Monday, August 5, 2013

A Message To The Partisan Fools In Congress.

If you have been a part of the American Congress, recent Administrations, and/or the Supreme Court of the United States of America over the last 30 years, the best thing for you to do is to go ahead and exit the gene pool on your own terms. But of course, that would be the ultimate finish to what has been a pathetic career.

The blame game has begun. The 545 current members of Congress, the Supreme Court and the President are collectively responsible for every day they are in office that they are not turning around the obviously wrong direction of this country because of whatever partisan excuses you come up with next. And frankly every one of the people in these seats over the last 30 years have no right to excuse themselves or pass on the responsibility, as everyone of them enjoyed their careers, and current pensions based on the same incompetence.

As the people of America are increasingly losing their lifestyle, their savings, their homes, their jobs, and their businesses, the people are slowly beginning to ask questions. Regardless of the questions, the bottom line is that the answer is that these elected politicians and appointed judges in Washington are 100% responsible.

There is no dividing the responsibility or blaming it on partisan politics, because ALL of the power of American decision making is made in these houses. It has now been clearly delineated by more and more media and their pundits is that the real war is between Washington's leadership versus all of the rest of America, and frankly the rest of the world. These 545 versus everyone else. And their answer to the allegations? Nothing but excuses.

As the focus starts to congeal against these self serving criminals, the abuse of their expense budgets and their lack of focus on what is truly important, is starting to irritate almost everyone else for a real change.

As this blame game begins to hone in on who the real culprits are, people everywhere are starting to get up out of their chairs and talk to their neighbors, and increasingly people are starting to ask what we can do about it. And of course a unified people against a small group of self serving crooks is generally the basic recipe for a public lynching or murder in the order of Ceaucescu as happened in Romania thirty years ago.

If I were one of these weasels living lavishly off the backs of the public as has been going on for decades, I might begin to realize that in this new environment, my partisan opposition was no longer going to be the biggest concern in America. Instead the more likely approach might be to quit worrying about retiring with a ridiculous pension, and instead suggesting some really better ideas wherein I demanded the participation of the rest of Congress - regardless of party - put something on the table that might actually begin to deal with the real economic and management problems, and satisfy the stirring public before things get physical and out of control.

If you think this is a premature consideration, you are obviously not paying attention to all aspects of the media as has been heating up throughout the summer of 2013....

Just a suggestion for you clowns in Washington!!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Phony President

Phony Scandals??

Phony President.
Phony Representative Congress.
Phony House Speaker
Phony Budget.
Phony Wars.
Phony Bureaucracies.

Apparently the 'Phony' President is the king of Phony.

A phony pharoah that ph*cks up everything he phiddles with, phumbling the phacts that he phondles till he phigures out how to ph*ck us out of our phreedom phor another phifty years.

Now that really IS A SCANDAL!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why The Housing Market Is Still Failing In 2013 (And The Future Looks Worse)

A recent upsurge in housing in late 2012 and early 2013 got the nation's realtor's and their potential buyers all excited about the future of housing returning to the glory days that ended 6 years earlier. But it was in fact an artificial rise built on artificial demand built by a flurry of hiding hedge fund activity. In reality, the prognosis for housing in America is sadly dim, and that is because of the incompetence of governments, and their bureaucracies.

First of all the reason that housing rose over the 12 months prior to April of 2013 is entirely based on the fact that the hedge fund investors - flush with cash, and with nowhere to put it (stocks were unstable, bond returns were falling, and derivatives were gone), saw a potential value increase in the undervalued housing sector that like any stock or bond that is undervalued, and has the potential to return to its earnings based equilibrium, housing was seen as a good interim (short-term) investment.

Investment value is not what generally supports the value of housing except at the entry level as a rental rate driven commodity. And this is what single family residential (SFR) housing was actually bought for when home values had bottomed out at fire sale pricing. What historically has created the demand for housing is owner-occupied purchases where an individual, couple or family chooses to buy a home so that they can 'have their own place' and invest in it the way they want to.

