Friday, December 31, 2010

Bright Future? Where Are You Headed?

“Are you sentimentally attached any longer to this broken Christmas ornament my wife asked as she carefully packed the Christmas decorations?”
“No” I replied - without even looking at whatever it was she was considered throwing out ”… I am no longer sentimentally attached to any of this I replied” wondering to myself how I had become so calloused, and uncaring.

I stopped my cleaning and pondered the thought a moment before an overwhelming wave of disgust settled in the forefront of my mind, and it became clear that the real reason I was no longer sentimental was because I have spent the last two years of my life being sentimental for much bigger and more important things – that affect my family and I much more deeply than a Christmas ornament, and/or anything it represents.

The reality is that I am sentimental for my children to have the hope, joy and promise that attracted me to immigrate to America in the first place – the great American values and integrity of America’s Christian founding fathers; the promise of a bright and prosperous future in the political environment defended by the world’s greatest military protecting the world’s greatest Constitution as proven over time in history as the longest succeeding and most successful republic in the history of the world.

Now that is all something I miss for me and my wife – but especially for my children.

So I ask myself – where did it all go in the last 10, 20, 30 & 40 years? Where did America’s strength go, and who let it go? Who took it from us, and who held them accountable? Who is responsible for destroying America’s moral, economic, military, and political strength over the last 40 years? Was it my generation that allowed all of this failure? Was it my parents? How did this happen?

An Oracle Against America

My thoughts have already asked these questions over and over again increasingly loudly over the last 10 years. I already know the answer because I have taken the time to study this history, and the people involved. I know who has done this and you probably know some of them to.

The reality is that America’s strength was initially inflated beyond reality when the American government of the early 20th century embraced Keynesian economics, and revved up the economic engine of America with debt and taxation of created wealth.

The great engine hit its prime in the middle of the last century when America beat the world at war with economic prosperity still married to disciplined resolve. And carried it forward as the disciplined resolve was refocused on the development of the biggest industrial and consequent broadly based socio-economic age in history. Never before has a middle class seen such affluence so broadly spread amongst so many people as has been the God ordained and blessed history of America.

But then the disciplined resolve of the greatest generation waned as their children began to influence more of the priorities of America, and disciplined community resolve was replaced with the “me” generation, civil rights, women’s liberation, pro choice selfishness and the new attitude that no one is more important than me.

Subscribe if you have, or would choose this now, but God has a much more effective way of dealing with the proud and selfish motivations of the arrogant, and now increasingly stupid. America has become selfish, lazy, too comfortable, unmotivated, incompetent, and ignorant to even understand what it takes any longer to be a great nation. The Congress has been overtaken by imbeciles incapable of making a simple calculation or demonstrating enough conviction to stand up for a principle. The education system has been overtaken by failed Congressmen, and women and are incapable of even knowing what a lesson is, let alone how to prepare it, what to accomplish with it, how to deliver it, and how to end it. Conviction? Only on their records. And you can add Law enforcement that have become the tax collection pansies for the only growing sector of America – the overspending bureaucrats. And while these bloated butt minorities now run the new America, hardly a one is capable of even reaching their shoe laces – let alone knowing how to tie them if they still had laces. Not a clue what they are there for, how they could ever begin to contribute a thing to the good of the country. And there are the Unions – the new mafia that has put the Sicilians and Italians out of their own businesses with shame as these ridiculous caricatures of power abuse every organization and person they touch to justify collecting political contributions for their democratic Congressional hacks, cronies, and now even a President.

So where are you going America? Straight into the toilet is the obvious answer. Hopefully a few thinking, caring, and less misguided souls will set down their 44 oz Slurpee, take their baseball caps off and use all this massive knowledge base known as the internet to take a moment, and see where it went off the rails, find out what was working better before, and share it with the rest of us so we can return to prosperity, and promise once again before we hit the wall. I would suggest a return to the Judaeo-Christian God as the creator and author of America’s founding documents, the God of it’s fathers, and the historically consistent provider of blessing to His children and destroyer of His enemies. If you don’t make yourself one of His children by choice, you already likely fall into the latter category, and apparently there are more of you than there is of us. This may be why we have lost our blessing America.

Call me a religious loon if you will, but you clearly haven’t demonstrated a better understanding of the problems, or especially any solution in the last decades, so who are you to criticize? Oh yeah, one other little problem for you PC types: God is just. Honest and just. That is the same word that is the root of the word Justice. Not like the kids store, or any myopic strained liberal lunacy as purveyed as a Justice Department by that nincompoop Eric Holder. Justice is the final weighing of a matter in the balance of all considerations – the only one capable of truly defining true and honest Justice – let alone meting it out – is the creator of all things – the Omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing), and omnipresent (in all places at once) God of the universe. If you haven’t taken the time to know the one that made you, you are simply an idiotic fool.

So if you really care a whit about your future let alone anyone else’s, why don’t you do us all a favor and take a moment to search him out on Google (where else would you start a search?). But I strongly suggest you go to and begin by reading the book of John. Use the search item “John 1:1”, and follow on reading from there. I don’t suggest you use the KJV (King James Version) as the style is outdated and often confusing. Instead use the NIV (New International Version) of the NASB (New American Standard Bible) and drop me a line if you have any questions.

Now as for America’s future, it isn’t looking to bright with the current crop of loons regardless of your political bent. So when you finally head to China, Brazil, India, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, Korea, England, Germany, Italy, or anywhere in Africa, be sure to take some bottled water, a souvenir American dollar, and shut off the lights on your way out. I doubt there is anyone else ready to lead this mess again until the Chinese come to collect on their investments.

Happy New Year!
Alan Este
December 31, 2010