Saturday, July 20, 2013

Don't Give George Zimmerman His Gun Back....???

This is the emblematic statement of the new American just-us system under the new lead race baiter. Stand aside Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Eric Holder and the new KGB have a new approach to justice": "Guilty until we prove you so." Doesn't matter that George Zimmerman in my objective white opinion was wrongly charged, wrongly dragged through a 17 month abuse of his rights, and then rightly exonerated, only to have the media, and the full weight of a black-culture-driven administration continue to demand that he be proven guilty because "they say so".

This is so far from the concept of justice it is a criminal abuse, a travesty of honesty, and makes the 'turd' world justice of movies look incredibly normal and moribund.

The blogosphere, and the commentary is blowing up with racism against black americans - only because of the incredible abuse of power of a black run, black focused, and therefore incredibly racist national administration. And yet they are the first to cry about anybody using the 'N' word (which stands for nigger) when they don't have any problem acting like the very picture it was used to portray. They cry about the incredible injustice of the tolerance of the Ku-Klux-Klan, and the burning of black churches, but want to not only tolerate the same level of injustice from the community, but exercise the same moral failings from the White House and the Justice department highest leaders.

I though we had all agreed that America was better than this. But apparently, only white people are now better than this. Apparently the concept of putting it behind us didn't include any kind of forgiveness, or putting it behind us in the black community. Instead it was simply a waiting game to see when they could start turning the tables. Well America, your 'chickens have come home to roost' in the immortal words of our President's favorite pastor - Jeremiah Wright. And roosting is apparently done above your head from whence the droppings fall upon you from all of those black chickens.

You can call it the way you see it, but if I were a part of the black community that wanted the race wars to end, I would be the first to call out the President, the Attorney General, and their deputies Jackson and Sharpton to tell them to stop - just like Kevin Jackson did this morning on Fox News. Now there is a black man I can enjoy life with - excellent thinking from a reasonable perspective. Nobody dumping on anyone else - except those that want to foment the war. Kevin's book: 'The BIG Black Lie: How I Learned The Truth About The Democrat Party' is not cheap, but is certainly worthy of consideration if you are interested in any ally against black discrimination politics - the Democrat party style.

One thing the whole Trayvon Martin incident is giving voice to throughout all of the country is how much the black racism issue is alive and well just beneath the surface of civility, which while not new to the old southern states, is quite a wake up call to the northern states in America where many have been comfortable with the civility that they thought proved how much we were past the issue. One of the almost certain ramifications politically is going to be how much these generally satisfied northern and western democrats are going to get a new vision about their favorite President, and none of it is going to be received well outside of the black community. The net result will almost certainly be lower Presidential approval numbers, and a growing intolerance for the black sympathy wagon. The media and black communities conjoined efforts in overplaying the race card is almost certainly going to bring about a White, and likely even a Hispanic backlash against the black intolerance. Only time will tell, but the results are relatively predictable.

The losers of course will be the black community - not the media. And the bigger loser in the George Zimmerman case beyond George alone, is the American people that are going to require a strong hand in the leadership of this country to ever restore a real civility and real justice concept as the basis for law when such abuse is being tolerated at this time - without even a Congressional check.

So how long will this go on for? The answer is indefinitely as long as two of the three main branches of government are locked in this crime. The executive branch and the judiciary/courts are both impotent as long as their leaders are both in lockstep. And it is only complicated further by an impotent Congress ever checkmated by the incomparable sock Harry Reid controlling the Senate.

Isn't it time we impeached another Democrat President? How about the Attorney General? Just because we have never done it before does not mean it can't be done. We have never had two such completely linked incompetents in such seats of power that were prepared to cover each others backs. But that doesn't mean we should let it continue. Let's get the ball rolling, and the call going.

It is time for them both to be given a good reason to change their minds. Impeachment would be a good start.

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