People have traditionally moved from renting to owning for several reasons. The most common thinking is that people buy houses so they can 'quit throwing away rent'. In reality, rent is simply a value derived by markets based on demand for the 'housing cost' (real cost of living in a property) that is relevant to both owning and renting. Either way, housing costs money. As a renter, the cost is the rent paid. As an owner, the forfeited earning power of a down payment plus the cost of interest, and fees on a mortgage, combined with property taxes, maintenance costs, and in many cases HOA/POA fees all contribute to the cost of living in an owned home. With costs growing constantly associated with the ownership of property, combined with the illiquidity of the real estate marketplace, now with a questionable at best potential rise in value, makes the cost of owning simply unattractive to many renters after they crunch the numbers - even in an ultra low mortgage rate environment.

Historically, a new home owner could almost certainly count on real estate value appreciation - often well in excess of inflation. Real estate was seen for more than 75 years as the most stable investment in America, and when combined with the inflation defeating equity appreciation, was always seen as the way in which real wealth was built in America - particularly for the individual whose net worth was often fairly close in value to the equity they owned in their property.

Wall Street and a lack of Congressional insight and oversight has rendered that whole scenario on housing to history after the great new millenium real estate bubble and subsequent crash. All confidence is now gone, all potential value appreciation is questionable at best, and Congress as usual is twiddling thumbs failing to understand the fundamental problems, or begin to deal with any of them.

The reality is that the public is not being attracted back to the real estate market for a variety of reasons which I will outline here, and none of these problems has any solutions on the horizon. In fact the most insidious of these problems bodes very poorly for future property values - almost guaranteeing that the ownership of real estate is going to be a bad choice in the near future, and for a long time into the future.

The primary three reasons why a real estate is a lousy investment in 2013 relate to demographics, taxes, and interest rates.

The Failing Demographics of Housing Demand

The number one reason real estate values are even sustained let alone don't fall has everything to do with demand - the number of potential buyers. We have a long term substantial problem related to the demographics of America's potential home buying class - there are very few real buyers in the current economy, and there will be even less going forward.

The baby boom was the greatest buyer of real estate over the last 30 years because they were entering the home buyer years of their lives, and they all wanted to pursue the historical 'American Dream' of home ownership. They had every reason to buy because home values were constantly rising, credit was cheap and so were mortgages, their credit ratings were good based on good employment opportunities in a solid and relatively predictable market place, and homes were relatively cheap to buy. Added to the baby boomers as a growing market potential were the legal immigrants that continued to pour into America as the number one desired economy to be a part of in the world. These too got great jobs and bought homes for all of the same reasons.

Today the baby bust group is in their home buying years - but there isn't that many of them. This is the most substantial decrease in demand ever known to humanity, with no traceable historical precedent, and no real understanding by most of the public or Congress as to the real impacts of cutting the population so substantially in these key buying years of the 20-40 year old age group. This lack of demand has now been cut out from under what has now become the worlds most shrinking economy.

Add to this the fact that America is no longer near as desirable in the world economy as the place for legal immigrants as the rest of the world's economies mature, and the internet makes living anywhere a possibility for participating in the world economy - America is no longer attracting the number of good immigrants it has traditionally as an offset to the lack of domestic demand.

These are the real demographic considerations that are decreasing the demand for housing on the macro level, and as the housing stock is reduced due to old and demolished housing, these houses will simply not be replaced with new housing construction. Housing construction has been one of the traditionally most important sectors of the economy to sustaining both the working class and the middle class with the millions of jobs directly and indirectly involved in building and maintaining the housing sector - another hit against potential housing buyers.

The Coming Hyper Taxation Of Property Added to The 'Dead Credit' Problem

Like the failed City of Detroit, governments have grown their budgets in good times, but never made a cut when the bottom falls out. Half a century ago, and before, Detroit was a destination, and the city grew year after year as the auto industry and related companies grew and built in Detroit. Along with all that economic growth, the city government also grew - logically based on the idea that all that economic growth required more government.

But for the last 30 plus years, the City of Detroit has shrunk as a city after the growth ended, unions entrenched, bureaucrats took over, and economic advantage vaporized. Entrepreneurs moved on to greener pastures, and the City attempted to sustain with nominal increases in 'Costs of Living' etc. as the government continued to grow.

