Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Highest Bidder? And You're Shocked?

Blagojevich - a criminal? Who would even suggest such an issue? Let the one without sin cast the first stone.

So we just sold the Presidency for $ 700 Million + and the media that would sell its mother for 7 cents in 30 seconds has the audacity to listen to the next Eliot Spitzer - U.S. Prosecutor Fitzgerald carrying on about the illegal activities of an Illinois Governor now who has the legal responsibility of appointing a Senator to fill in Obama's seat.

So what's the problem Fitzgerald? Wasn't he going to appoint a black democrat? Perhaps you felt he should take credit instead of cash? These people are politicians and so are you - you Pharisaical hypocrite. Get a hold of reality folks. If you give someone this much power, it is going to be traded for something. Its called political capital. If you don't like the system, change it.

But in my mind the only crook here is Fitzgerald for acting like he is above it all.

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