Friday, December 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich Is Right On The Courts - More Than Fox News

Fox News has made an undeclared endorsement of Mitt Romney, and ever since declared war on Newt Gingrich. Last nights debate made it obvious, as have the last weeks slant on news stories. But this mornings attacks with three Judges and/or former Atty Generals calling Newts position on overreaching Courts 'Nutty' takes the cake. Add in an endorsement immediately thereafter by SC's second absent Governor in two years - Nikki Haley of Mitt Romney, and the assassination was as complete as Roger Ailes and company could make it.

Criticize Romney? Hardly - they hit him with a pillow a few times, after sticking Newt with a pitch fork. But the real question is whether Newt really is 'Nutty' or does he in fact have the facts straight?

I agree with Newt. I have no problem with Romney except for his track record, and his ultra scripted manner - but I'll take Newt's passion and ideas in a heartbeat - especially when he cited the example of the outrageous output of the San Antonio, TX Court that clearly exemplifies how out of control the courts are. These courts need to be reigned in. Congress doesn't have enough time to begin impeaching every idiot Judge that gets out of line - it is time for a class action suit against arrogant lawyers and judges by our elected (not appointed) representatives. It is time for some accountability - not to Congress, but to the people. Unfortunately for the courts they ARE accountable to the people through none other than Congress who has the power to impeach.

And I argue against those that claim Newt's arguments violate the constitution (all such arguments being made by invested lawyers I notice) because in fact the Courts are to be responsible for upholding and managing the interpretation of laws. But the reality is that there is 'too much law' and Courts are left with 'too much latitude' which even then they can't stay within the parameters of. Instead, they simply create laws by either abusing their broad interpretations of existing law, or justifying their own positions with 'legal principles' which can be found, and/or defined and/or interpreted from any circumstance in fact to justify anything. Look no further than California's insane Federal Ninth Circuit court.

So it then becomes a question of how the courts are held accountable when they fail. They are supposed to be self regulating, but have in recent years only become self-defending, and therein is the rub. The only accountability beyond themselves is to the Congress, and it is time for the Congress to make the law that now regulates the Courts. And that IS constitutional when the Congress and the Executive branch sign the legislation necessary to define the Courts limits, and accountability structure.

So may GOD make it be so, and may God bless Newt Gingrich - warts and all.

Please support the agenda.

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