Increasingly more self interested administrations wasted millions, and the real business people of Detroit recognized that the opportunity era was over. So did the potential residents of Detroit (families and businesses) that simply decided that in the face of rising crime, corruption, chaos, and decay, they would simply choose to live elsewhere.

But as the City began to shrink in population and business base, the government continued to grow (as they always do) with ever more self serving leadership groups taking their turns in the power seats. By the time ol' Coleman Young - the ever more corrupt and incompetent master of the 'destruction era' finally relinquished power to the next generation of thugs, Detroit was a complete, and yet still pending disaster.

The reality is today that the majority of Detroit's book revenue is a paper tiger based on the 'uncollectable' property taxes due on almost 80,000 abandoned properties - many cleared off of their rotting, vermin infested buildings, but still carried on the tax rolls of accounts receivable as if their lovely homes of years past were still valuable properties. Talk about delusional.

Property taxes in America are certain to become the most controversial issue in America over the next 10 years because they are increasingly out of line with the value of properties traditionally. Property tax, (and its evil twin extension - HOA/POA fees) are the number one property expense that is certain to grow as every elemental expense within the budgets of every government grows. Taxation is about government real costs plus government waste passed on to its tax base - in this case property, and its owners.

This is particularly true given that every other taxable entity (businesses and people) is shifting out from under taxability in an ever increasing conversion to a world economy. Property however is anchored to the ground, and cannot escape. Therefore property taxation is increasingly going to be the attempted target of government taxation outside of the growing taxation of trackable economic activity.

Nothing should scare a potential property owner more than growing costs against an asset that has little to no potential of value growth. Instead, the logical calculation is to determine how and where the cost of housing can deliver the most value with the least amount of risk against future loss. Increasingly that value is deemed to be in renting.

With an enormous percentage of non-homeowners staying in the position of 'unable to buy' because of poor credit, and an increasingly predatory credit environment that the Government fails to recognize - keeping the poor ever such under the thumbs of bankers and their lawyers.

With no credit (Dead Credit), or ability to get out from under this credit rate oppression, there are no potential buyers any time in the foreseeable future for those whose credit has been destroyed over the past 6 years of american economic chaos. So you can write that 10-20% of the potential buying public off from the buyers demand group. Never before has credit history technology been so destructive to the average American causing them to rule themselves out of becoming potential buyers with their dead credit.

The Future Effects of Government Manipulated Interest Rates

Lastly, we have been operating in the false (phony) environment of government manipulated interest rates that are only made possible by the printing of money, and the still ongoing recognition of the US Dollar as the worlds decreasingly popular Reserve Currency. This scenario is certain to end sometime in the not too distant future.

Inflation is inevitable as the US Dollar is increasingly ignored in world transactions for oil, and import/export, and the demand for American treasuries decreases globally in the face of growing alternatives.

An ever more expansive currency is an unstable currency, and in the first crisis that arises of any kind, the run from the US Dollar will almost certainly be incredibly devaluing as its buying power is decimated. The net result will be the inability of America to buy from the rest of the world without costs doubling leading to enormous cost inflation. The immediate reaction has to be to stop printing money, and recall what can be grabbed by the government to attempt a prop up of the dollar's value. Regardless of how it goes down, the net result is most certainly going to be radically higher interest rates, likely bankrupting the US economy as the Government is saddled with paying double the interest on at least $ 50 Trillion of public debt (Federal, State and Local) at a minimum cost of $ 2.5 Trillion dollars per year (at 5% interest) or likely more - substantially more than our current taxation levels even generate federally.

The net result is that financing new homes and even resales will become impossible and unjustifiable - making every property in America completely illiquid (unsaleable) and therefore worthless.

The Buyers Calculation Scenario

Assume for a moment a home bought today for $ 100,000.

Property taxes (and HOA/POA fees ) today in a typical American city are at least $ 2,400. per year, or $ 200/month. This is actually the most rentable home value level in America and still has a monthly housing cost before maintenance and management of $ 6400. per year based on 100% financing at 4% and current taxation level. This is $ 533. per month in basic housing cost. If rented for $ 800. per month, the net income before maintenance and management is $ 267./month.

