Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why I Love Obama As My President…

His "Leadership" sets a new standard of freedom based on his challenges to every kind of law.

No other President in the history of America has so fully abandoned the constitution, the rule of law, respect for their constituents, and their religion. And no other President has so obviously lied like a rug, and so eagerly supported an Attorney General that did the same.

The good news for all of us is that laws no longer are limits, and you are more than welcome to do whatever you damn well please because lawlessness is the new norm of the land.

As such, here are the things you are now free to get away with without concern for the laws and constitution of our land. Here are just a few examples of the hundreds:

1. Tax filings are now optional, and should be filed only when you are offered a government job – see Timothy Geithner.

2. Political Correctness is no longer a reasonable expectation, and as such you should feel free to protect your race and religion as more important considerations than the freedoms or respect otherwise owed to the people you work with, disagree with, or find despicable in any way you disagree with – see Eric Holder’s approach to… well pretty much anything.

3. Religious restrictions are irrelevant as Government rules do not recognize religious rights, or special status – See Kathryn Sebelius with HHS on contraception.

4. States rights are disputable at any level – see Lawsuit against Arizona for attempts to enforce Federal Immigration laws at the state level.

5. Business hiring practices are no longer governed by State Laws – see Federal attack by Obama’s NLRB against Boeing in South Carolina.

6. Your independent opinions don’t matter because when you are certain that Obama is a Muslim in every way he celebrates religion while pissing on Christianity, he insults your opinion by telling you and the rest of the world you’re wrong – he’s a Christian like you.

7. And regardless of what America wanted for health care, Obama and Nancy Pelosi were happy to shove their grossly irresponsible and incompetently defined legislation down the throats of America by lying to a Michigan Congressman “Bart” about promises to serve to simply steal his Congressional vote.

So why would you consider any law of America worthy of credible consideration when these fools are running the nation, and responsible for enforcing these laws?

That’s why I love Obama as my President – I am now freed of all legal and tax obligations, and am just as ready to tell the next Government fool that shows up trying to collect or enforce any American law, that I am now on the Obama plan, and they can just kiss my ass. Hope you enjoy the new program as well!

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