Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Forever Failure

Out Of Touch. A simple blanket assessment of all things government from the decision making levels. While the average employee at the street level is doing what their job description and policy manual dictate. The job description and the policy are out of touch with what America now needs. These were developed, written, and assigned for a different time. Like a robot that walks into a wall and just keeps taking steps and sliding on the floor, todays model of government was built on an underlying set of assumptions that no longer hold. Honesty was an assumed trait in the average employee when the model was built. So was work ethic, assumption of basic reading skills, and the simple math of primary education. And then there was the assumption about how people interacted. Respect for a family and a church. Respect and honor for elderly people, and frankly all people and their things. You can now throw most of that thinking out the door with what schools are releasing today and calling graduates.

The model was also built on the assumption that schools educated people in the basics, but that was dependent on teachers knowing what to teach, how to teach, and caring about both what they teach, and who they teach. Its not that most are not interested in these tings - at least when they start. But with the level of interference from media, family, government, the ACLU and a thousand other interest groups - combined with curriculum developed by Communists and Nazis foisted upon these teachers by activist school boards, and ignorant judges, you can forget America any longer providing an education that is in any way relevant to a work environment - particularly in a government office. So why would we expect government to ever be able to deliver services that are 'In touch' with the needs of the people around them.

And yet we have now elected a monkey who is manhandled by an ever-growing circle of insulating communists whose sole goal is to grow government bureaucracy.

You see, to remain in touch with the needs around you, you must remain agile enough to adapt to change. If there is one thing on earth that is unable to adapt to an environment of need around it - it is a bureaucracy. Instead, bureaucracies create the environment and stifle freedom, in the name of protection. They stifle liberty in the name of uniformity. They stifle individuality in the name of collectivism. And they impede education by exacting control, and defining the needs of the bureaucracy, instead of the needs of a life-giving society that only grows economically, and individually, and hence together - when it has freedom, and is centered in traditional life giving Judeo-Christian values of respect, honor, honesty, and self improvement for the benefit of opportunity. These values come from the Bible, and have been the basis for all life giving success throughout the history of mankind.

People do actually like to work for something they think is both beneficial to themselves and to others. The ultimate win-win situation. Of course some other people are a little less peace loving. But like our body, behind every smiling face and about half a body lower, every body also has a place for dumping the waste.

Unfortunately, now that we have all been bent over by our government and forced to hold our ankles while the government has its way with us, they finish up by simply painting a new smile on our buttocks and wondering why we are having trouble appreciating the new people we meet every day. Its because we can't recognize them. First of all my real eyes are at the ground level, and everything appears to be upside down. Second of all the people I meet are also all upside down and we have never seen each other upside down before so we do not recognize each other so easily. And then there are all these hands and ankles and feet down here amongst the heads. Even if I could recognize the people, I can hardly see them amongst all the ankles, feet and hands down here.

Meanwhile, the government looks down from above at all the newly painted smiles on everyones buttocks and wonders why the people never talk to them anymore....except for an occasional fart from some ingrate...

Out of touch. The moment government became about control instead of policy making they lost it. I believe the concept really took wings in the early part of the 1900's under the direction of Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt - who all in the name of curing America's ills began the serious development of bureaucracy with taxation of less than 2%. But as the frog slowly warmed in the pot, and we all became somewhat comfortable with the benefits of Government provision, we became more dependent. now we have an entire country full of bureaucracy built on 1930's assumptions, laden with new rules to make up for the inability of bureaucracy to adapt to new needs. And now enough government bureaucracy to paint a new smile on everyone's shining ass in America while the leadership continues to abuse every visible smiling face they have painted - available to view from the vantage point of their high station.

But of course what would I know about it. All I can hear is the government media telling me about the new rules, how much more often the government will be coming around, and how I should appreciate my new position here in life down here amongst the hands and ankles, and whining people. There sure isn't much sunlight down here, and now that we have eaten all the vegetables and grass, nothing else seems to be growing down here except the government inspired waste.

Is there anyone out there who could remind us again how to stand up straight and tell the government to leave us alone? So we could appreciate the sunshine on our faces again, and allow things to grow again? Is there anyone that even knows how to stand up straight and tall again??????

