Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cap And Trade - They're Coming To Get You Haha, Hoho, Hehe!!!!

Taxed for breathing? That might be a little extreme... But every time you breathe, fart, sneeze, or emit anything else (generally all day every day) our new government and its environmentalist agenda are about the restricting of your ability to emit anything, and charging you a tax for emitting too much.

It's called Cap And Trade, and almost everyone I know, knows almost nothing about it. So I did a little research (which doesn't take much these days - what with Google and all). You can read plenty about it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cap-and-trade or see it defined briefly here: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&defl=en&q=define:Cap-and-trade&ei=1-jRSdCXMYeCyQWF3pDEBQ&sa=X&oi=glossary_definition&ct=title which in about five minutes will explain it fully.

The advocates will tell you its all about preserving the environment for our children's future. Others will tell you its about harnessing the earnings of industry worldwide, controlling trade from polluting countries like China, and justifying new levels of taxation against their trade. Opponents - like me - will tell you that it is a violation once again of freedoms, through government intervention into everything you and I have and are, and the world's largest tax grab propagated by the new communists of the Kyoto Accord, and the Al Gore-ians.

Why bother dealing with poverty or perversion; by controlling every major industry and government on earth through oppresive rules and limits on output, and taxing excesses, we can fund all government agendas, and cap personal, corporate and religious expression - without the freedom to trade for rights. And the day you support that, we might as well tie each other up and jump off the bridge. All freedom is lost.

There does not appear to be anything more ripe for government fraud, corruption and mismanagement. As if traffic policing isn't out of control, wait till the sniff police show up to let you know that you're pants are 'speeding', and ticket you for overpolluting the environment.

The sniff police will be coming to every emission orifice in the world, with their ticket book in hand, ready to tax excess emission, and force you to purchase the right to fart excessively. Al Gore is rich, so he can simply buy the credits (as traded in a 'Cap And Trade' market) to use your lazy neighbors emission allowance so Al can fly his fuel gulping corporate jet, and even leave his lights on throughout 'Earth Day' - all while claiming to be the world's number one environmentalist! Oh. and of course the ruling liberal classes can collect yours, and your employers taxes and spend those for their own emission rights as well.....

Silly you say? Scary says I. Not because I am opposed to a clean environment - I am all for a clean environment. I am the first to clear the room when you fart. And I am the first to appreciate a green leaf over a brown leaf - especially in my salad. Besides the brown ones usually mean an afternoon of raking in the yard to clean them up - screwing up another chunk of my freedom...

What I am really for is less government involvement - because 'government anything' is overreaching, underskilled, bureaucratic, mismanagement done by the most cumbersome, expensive, and chaotic monopoly known to humanity. (ie Get the fat man off the little girl!)

If there is ever to be retained any hope of indivdual rights or freedoms, you had best learn to oppose every type of government involvement in any place you live. And that means opposing Cap And Trade.

From this day forward, I will the dub Cap And Trade: "The Fart Tax".

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