Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Way to Lead America. Egypt Just Surpassed America As More Progressive

Even our liberal progressive socialist President can't lead on something as obvious as Egypt.

After supporting Mubarak up till his inevitable ouster, our administration supported the election of anyone. The inevitable result as is true in America as much as it was in Egypt - Islamic oriented incompetence - by election. It's not like the history of the world hasn't demonstrated that muslims can't accomplish anything in leadership except follow defined patterns.

Their only real success since the Persian empire was the British finding oil in the middle east, and then in their Christian generosity giving the opportunity, value and wealth to their hosts. You know the ones over there in the tents with the camels out front.

You know those same people that hate the less than 20 million Jews on them face of the earth. The same Jews that have won more Nobel prizes than any other nationality on the face of the earth - both in fact, as well as by percentage of the people.

So stuipid America - at least by decreasing educational standards - supports the Muslim Brotherhood to lead Egypt - because they were elected. (so was Obama - twice).

The reason America doesn't lead in fixing problems is because it no longer knows how.

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