I can tell you one thing, Anyone who does will have to be ready to lead. Because everyone in America is ready for some real traditional American leadership - not this monkey and commie version. Someone that has the personal education, understanding, and intelligence, and will tell the special interests to leave, and tear down the bureaucracies. Someone that will choose to lead by publicly supported, government minimizing policy instead of bureaucratic control, and leave the growth to the private sector. They will have to begin by developing education into something worth teaching again, and teaching the benefits of freedom and liberty, honesty and integrity, and how we achieve these values in the development of the worth of the individual by improving ourselves through good (worthwhile) education, entrepreneurship, servant leadership, and giving more than we take.

That is the only way America was made great, and I am not certain there will ever be anyone to lead us back to greatness after the monkey is done crapping in our collective nest.

I won't hold my breath, but we can't really breathe properly down here anyway - bent over like this with our heads here amongst the waste. I fear its a Forever Failure.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dead Fish Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is the queen of the queers, the tree huggers and the next "New Orleans" - California's Bay Area around San Francisco and Oakland, CA. While she is killing the farmers of the valley with her damn fool stance of domestic terrorism, she is also 1/3 of the team that is killing the hopes of the Democratic Party for the next 20+ years nationally - and thank GOD.

Regardless of how disorganized the Republicans are at this time, anyone that isn't the 'curious George' President, the loon of the Senate, or the G5 seeking fool speaker of the house is still looking mighty good today to every voter with remorse as well as those that have been unemployed, lost their investment/savings, lost their home, lost their credit, and/or lost their will to live.

The woman is an idiot on the order of Hugo Chavez or George Soros on cocaine - completely out of touch combined with the complete ignorance of an uneducated flower girl leftover of a generation she pretends belongs to her parents. In reality this hag is older than the dirt of the valley floor, and the sooner she gets to spend a little time amongst the people she has screwed, the sooner we will begin to see just an inkling of the justice she deserves.

In reality, the stench of these three fools should rot in the sinuses of every voter in America for the next 20 years, so we can remember what voting Democrat has done for them, and those they can best relate to.

And as for the Sierra Club - maybe they'd like to use the land as the "Sahara Club" - they are clearly much closer to De Nile than the reality of the left coast Nirvana these fools pursue.

God Bless the Fox News Network for calling these fools out.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Listening To The Idiots

Interesting dichotomy between the rhetoric and the reality when tyring to take my wife to dinner last evening, and listening on the news how the great fool the masses bought as our President last fall has now proudly announced that "The Stimulus is Working! The Stimulus Is Working!"

Well finally, I would say as I think to myself - I should damn well hope so! We gave away the complete economic farm, Rome has been burning since 2007, and all the newest Washingon buffoons can do is throw 50 times as many dollar bills and American industry onto the fire, while they and their banker buddies roast marshmallows around the edge.

I should hope the 14 Trillion dollar freaking stimulus IS working. Otherwise whats the thinking? The truth is their is no thinking. Their is an agenda. Damn the torpedoes, damn the Americans, and frankly damn the Chinese too.We've got an agenda to get passed and Squirelly, Harry and BO - the three stooges are going to get the damn thing passed come hell or NO water.

Well my dear wife and I finally arrived at our planned restaurant destination only to find it closed - weeds growing in the parking lot, all the signs gone except the one on the door - "This Restaurant now closed" - Thanks for your patronage throughout the year. Geez, this is the second of my favorite area restaurants (that had both been around for many years) gone in the last short while. So we agreed on another nearby restaurant. We arrived and selected from the menu - not missing the fact that every entree price had jumped by at least a dollar or two since the last time we had been here less than a year ago. We looked around - the staff was all new - not only new to us, but clearly new to their jobs - nobody knew what they were doing. And we looked around the restaurant more - the place was 70% empty at 6:30 pm on an average weeknight! What the heck is going on?

Well its pretty obvious what is really going on. The stimulus isn't working a bit for small business. It isn't working for the people that patronize small business, and it isn't working for job seekers or even the Chinese government. What is working is the lying Washington BS machine - generating its recently common crap that is pumped out by its paid best friends in the main stream media.

I do like to know what all sides are thinking, but with media like this, how can I ever find out what MY side is thinking.

The marshmallows are in the kitchen cupboard - grab a stick and help yourself!!
There should be some lovely glowing embers soon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Is Wrong With You People? Government Healthcare Is A PROVEN Disaster!

I listened submissively as I listened to this elder of mine - this fool - ranting on about the virtues of Government run healthcare to come. He is an avid supporter!