In three short years (or less), if lucky the same home is still worth $ 100,000. but mortgage/interest rates have risen to a historically more consistent and reasonable 8% and property taxes/HOA/POA fees have risen based on current trends to $ 250./month. The 100% financing at 8% for a potential new buyer is now  $ 8,000. per year or $ 667. per month, plus the $ 250. per month in taxation adds to $ 917./month.

With rent potential of $ 800./month, the monthly income has devolved into a loss of $ 117./month. Nobody buys that as an investment, and the only alternative is the hyper inflation of dramatically higher rent. And in such an inflationary environment, government real costs are rising more rapidly, and you can count on much higher taxation growth. Any way you slice it, everybody loses.

So if you still think you are ready to go ahead and buy a home in 2013, at least go forward with your eyes wide open. There are many dangers ahead.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Local Police: This New 'KGB'/Militia Is For Suppression.

This is probably not really much of an insight for anyone that has been watching our police departments grow with SWAT teams, rolling computer/video studios, etc. over the last 10 years - the real question has been why.

The alternate news sources of late have been pretty clear: despite the fact that the Government has mismanaged EVERYTHING they touch in America, they have not only destroyed our economy, but they have run up (to date) 17,000,000,000,000.00 worth of over spending debt -  over and above the taxes they have taken from both you and every other person, as well as every corporation in America. And that's just the feds - before we get into every state, county and city like $ 20 billion bankrupt Detroit.

Now they have figured out that while you have been sleeping comfortably over the last half century, like an overly rested bear, you and the rest of America are likely to wake up fairly soon, and be a little cranky when you finally figure out there is nothing to eat. The net result of hungry, cranky well rested bears waking up is that they need something to eat.

And the government has finally figured out that the greatest appetite is going to be for them.

Instead of hitting the brakes on the way to the cliff, or making a plan to reform for correction, the idiots in Washington have banded together to take us in the back seat over the cliff Thelma and Louise style, with the idea that they will wear seat belts while we have no such protection.

Now they have spent ten plus years equipping themselves to deal with the aftermath.Suppressing an unruly population will take a militia, and 20 billion rounds of ammunition - they apparently anticipating shooting like they manage - badly. With about seven billion people on the earth, they have stockpiled enough to shoot every one of us three times.

So now that it is past the point of proper policing service to a population of tax payers, every cop, wanna-be cop and court official in America ought to at least be honest with themselves and ask: 'Is this what I was really signing up for when I decided to become a cop?'. Policing organizations in America have banded together, and made themselves into the 'Us vs. Them' organization they have evolved into, and they have no one to blame but themselves - and now Washington.

Police should not be surprised by the fact that they are now suspicious at best, and hated more likely (like the IRS) by the average American, and police are increasingly the ones with the targets on their backs because they are not and have not been honest brokers. Many police still run around in cars claiming to 'serve and protect' while in fact the only ones they are NOT protecting is the public that have paid for them with their earnings and their obligation. Intelligent fathers would not be proud.

I believe I heard the bear roll over again for the third time recently. We'll be waking soon.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Don't Give George Zimmerman His Gun Back....???

This is the emblematic statement of the new American just-us system under the new lead race baiter. Stand aside Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Eric Holder and the new KGB have a new approach to justice": "Guilty until we prove you so." Doesn't matter that George Zimmerman in my objective white opinion was wrongly charged, wrongly dragged through a 17 month abuse of his rights, and then rightly exonerated, only to have the media, and the full weight of a black-culture-driven administration continue to demand that he be proven guilty because "they say so".

This is so far from the concept of justice it is a criminal abuse, a travesty of honesty, and makes the 'turd' world justice of movies look incredibly normal and moribund.

The blogosphere, and the commentary is blowing up with racism against black americans - only because of the incredible abuse of power of a black run, black focused, and therefore incredibly racist national administration. And yet they are the first to cry about anybody using the 'N' word (which stands for nigger) when they don't have any problem acting like the very picture it was used to portray. They cry about the incredible injustice of the tolerance of the Ku-Klux-Klan, and the burning of black churches, but want to not only tolerate the same level of injustice from the community, but exercise the same moral failings from the White House and the Justice department highest leaders.

