Friday, June 24, 2011

With A President This Incompetent.. Who Needs Wars

This man is intent on destroying this country all by himself. Who needs Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the rest fighting against us. Obummer can put us in the toilet all by himself, and apparently is willing to - either by choice, or like everything else lately, perhaps by proxy. Ol' Joe Biteme - the VEEP was sent to set up talks with the Republicans - the same ones that are still licking their wounds from the public scoldings they received after their wimpy results on the last 2 rounds of talks with the demoncrats where they effectively used their house strength to .... rollover.

Biteme's job is to stage the appearance of 'giving a damn' to the main street media in their extraordinary effort to avoid the financial disaster that is inevitable when you run out of money, and nobody in control cares a whit.

You see, demoncrats have a responsibility to their base that is at odds with the concept of fiscal responsibility. They compulsively have to spend. Its in their DNA. And frankly a spending cut is the equivalent of a throat cut as far as they are concerned. In other words they are completely incapable of 'being responsible'.

So with that attitude, the demoncrats feigned surprise last evening when the senior leaders of the wimpy republicans decided that they weren't coming to the VEEP's talks even if he did offer the finest of libations, and the finest of surroundings just around the corner where the new King of sIAM lives with his wife like a newly minted hiphop star and his diva in the new jivin' whitehouse. Oh those comments are racist? I can't imagine Herman Cain living like a junker. See its not about race; its about idiocy, and tone deafness. Anybody that in the midst of the worst worldwide depression in any of our lifetimes takes 454 people to London England for a 3 day junket along with 6 limousines, and multiple planes isn't thinking about the tax payers. He is thinking like a pimp. And frankly I am tired of paying for what he is selling.

Well just another diatribe from the frustration zone. You only read this far if you feel the same way. So - enough for today.

Here's praying that on January 21,2012 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is looking like a professional white house again - for a change.

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