"The government won't do a bad job. They can't look bad - they will make it good for everyone"
"Now our healthcare system will be able to be the envy of the world."

I was out of time and I had to move on. Nonetheless, this was an insight into the way this 'fool that "leads"' had become our 'leader' in the first. These are the keys as I see them:

1. An ignorant mass.
2. A smooth talking PC bs king.
3. A surreal agenda.
4. Promises, promises, promises.

And they lap it up like dogs.

What does it take to be this stupid? Bread AND circuses??

Apparently it doesn't take much. Despite the controversial oppositions of government run healthcare, no one can deny my own insights and experience. Government run healthcare in such diverse, educated, wealthy and sophisticated countries such as Canada, England, Germany etc. are a proven disaster. Logically, the first place we should strive to follow is where the masses die for lack of care. Their only relief valve has ironically been the real envy of world health care - the United States of America. Thats right. For the wealthy, the limitations of poor Government paid doctors, inadequate supply in the face of overwhelmingly abused demand, and the tragedy of failure has always - until soon from now - has(d) been the better option of going to America and having the matter dealt with properly with the best of healthcare in the world.

Now where are the voices of the wealthy that will lose this right? Or will they? Will every Doctor succumb to the failure proven system of government run health? Or will the masses be free to pay with Doctors that do not succumb?

The strings of government have no limits. Doctors that plan to offer both will soon find they cannot. As the demand grows for "Freecare" the government will require of the doctors that they make their government obligations their first priority. Their only option will be to opt out. Don't like it? Drop the government support cold turkey, cut yourself off from all government support, and systems, or toe the line. I GUARANTEE you these will be the only options.

By the way, in the regulated world of government anything, the going maximum pay rate for a doctor is similar to the going pay rate for a new government motors or government bank executive. Exactly twice that of the entry level employee in the same organization - generally defined at a rate not to exceed twice the minimum wage. After all in a communist country like America, the proletariat must all be within spheres of each other to help maintain their compliance.

Good luck comrades!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are You A Part Of The Problem, Or A Part Of The Solution

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading about 'The Great Upheaval' of the late 1700's - a book by Jay Winik that describes in story-like detail the events of the American Revolution, The French Revolution and the European and Russian responses to these radical times and places in history.

In the relative comfort of America since the second world war period, we have forgotten what it takes to truly make a sacrifice and/or take a personal risk for important ideals, ideas, and priorities, and we can barely grasp the concept of civil disobedience for principle.

This evening, I watched on Fox News as they listened to the horrified frustration of victims whose losses by the Bernie Madoff scandal cost them their life fortunes. They sound like their the only people who lost money. I listened to the victims making excuses as to how they should be made right by the courts, the government, or even other ripped off investors.

Hey folks suck it up like the rest of America has. As we have all lost money watching our home equity disappearing, and our stock and other investment values have evaporated. Like you're the only ones that got screwed?

Look folks - it's as simple as this. If you are funding government with paying your taxes, you're enabling these fools - like serving alcohol to an alcoholic. If you don't agree our government is representing you and taxing accordingly (and spending according to the taxes collected), it is time to take a stand, and refuse to participate. If you are paying your taxes, you're a part of the problem. You are certainly NOT a part of the solution!

If you stop participating as I have, you take the responsibility for your actions. In discussing my position with my sister, she shockingly asks, "But aren't you afraid of the IRS putting you in jail"?

Well, I do expect civil disobedience to be challenged, and I expect people to disagree with me, but frankly, I can prove in a court of law - or more importantly in the court of public opinion that the Government is not representing me, taxing me appropriately, or spending responsibly. This is the only contract I have with the government of America regarding taxation, and as such, they have broken the contract. I am therefore relieved of my responsibility to pay my taxes.

But far more importantly is the fact that if I did pay my taxes, I would simply be enabling the problem to grow further - the same things I accuse our legislators of failing to do - stand for the responsible position - regardless of the consequences, and how people think of me.

You see, the way I see it, when I lost over $ 2 Million of net worth over the last two years, I determined to look into why this happened. I have determined that the problem was that the federal governments of the last two decades - both Republicans and Democrats - tookunsound and highly irresponsible positions with regards to lending practices, and Wall Street securities oversight, leading to a complete collapse of what is rippling out to be a worldwide economic disaster.