I though we had all agreed that America was better than this. But apparently, only white people are now better than this. Apparently the concept of putting it behind us didn't include any kind of forgiveness, or putting it behind us in the black community. Instead it was simply a waiting game to see when they could start turning the tables. Well America, your 'chickens have come home to roost' in the immortal words of our President's favorite pastor - Jeremiah Wright. And roosting is apparently done above your head from whence the droppings fall upon you from all of those black chickens.

You can call it the way you see it, but if I were a part of the black community that wanted the race wars to end, I would be the first to call out the President, the Attorney General, and their deputies Jackson and Sharpton to tell them to stop - just like Kevin Jackson did this morning on Fox News. Now there is a black man I can enjoy life with - excellent thinking from a reasonable perspective. Nobody dumping on anyone else - except those that want to foment the war. Kevin's book: 'The BIG Black Lie: How I Learned The Truth About The Democrat Party' is not cheap, but is certainly worthy of consideration if you are interested in any ally against black discrimination politics - the Democrat party style.

One thing the whole Trayvon Martin incident is giving voice to throughout all of the country is how much the black racism issue is alive and well just beneath the surface of civility, which while not new to the old southern states, is quite a wake up call to the northern states in America where many have been comfortable with the civility that they thought proved how much we were past the issue. One of the almost certain ramifications politically is going to be how much these generally satisfied northern and western democrats are going to get a new vision about their favorite President, and none of it is going to be received well outside of the black community. The net result will almost certainly be lower Presidential approval numbers, and a growing intolerance for the black sympathy wagon. The media and black communities conjoined efforts in overplaying the race card is almost certainly going to bring about a White, and likely even a Hispanic backlash against the black intolerance. Only time will tell, but the results are relatively predictable.

The losers of course will be the black community - not the media. And the bigger loser in the George Zimmerman case beyond George alone, is the American people that are going to require a strong hand in the leadership of this country to ever restore a real civility and real justice concept as the basis for law when such abuse is being tolerated at this time - without even a Congressional check.

So how long will this go on for? The answer is indefinitely as long as two of the three main branches of government are locked in this crime. The executive branch and the judiciary/courts are both impotent as long as their leaders are both in lockstep. And it is only complicated further by an impotent Congress ever checkmated by the incomparable sock Harry Reid controlling the Senate.

Isn't it time we impeached another Democrat President? How about the Attorney General? Just because we have never done it before does not mean it can't be done. We have never had two such completely linked incompetents in such seats of power that were prepared to cover each others backs. But that doesn't mean we should let it continue. Let's get the ball rolling, and the call going.

It is time for them both to be given a good reason to change their minds. Impeachment would be a good start.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Way to Lead America. Egypt Just Surpassed America As More Progressive

Even our liberal progressive socialist President can't lead on something as obvious as Egypt.

After supporting Mubarak up till his inevitable ouster, our administration supported the election of anyone. The inevitable result as is true in America as much as it was in Egypt - Islamic oriented incompetence - by election. It's not like the history of the world hasn't demonstrated that muslims can't accomplish anything in leadership except follow defined patterns.

Their only real success since the Persian empire was the British finding oil in the middle east, and then in their Christian generosity giving the opportunity, value and wealth to their hosts. You know the ones over there in the tents with the camels out front.

You know those same people that hate the less than 20 million Jews on them face of the earth. The same Jews that have won more Nobel prizes than any other nationality on the face of the earth - both in fact, as well as by percentage of the people.

So stuipid America - at least by decreasing educational standards - supports the Muslim Brotherhood to lead Egypt - because they were elected. (so was Obama - twice).

The reason America doesn't lead in fixing problems is because it no longer knows how.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

(PG13) Putting Out The Bacon...Oink, Oink, Oink - Buzz, Thump.

If there is one thing I can no longer have respect for in this lawless nation are the ever growing forces of law 'enforcement' (sic) that show less and less skill, have less and less training, and now can't even handle being insulted. And now these bunch of lilly-assed pussies have gotten their law making buddies to make laws telling us we can't insult our local inept pigs because it 'annoys' them. Well 'f' you.

