Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Local Police: This New 'KGB'/Militia Is For Suppression.

This is probably not really much of an insight for anyone that has been watching our police departments grow with SWAT teams, rolling computer/video studios, etc. over the last 10 years - the real question has been why.

The alternate news sources of late have been pretty clear: despite the fact that the Government has mismanaged EVERYTHING they touch in America, they have not only destroyed our economy, but they have run up (to date) 17,000,000,000,000.00 worth of over spending debt -  over and above the taxes they have taken from both you and every other person, as well as every corporation in America. And that's just the feds - before we get into every state, county and city like $ 20 billion bankrupt Detroit.

Now they have figured out that while you have been sleeping comfortably over the last half century, like an overly rested bear, you and the rest of America are likely to wake up fairly soon, and be a little cranky when you finally figure out there is nothing to eat. The net result of hungry, cranky well rested bears waking up is that they need something to eat.

And the government has finally figured out that the greatest appetite is going to be for them.

Instead of hitting the brakes on the way to the cliff, or making a plan to reform for correction, the idiots in Washington have banded together to take us in the back seat over the cliff Thelma and Louise style, with the idea that they will wear seat belts while we have no such protection.

Now they have spent ten plus years equipping themselves to deal with the aftermath.Suppressing an unruly population will take a militia, and 20 billion rounds of ammunition - they apparently anticipating shooting like they manage - badly. With about seven billion people on the earth, they have stockpiled enough to shoot every one of us three times.

So now that it is past the point of proper policing service to a population of tax payers, every cop, wanna-be cop and court official in America ought to at least be honest with themselves and ask: 'Is this what I was really signing up for when I decided to become a cop?'. Policing organizations in America have banded together, and made themselves into the 'Us vs. Them' organization they have evolved into, and they have no one to blame but themselves - and now Washington.

Police should not be surprised by the fact that they are now suspicious at best, and hated more likely (like the IRS) by the average American, and police are increasingly the ones with the targets on their backs because they are not and have not been honest brokers. Many police still run around in cars claiming to 'serve and protect' while in fact the only ones they are NOT protecting is the public that have paid for them with their earnings and their obligation. Intelligent fathers would not be proud.

I believe I heard the bear roll over again for the third time recently. We'll be waking soon.

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