The 535 people of congress - best described in style and character by the "TheGuyFromBoston" (beware of very rough language!) are the responsible parties in terms of my losses. And until I have recovered the losses they have cost me, they owe me. I don't owe them. But even if I did owe them, I would have a hard time enabling their actions by funding them when they no longer tax me with "taxation by representation".

These are the jerks that have the nerve to give your public money to banks by the trillions of dollars, then ignore Detroit until they presume their own management skill superior to the experienced leadership of Geoffrey Waggoner, and the rest of the GM Board (as well as Chrysler's) that were left to clean up a mess created by Con-gress (the opposite of Pro-gress) in the first place.

I for one disagree. Con-gress can't manage a post office, or their own public responsibility let alone banks, auto companies, or justice. Any that have followed my (radical) writings already know how I feel about the inability and incompetence of the publicly funded courts, and their deputies. Frankly, it looks at lot like the late 1700's again, and frankly the world - and America - are ripe for revolution again as we once again are forced to overthrow the monarchs.

So unless you are enjoying your 'bread and circuses', decide what it is that you truly believe and decide on the stand you are going to take to undermine this fool's paradise.

I for one will not fund this stupidity. So look for me, and those (few) who agree with me - in a jail or in a headline near you. And if you decide I am not completely crazy, drop me a note and tell me so.

Friday, April 17, 2009

In Lieu Of Law

I am a creationist by belief. I believe in God, and so it is that the entire matter of where we came from emanates only from my belief in God - the being so much greater than myself, that all other consideration about where He or we came from becomes irrelevant to a discussion.

The theory of evolution however interests me - not because of the excuse to try to explain away God, but for what is evident in how things do naturally evolve with time in so many aspects of the world. Trends in everything are the basis for assumptions about the future. If 1 and 2 and 3 have happened, we can naturally assume 4 will be next. This is probably one of the top few laws of nature, as the only thing that disturbs a natural trend is an interference.

Whether an interference is seen as natural or unnatural is both a matter of perception and cause. If man caused the interference it is definitely seen as unnatural, and if man did not cause it but sees the cause as unnatural, this perception may have validity as well.

In either case, the trends of man to abandon God as times are comfortable appear to be natural. The entire Old Testament is made up of the stories of man naturally abandoning God, and God either using nature or the supernatural to intervene in the lives of the people of Israel to bring them back to Him.

America is the Israel of my existence in this age - the place I observe the hand of God being lifted from a country and then intervening in relatively small ways through the lives of people and families. But the trend of the country's Christian spiritual state is depressing to people like me. And so it is that I - and so many others - pray that God will supernaturally intervene and turn the hearts of the people toward Him like He did for the nation of Israel so many times.

The financial meltdown of 2008 was personal for me, and a turning point in my commitment, and I hope is having a greater and similar effect on the rest of America, but it will not be a surprise to me that America needs many more convulsions to get its head out of the sand. Like Pharoah refusing to listen as God served up plagues upon Egypt in the time of Moses, the Kings of America are stubborn and ignorant, and full of their own pride. Until the first sons must die, many will never see enough interference to alter their trend away from God.

Likewise, the American Book of Law has allowed a serious trend to develop that should give every thinking American pause - the separation of the Courts from the law they are 'sworn' to uphold. "Above the law" is now the mindset of many Judges in America. A "Law Unto Myself" is the mindset of even more. They are no longer American judges - they are their own judges - operating 'in lieu of law'.

Traditionally, the book of law was perceived by judges as the ultimate interpretation of the constitution's mandates - a noble cause, building on a noble document, that was seen predominantly as successful, and therefore worthy of respect.

In reality, the law has always had it's flaws and weaknesses - its injustices, and inconsistencies. But judges by education and respect for the law were adherents of the law, honored the intent of the law, and served to help build the book of law by filling in the gaps between.

And then the world changed. Media developed from a local newspaper to a national movie screen and a home information center, and the truth of the laws weaknesses were revealed and focused on. The nobility of the law was forsaken, and the respect for the law abandoned.

And no longer was the role of protector of the law perceived by the public as a noble job. And the ones who had this special job lost respect for what it is they had chosen to do.

But how should one react when the foundation of your chosen and invested profession crumbles? To quit? No. To redefine the foundation? Perhaps. To make it better? Definitely.

And so it is that the role of the judge is being redefined away from the Book of Law into the role of a new Lawmaker 'in lieu of law'.

But shouldn't this be the role of the elected lawmakers? The politicians? Yes - according to the Book of Law - but it just won't work says the judge to himself. And so it is that they have usurped the role of congress, and began to ADD law. The net result however is confusion and chaos.