Here is my word to you pigs: you annoy me. Your preoccupation with hiding out in your little unmarked cars with thousands of dollars worth of radar guns, surveillance cameras, and computer equipment stealing money from Americans to support your bad power habits. The truth is that the majority of you are pond scum - a growing diaper rash on America, chasing 'speeders', a drug war that is illegitimate, unbalanced and enormously unsuccessful except in destroying the lives of millions of Americans by calling them felons and criminals. Really?? You wouldn't know the criminal when you're looking in your own bathroom mirror.

Let me tell you pigs something else: when you call me or one of my fellow patriots a criminal with no facts, no willingness to even know the truth, or enough balls to question your own teams stupidity: just to puff up your God damned statistics, until I can prove that I am NOT a criminal, you never had any basis for calling me one, and interfering in my life like the God damned Gestapo, or SS only demonstrates that you are the damn criminals. And pulling a gun on me in a driveway just because its your bad neighborhood. You are such a bunch of pussies - you are pathetic.

So lets get one thing perfectly clear - if I see you on the side of the road hiding out in your little unmarked thief cars with your little thief radar guns, trying to thieve more money from me and my neighbors, I WILL continue to give you the finger, and insult you mercilessly without a lawyer in a court of law in the presence of a jury of my peers. And if at that point, my fellow Americans are too stupid to protect me from you, I will shake the dirt from my shoes, and begin my personal rampage to destroy all of this then God damned country.

I am fed up with your bad attitudes, your wimpy dispositions, and your pathetic excuses for abusing the public. You never investigate a real crime. You never resolve a real case, and you waste all of our money driving round in circles with more and more cars, filled with more and more pigs, playing with more and more porky toys, all pretending to be on the right side of something. You're not on the right side, you're not on the left side, your just on the wrong side of almost everything anymore, and you are no longer welcome in my community. So you can bet I will continue to give you the finger, and suggest you go get a job where you can begin to contribute positively to society for a change. So go home, take off that ridiculous pig suit, and quit pissing us all off.

Just sayin'......      Oh yeah, and happy Fathers Day!! (to your father - geez, you must be an embarassment)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The New Chinese Investment Approach - What Are The Implications?

For decades, the Chinese were the largest and ever growing buyer of US Federal Treasury Notes - the way in which the federal government overspent without printing money (excessively). In October 2010, on the heels of chinese reassessment of american government operations, and the economy it oversees, they almost abruptly ended their funding of the current U.S. administration's spending hegemony - presumably to do a 'George Soros' to the american economy, while they sat back to watch it crash, and buy up all the assets for pennies on the dollar. Its the same model that made the hungarian viper - Soros, a billionaire, and it had always worked in the past.

But the combination of this administration's freedom to print new US dollars - which no other country has had the freedom to do before, combined with the Obama administration's ability to control the press with a blindly loving mothering main stream media, created an environment that the ultra secret federal treasury was able to fix with an immediate upsurge in money printing - offsetting the lack of Chinese investment.

And while the chinese shifted their funds from the purchase of US Treasuries to their own spending slush fund they were planning to set aside to purchase the choicest american assets, a few things happened they apparently didn't really see coming.

One - the American economy really didn't crash. Instead, the fed and the administration found the new freedom of printing money limitlessly. After all, why be limited to the amount of money the chinese want to pump into the american economy? Why not just try to (pretend to) set a little bit of self discipline - managed in the dark of privacy - and simply ramp up spending disguised as the publicly innocuous and almost  completely misunderstood title of Quantitative Easing, or QE. (and QE2, and now QE3) - all of which are MORE spending freedom over and above the never formally disclosed cash printing made necessary to repay and replace the chinese positions already held in American obligations.

The second chinese insight was that over and above the american economy continuing to float - on its own no less, the chinese economy now needed all available domestic chinese capital poured into its own countries growth. China has rocketed forward as the largest growing free(?) enterprise economy in the world in each year since the responsible approach to managing the Hong Kong transition to chinese control took place in 1997 - creating a world wide confidence in chinese economic leadership it had no hope of prior to that era.

