Saturday, June 15, 2013

(PG13) Putting Out The Bacon...Oink, Oink, Oink - Buzz, Thump.

If there is one thing I can no longer have respect for in this lawless nation are the ever growing forces of law 'enforcement' (sic) that show less and less skill, have less and less training, and now can't even handle being insulted. And now these bunch of lilly-assed pussies have gotten their law making buddies to make laws telling us we can't insult our local inept pigs because it 'annoys' them. Well 'f' you.

Here is my word to you pigs: you annoy me. Your preoccupation with hiding out in your little unmarked cars with thousands of dollars worth of radar guns, surveillance cameras, and computer equipment stealing money from Americans to support your bad power habits. The truth is that the majority of you are pond scum - a growing diaper rash on America, chasing 'speeders', a drug war that is illegitimate, unbalanced and enormously unsuccessful except in destroying the lives of millions of Americans by calling them felons and criminals. Really?? You wouldn't know the criminal when you're looking in your own bathroom mirror.

Let me tell you pigs something else: when you call me or one of my fellow patriots a criminal with no facts, no willingness to even know the truth, or enough balls to question your own teams stupidity: just to puff up your God damned statistics, until I can prove that I am NOT a criminal, you never had any basis for calling me one, and interfering in my life like the God damned Gestapo, or SS only demonstrates that you are the damn criminals. And pulling a gun on me in a driveway just because its your bad neighborhood. You are such a bunch of pussies - you are pathetic.

So lets get one thing perfectly clear - if I see you on the side of the road hiding out in your little unmarked thief cars with your little thief radar guns, trying to thieve more money from me and my neighbors, I WILL continue to give you the finger, and insult you mercilessly without a lawyer in a court of law in the presence of a jury of my peers. And if at that point, my fellow Americans are too stupid to protect me from you, I will shake the dirt from my shoes, and begin my personal rampage to destroy all of this then God damned country.

I am fed up with your bad attitudes, your wimpy dispositions, and your pathetic excuses for abusing the public. You never investigate a real crime. You never resolve a real case, and you waste all of our money driving round in circles with more and more cars, filled with more and more pigs, playing with more and more porky toys, all pretending to be on the right side of something. You're not on the right side, you're not on the left side, your just on the wrong side of almost everything anymore, and you are no longer welcome in my community. So you can bet I will continue to give you the finger, and suggest you go get a job where you can begin to contribute positively to society for a change. So go home, take off that ridiculous pig suit, and quit pissing us all off.

Just sayin'......      Oh yeah, and happy Fathers Day!! (to your father - geez, you must be an embarassment)

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