This is the wrong role of judges and courts. But who can challenge this breach? There are but two possibilities beyond the Supreme Court's reach.

The first is the combined power of the full congressional Legislative Branch, with the solid support of the Executive Branch - the President and his White House.

If this fails, the only other possibility is to appeal to the Highest Authority in the land, the mind of the sheeple - the Main Stream Media. Only these two possibilities could make an impact on reigning in the minds and actions of arrogant judges that are determined to go their own way.

But has our America really the will to resolve this problem? Hell no! Most of us America doesn't even realize there is a problem.

So with that I will return you to the game - "with players on first and third and two outs......"

Good luck neighbors!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cap And Trade - They're Coming To Get You Haha, Hoho, Hehe!!!!

Taxed for breathing? That might be a little extreme... But every time you breathe, fart, sneeze, or emit anything else (generally all day every day) our new government and its environmentalist agenda are about the restricting of your ability to emit anything, and charging you a tax for emitting too much.

It's called Cap And Trade, and almost everyone I know, knows almost nothing about it. So I did a little research (which doesn't take much these days - what with Google and all). You can read plenty about it at or see it defined briefly here: which in about five minutes will explain it fully.

The advocates will tell you its all about preserving the environment for our children's future. Others will tell you its about harnessing the earnings of industry worldwide, controlling trade from polluting countries like China, and justifying new levels of taxation against their trade. Opponents - like me - will tell you that it is a violation once again of freedoms, through government intervention into everything you and I have and are, and the world's largest tax grab propagated by the new communists of the Kyoto Accord, and the Al Gore-ians.

Why bother dealing with poverty or perversion; by controlling every major industry and government on earth through oppresive rules and limits on output, and taxing excesses, we can fund all government agendas, and cap personal, corporate and religious expression - without the freedom to trade for rights. And the day you support that, we might as well tie each other up and jump off the bridge. All freedom is lost.

There does not appear to be anything more ripe for government fraud, corruption and mismanagement. As if traffic policing isn't out of control, wait till the sniff police show up to let you know that you're pants are 'speeding', and ticket you for overpolluting the environment.

The sniff police will be coming to every emission orifice in the world, with their ticket book in hand, ready to tax excess emission, and force you to purchase the right to fart excessively. Al Gore is rich, so he can simply buy the credits (as traded in a 'Cap And Trade' market) to use your lazy neighbors emission allowance so Al can fly his fuel gulping corporate jet, and even leave his lights on throughout 'Earth Day' - all while claiming to be the world's number one environmentalist! Oh. and of course the ruling liberal classes can collect yours, and your employers taxes and spend those for their own emission rights as well.....

Silly you say? Scary says I. Not because I am opposed to a clean environment - I am all for a clean environment. I am the first to clear the room when you fart. And I am the first to appreciate a green leaf over a brown leaf - especially in my salad. Besides the brown ones usually mean an afternoon of raking in the yard to clean them up - screwing up another chunk of my freedom...

What I am really for is less government involvement - because 'government anything' is overreaching, underskilled, bureaucratic, mismanagement done by the most cumbersome, expensive, and chaotic monopoly known to humanity. (ie Get the fat man off the little girl!)

If there is ever to be retained any hope of indivdual rights or freedoms, you had best learn to oppose every type of government involvement in any place you live. And that means opposing Cap And Trade.

From this day forward, I will the dub Cap And Trade: "The Fart Tax".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Media Are Maggots, Lawyers Are Leeches, & Politicians Are Puppets - Understanding How America Runs

Now if the people would stop being so pathetic... WAKE UP AMERICA!

This country was yours, and you did have Freedom. Not worth having mind you if you're just going to sit on the riverbank staring at the world flowing by, and entertain yourself with new color combinations in Washington, answer pollsters that spin the data, and let the maggots and the leeches tell the elected puppets what to do next. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, apparently "you can't handle the truth!!" Are you fighting back, or just going with the flow? Are you even aware of what the problems are or do you even care? If you aren't prepared to be knowledgeable about the issues, who are you voting for? Should you be voting at all?? The civic duty isn't to vote. The civic duty is to be knowledgeable about the issues, learn about the people who are willing to fight for your position, and then vote knowledgeably. Do not vote ignorantly.