But now we are seeing a new type of chinese investment in america. This time it is not the chinese government investing in the american government; it is the chinese companies investing in american companies - building the growth of the american private sector off of the success of the chinese 'private' sector. This is a much more welcome approach to chinese investment that brings their strength to the american economy in a way that can actually help both parties, and make the long term approach to getting along as two partners much more beneficial to both sides. The net effect is that the US economy is a beneficiary.

The fear mongers would have us believe that the chinese investment is going to cost us our autonomy. In reality the relationship of an american government debt owner should have been far more intimidating to the american people, than the role of business partners that choose to buy american companies, compete against our companies, and even export their own companies products back to the chinese economy - where they will be received in China more eagerly when chinese interests own the companies they are importing from.

The net effect is more american jobs in chinese owned companies when the american government hasn't enough leadership skill to inspire confidence in an economy they have killed. Surely they will suggest that this was all their idea, but the reality is that the last generation of fully american opportunity has passed, and we exported the vision, freedom, and best ideas to our largest creditor, China. And now, it is the inspiration of the newer chinese entrepreneurial mindset that is wisely choosing america's educated and structured labor force that is relatively and attractively stagnant in pricing, and inflation compared to the rapidly growing chinese economy with all of the inflation in labor and material pricing that is accompanying their rapid growth. This is what is motivating this new type of Chinese - American investment, and making them choose to manufacture their goods in the relatively more stable - and hence more cost effective option when measured  in the longer term; a wise diversification, and a positive vote for the american people. Thanks is due to Richard M. Nixon after building Sino-American relations all those years ago.

So what does America really have to lose in all of this change? Ownership of american industry? What we aren't giving to the american government, we have been letting die anyway. The truth is we have little to lose compared to what we have to gain. And perhaps a side benefit will be a new chinese element of the american business sector that can help bring some increased common sense pressure against such an incompetent Congress, and administration. The chinese are demonstrating more common sense these days.

I support this approach to Chinese intervention. We need all the help we can get.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So What (And Who) Is A Bully? - I Am.

In reading Art Moore's article CAIR defends Taliban, Hamas against bullying charge ( one has to ask themselves, 'What is a bully?'.

Clearly CAIR thinks that by being a bully themselves, enlisting the support of the American government with requests for an investigation (another big bully), they can reduce the standard for defining what a bully is below the lowest common denominator of bullying; - below the lowest whale-crap standard set by Hamas and the Taliban, so that even these lowest of the low offenders of humanity can be whitewashed to present as non-bullies? Give us a break. If these Muslim Islamo fascist torture groups are not bullys because they are to be protected for religious reasons (??) then how can schools even presume to take a position on what a bully is, or more importantly - what a bully is not? A bully is a fool that takes advantage of their advantage - even if it is just a religious excuse - to stomp down others rights. That is CAIR.

I for one am fed up with Muslims trying to whitewash the violent pigs they support and call them legitimate. Islamo-fascist torture groups like Hamas and the Taliban are the filthiest of human rights offenders today. 70 years ago it was Nazis, but today, the human rights offenders on this earth are predominantly directly aligned with Islam, and worse yet justify their actions in the name of the religion of .... ISLAM.

When you want to dissociate with something you do not believe in, you draw distinctions, you call out the offenders, and you grow a spine and fight against the destruction of the image of that which you are aligned with as not being reasonably represented by those offenders that are damaging the good name of your religion.

But that is not what CAIR is doing. They do not join in the chorus for separating 'peaceful' Islamic interests from the horrible and filthy acts of their Muslim Brotherhood in Hamas and the Taliban. They do not define what is unacceptable as they mutilation of young girls, the freedom destroying jailing and violent killing of Christians, they do not call for tolerance, because they are the ultimate example and spearhead of intolerance - as are all those that do not separate from those that carry out this human rights abuse at the most gutteral of all levels.

And when lying is justified in the name of the Quran/Koran for anything, why would we even give credence to anything a Muslim says when they refuse to dissociate publicly?

That is because Muslims do not choose to dissociate. They choose to support by their acquiescence to all that is bullying. Their defenders claim they choose to be quiet out of fear? Really?

