to be a maggot media magnet, and then develop the influence to do something with it - only to become Bawney Fwank, Chuckin' Charlie Rangel, Corrupt Chris Dodd, Creepy Chris Cox, Franklin 'Ripoff' Raines, or Harry Weed, Nasty Belowsi, Tim 'Charlie Chaplin' Geithner (who ought be wearing a yellow top hat) or 'Curious George' Obama.

That isn't leadership except the blind leading the blind - enjoying the Pied Pipers music lead as were lead into the bottom of the outhouse.

America deserves the politician puppets it has today. Public education is turning out idiots and calling them 'educated', and we are electing them. Main stream media manufactures Pied Piper agendas while their producers pick priorities from the psychedelic pansy patches of their drug infested minds, and the masses get in the line behind them.

In the wake of the main stream media's maggotry, we've increasingly abandoned - for more than two generations - justice, morality, virtue, caring for people, and everything else that made America great less than a century ago. Today we are on the rapid path to Britain's bottom - only faster, and with a louder swan song.

Father Jenkins at Notre Dame University has abandoned conviction, morality, and message to pull the puppet string once in fear of the media maggots and lawyer leeches. This is America's new leadership of the institutions of highest learning - developing tomorrows leaders. But can you really blame a University for sucking at the hind tit of political puppetry when these buffoons control their budgets, their boards, and the baseless banality of their new benevolence? After all what is a catholic University "leader" to do??? I would suggest you grow some brains, some beautiful benefactors, some brilliance and bravado, and then some basic balls. Take a stand for something worthwhile for once in your life - while the media maggots are shining their lights, and the message can be really heard! Are you really a Catholic, and do you really care about LIFE?

If you really care about America, it is time to push the rider off the horse, and take the reins folks. Read Majority Rules at, and digest the potential to truly shift the power back to the people. Nothing could be more radically correct, except putting God first again!

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