Then there is the leadership thing. And I don't just mean leadership skills. I mean the wisdom and discernment to know what is right - based on a solid moral foundation, the conviction and good sense to have weighed it against all options enough to believe it, and then the cohoneys to demand it.

What good are skills like the ability to collect and manage data, analyze it and understand it, along with the good looks to be a maggot media magnet, and then develop the influence to do something with it - only to become Bawney Fwank, Chuckin' Charlie Rangel, Corrupt Chris Dodd, Creepy Chris Cox, Franklin 'Ripoff' Raines, or Harry Weed, Nasty Belowsi, Tim 'Charlie Chaplin' Geithner (who ought be wearing a yellow top hat) or 'Curious George' Obama.

That isn't leadership except the blind leading the blind - enjoying the Pied Pipers music lead as were lead into the bottom of the outhouse.

America deserves the politician puppets it has today. Public education is turning out idiots and calling them 'educated', and we are electing them. Main stream media manufactures Pied Piper agendas while their producers pick priorities from the psychedelic pansy patches of their drug infested minds, and the masses get in the line behind them.

In the wake of the main stream media's maggotry, we've increasingly abandoned - for more than two generations - justice, morality, virtue, caring for people, and everything else that made America great less than a century ago. Today we are on the rapid path to Britain's bottom - only faster, and with a louder swan song.

Father Jenkins at Notre Dame University has abandoned conviction, morality, and message to pull the puppet string once in fear of the media maggots and lawyer leeches. This is America's new leadership of the institutions of highest learning - developing tomorrows leaders. But can you really blame a University for sucking at the hind tit of political puppetry when these buffoons control their budgets, their boards, and the baseless banality of their new benevolence? After all what is a catholic University "leader" to do??? I would suggest you grow some brains, some beautiful benefactors, some brilliance and bravado, and then some basic balls. Take a stand for something worthwhile for once in your life - while the media maggots are shining their lights, and the message can be really heard! Are you really a Catholic, and do you really care about LIFE?

If you really care about America, it is time to push the rider off the horse, and take the reins folks. Read Majority Rules at, and digest the potential to truly shift the power back to the people. Nothing could be more radically correct, except putting God first again!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Overpolicing America

Can there be such a thing as over policing? Aren't police all about good things for us all? And isn't there simply a lack of money to get enough good policing?

The reality is that police are the tool of a governing body.

It is a month and a half now since our new President was inaugurated, and his democratic house and senate control has been made complete. Never before in a "democracy" has such an overreaching, overspending, leadership ran over a people that elected it in such a sound way, through every possible aspect of government abuse, vindictive revenge, and fiscal mismanagement such that it has completely and effectively bombed a country with chaos.

Never before have the complete people of a country stopped spending so rapidly, so radically, and so completely in reaction to such actions through fear that they have caused a complete economy to implode in such a failure of confidence except in 1929.

And in my focus on the policing power of the state, I have continued to watch the power of police now with a new consideration. The police forces of America are now the government's new militia, self supported through abusive traffic enforcement, and now ready to turn on us all as they have become the tool of an instantly militant, ruling class who have made clear that their moderate campaign of the election era has been abandoned to their real agenda instituting the communist manifesto with every violation of freedom, taxation, and control that make Marxism reprehensible to those old enough to remember what it is .

Unfortunately, we have two generations now that have grown up without the experience of observing the reality of socialist marxism. And in their ignorance, have joined with the disenfranchised left, the disenfranchised blacks, and the majority fools of Congress to build the new society here among us, on our backs.

If you don't think an armed police force won't do this governments bidding, you do not understand the way a police army works.

In the midst of state and municipal budget cutting at almost every level in our country, one of the only place our governments will not cut budgets, employees, or priorities is in the area of policing. Our new federal budget adds government cars, and government personnel, and yet cuts the budgets of every other department. Where do you think all that money is going folks?

The answer is policing. Not every aspect of government policing (read "control") involves a marked patrol car rolling down a road watching speeders, and traffic rule violations. We have new government offices to simply study the GPS patterns of cell phone users, the spending habits of bank accounts, the use of credit cards, the conversations of callers, and the way in which you interact with those around you. And yes you are paying for this with your taxes - if you are in the half of the population that pays taxes.

But you can also bet that when the whistle is blown by "Pharobama" and his control minions, every aspect of policing will lockstep against your wallet and your freedom.