I say no - they choose to be quiet because it is too confusing to both be peaceful and a part of the same religion that endorses and acts on the ultimate in bullying. That is because in my opinion the author of confusion is the author of their religion - Satan, or Lucifer, the spirit of the anti-Christ. George Bush was simply wrong - Islam is not a peaceful religion.

At its root, Islam is a religion of chaos, confusion, and freedom destruction. The Quran/Koran is the most conflicted, conflicting, and conflict generating religious model on the face of the earth, and it is simply proven - what other religious model justifies the basest sinful human actions including violence, and debauchery in the name of its religion. Almost every other religious model on earth calls for the human being followers to have self discipline that wrankles against the sinful nature of humanity, and creates the conflict that drives to a better condition. This is not true with Islam that justifies the use of all destructive human activities that not only destroy humanity, impose destructive actions against other humanity, celebrate the most debase as their leadership, and lead to the worsening condition of all humanity as well as the individual. How is that ever seen as peaceful??

If you have not read and studied the full essence of the Quran/Koran in a language you understand, how do you have any right to comment on what the religion is - any more than non-Christians that have not read the Bible have any right to characterize what Christians are like, or generalize about the Christian religion. And yet the American media has done both for years - characterizing and caricaturizing Christians as meddling, myopic, lunatics that should be kept away from, while welcoming the new peaceful religion of Islam as the logical basis for a new world order.... hello??? Who and what gives the media the right to make such generalizations? A microphone? The media of America is so notoriously clueless on the issue of religion, that every insinuation should be first questioned, and then challenged as soon as evidence is brought forth to reflect opposing perceptions, and points of view.

Maybe we should focus instead on teaching our children how to be a better bully, how to find a good bully pulpit, and why we should be bullying back against those that are so preoccupied with stifling the bullies. There will be no one left to fight against the real bullies when the newtered Americans inherit 'leadership', and the real bullies come to take our country.

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Nation Cursed By Competence???

Congratulations were apparently in order for the boy king - Barack Obama following the 'competently' managed election of 2012 where the well practiced and well funded campaigner in chief parlayed all of his varied self serving constituencies from Unions to seniors to non white groupings of every sort to stomp down the long proven skills of the service minded peacemaking professional - Mitt Romney.

Congratulations to Barack Obama, and congratulations to the ignorant.

But damn, what a mess for a country that really was in desperate need of leadership. Here was the guy that really has proven his ability to reach across the aisle, and demonstrated a lifetime of service to everyone around him including the people he didn't want something from.Here was the guy with enormous skills, a great personality, and even a voice that you can listen to - unless you're a bottom-feeding teamster like the ones we listened to threatening school bus strikes around Charleston, SC for the last month or more.

And the country gets the boy king again - Pharoa-Bama - master of the pyramids to himself, struts like Tuts, and an ego bigger than the Nile - all while living in denial about his real ability - nothing but sarcastic blather.

Well way to go America. You lose. You won the chocolate cake, but you threw out the kitchen.

And congratulations to Google, and Hollywierd, and the Teamsters, and even that idiot Judge John Roberts who probably thought he was going to help turn the tide against Obama by supporting Obamacare, but instead puked all over the entire nation in his sickness of self importance.

And congratulations to the Mexican voters of America who are more preoccupied with their second-rate underclass American status to care enough about their children to vote for what would be best for them.

Having a stronger 'brown' class in a broken country, versus subjugating their ethnicity issues to support the real repair of the countries problems is the equivalent of choosing Mexico to live in versus Canada for the ethnic rights - also known as foolishness.

After all who needs opportunity? The majority of Barack Obama's supporters have all been proud of nothing, ever satisfied by the status quo, mediocrity or less as their would-be standard, if they really believed in standards. Lets face it - they voted for Barack Obama because he's their loud mouthed brown man - raging against everything - especially success.

This country is so guilted-out about success they can no longer embrace it. And that is the real reason that Romney lost. Everyone is a victim, and now getting paid for it. Who wants to give up all that good bitchin?

Anyway America, I believe we have truly been cursed by the Obama machine's competence. May we never be so competent again!