So why not add self supporting traffic police at every level? A minimum drag on taxation based public funding, and a simple way to grow the control factor?

Won't you contribute today?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jury "Doody" - A Sign Of Where We Are Headed

Prior to one of my recent forays into a local court, I stood outside the court where a large pool of people stood waiting to see if they would be selected for Jury Duty. Most were not impressed with the idea, and were discussing amongst themselves ways to tell the court they could not serve, and finding every excuse in the book to "get out of jury duty". One in particular referenced the whole process as a bunch of "sh*t".

Well being the kind that always tried to teach our children nicer ways of addressing the fouling things in life, we would be inclined to reference what the dog drops as 'doody' as in its time to go clean all the dog doody out of the yard.

So the real question is do the american people have it right - is jury duty "jury doody"? or is this a duty we should be going well out of our comfort zone to embrace? After all the courts would rather just eliminate the jury process, and streamline everything to bench trials, and the thought of defendants going up before juries are often perceived as being worse than just dealing with a grandfatherly judge. So whats the problem?

The American justice system is built on the mandate of the United States Constitution - particularly Section 2 that where it states: "The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed."

Allowing the media to try people prior to a proper jury trial is a violation of the constitution unless it has been directed as such by Congress - but that is an argument for another days blog (maybe tomorrow).

My real issue for today is the importance of the Jury trial, and the necessity of the American people to take this obligation seriously, and respect it responsibly.

The reality is that the Jury is the essential objective component in the American system that holds every aspect of the process accountable on behalf of the accused.

There are significant problems with abandoning the jury concept regardless of the desired expeditious preferences of judges and the courts; the primary problem being the fact that the judges and the courts are a part of "the system".

Grandfatherly judges are almost exclusively the fiction of media. The real tragedy in such perception is the lure of expeditiousness over the fairness of a proper and constitutional jury trial. I don't care if they are more expensive and time consuming - they are more safe, just, and legally accurate, and no one should accept anything less for anything.

The problem is becoming complicated by the resistance of the American public to serve on juries, giving the courts the excuse they need to avoid jury trials at every opportunity.

Add to this the liberal left's preoccupation with running roughshod over the constitution, and democratic preferences for introducing legislation that violates the constitution without as much as a thought (let alone any serious consideration), it can't be long before the fools offer a proposal to make all trials bench trials eliminating the constituional right to a jury trial, and effectively eliminating the basis for the real rule of law.

You may have been called for jury duty yourself and tried to find a valid excuse to avoid the time loss, and who could blame you right? Well who are we going to blame in the end when the right to a jury trial disappears, and the system is left with free reign to sabotage your rights? A bench trial appeal?

If you don't yet fear the 'Just Us' system, you had better get your head out of the sand - these people are out to destroy us all. The system will only do what is best for the system - not you.
Every move that has not be challenged by individuals has removed more personal rights and freedoms, and added to this problem.

You need to appreciate the opportunity to serve, and counsel everyone around you that this right and obligation is really an opportunity that is well worth the effort.

Further, we should be demanding of our politicians legislation that encourages the jury trial approach by funding jury pay stipends more generously, and educating in the schools more effectively in this regard. The ignorance in the masses is killing the freedoms we have, and the rights to maintain these freedoms.

Without better education on things like this that truly matter, we leave the educators with the freedom to decide how to waste our kids time that is no longer needed to teach knowledge, and all they can come up with is more diversity and tolerance training or the perverts sex ed classes.

Big help all that stuff will be when were all locked up for finally waking up and speaking our minds against the system, and can't find a jury of our peers.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Patrolmen In Greed' - The PIGs Are On The Loose

Almost everyone I speak with - most of whom admittedly know my personal biases - have been commenting on the number of Police they are seeing everyday 'protecting our "SAFETY"' by stopping those of us evil traffic violators that speed, and/or violate some inane sign somewhere.

Safety is now deemed of vital importance to national safety by the American Society of Civil Engineers, who several years ago in an effort to promote highway and roadway construction projects introduced their version of "Safety Day". Apparently Elmer the Safety Elephant has long ago retired, and in this morbid black era of government interference, overindulgence and overreaching, they appropriately named their annual celebration each October 10 as "Fatalities Day". (See

Well I would never consider the civil engineering community the epicenter of social policy making wisdom. And I can hardly fault them for their attempt at developing an awareness campaign that gives lawmakers another good reason to spend money on Civil Engineers....

But it doesn't seem to be working that way.

In fact, the way I learned about "Fatalities Day" was through our state's websites where they are using the engineers attempts at statistic bundling to justify the ever growing need for more enforcement, more police, and more public abuse by people who are supposed to be "protecting" us. It appears that this kind of protection - like so many others - keeps breaking, and we keep ending up with more 'child support'.

In my home state of South Cackalacky, our states own statistics as maintained by the Department of Transportation (see have evaluated the cause of traffic deaths and traffic related injuries into the top 9 causes over the previous 5 years and have determined that more than 50% of the deaths and 25% of the injuries can be resolved through strategically placed guard rails, and similar such roadway improvements. In fact of the almost 20 recommendations made as to how to correct the first two death and injury types, only two involve police enforcement.

In fact, by cutting the budgets of 'enforcement' by less than 20%, almost every one of the other recommendations could be paid for and implemented as one time expenditures in less than 5 years, and maintained thereafter at a cost of less than half this amount ever after. Moreover the success rate of these improvements will far exceed 50% while the comparable expenditure on law enforcement is certain to yield a less than 5% improvement in safety.

In reality, we need less traffic police in every part of the union, more commitment to safe roads and infrastructure, and priorities that make real improvements. And yet the buffoons in every legislature in the country keep approving the budgets of these bloated law enforcement communities based on the medias preoccupation with crime, property damage, and interpersonal clashes as the top stories in every news and most reality shows. Any business mind knows that burning salary money over capital costs is the fastest way to destroy an enterprise - you add no value, and you may not get any value either.

Why can't the people wake up and recognize that the real enemy isn't your neighbor unless he drives a Police car? Next only to politicians that authorize this insanity, the power abuse by law enforcement at every level is now rampant, and costing you more than the average KGB agency ever got away with throughout the complete cold war era - and frankly with similar results.

In South Carolina, the new blue light special still includes you using your wallet, but is now available on every street corner whether or not there is a K-Mart, and more likely involves someone needing protection. But think twice - the protection is broken, and the final cost will always be yours.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Media Running Roughshod On Our Constitution? Imagine That!

And so it was that I was minding my business on my way into work this morning when I heard a news story generated by the complaint of a city official against the Mayor.

The story was effectively a rehashing of the complaint, followed by the reporters attempts to verify the story without success. And it dawned on me - this mayor has not yet been convicted.

So I began to think on this story, and how I would feel if I was that Mayor - being tried in the media - the court of public opinion. I thought for a moment about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich - also a media favorite that has not yet been convicted, and I realized how much the media without challenge is trying public officials (and less) with their stories intended for sensationalism, political sabotage, and every other sort of malignment for the sake of filling airspace and entertaining the public.

The Cayce and Caylee Anthony story in Florida has been the CNN Headline News default story every evening for months now, and yet as of today, Ms. Anthony has not yet faced a jury or told her side of the story. This should not yet be a story.

We all know that media bias is ruining jury selection processes all over America, and that premature ejaculation of stories is the media norm that is making it effectively impossible to have fair trials - and yet this is a blatant violation of the concept of "Innocent until proven Guilty".

The reality is that the role of a court is almost irrelevant, or at least of nominal priority when a media tries an individual in public before the constitutionally protected right to a full trial has been given the chance to run its course.

The more I have thought about it this morning, the more it is clear that unless the public rises up to demand compliance with constitutional rights, the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is irrelevant when the media (and government reporting offices) already begin reporting charges and suspicions before justice has had a chance to be proven.

In reality the concept of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" is only being given lip service any longer. In practice, media and government agencies are reporting suspicions, scurrilous allegations, unproven charges, and fraudulently manufactured details every day in a growing environment of sensationalism, irresponsibility and non-accountability - entirely spearheaded by the media.
And don't count on the media to hold themselves accountable - they would have to limit themselves - all while letting their competition have the upper hand. Have you heard of the media reporting effectively on its own lack of accountability to the public or the law? Me neither.

And given that the courts can't handle or do an effective job of holding other courts accountable, or frankly begin to grasp, let alone manage the concept of justice, we can only appeal to higher authorities if we expect this matter to ever be dealt with properly.

It is time to demand more of our media. Call in - as I did this morning - and demand that such stories are removed immediately. Write letters. Hold politicians and government agencies accountable and demand more at every level.

Once we have given up the right to be presumed innocent, there is no saving anyone anymore!