Thursday, December 4, 2008

Representing Yourself In Court Is Your Right

I spend a lot of my time fighting in courts, or preparing to - sometimes for myself and my interests, and often on behalf of others I take an interest in - wherever I sense injustice - because I love the fight, love to take on the court more than the opponent, and love to laugh at the arrogant fools that make this their profession.

I am not a lawyer, and as such I am challenged by the lawyers and judges that try to claim this publicly funded venue as their exclusive domain. As such in my pleadings to effect the right to represent one of my Corporate interests, I prepared and included the following; which I have determined in hindsight is worth sharing to a greater audience:

"The courts presumption of sovereignty does not grant it the rights to supersede the individual constitutional rights of every individual in America to protect all of their own interests.

The arrogance of the courts presuming superiority and claiming rights of exclusivity for lawyers over the rights of the poor, disaffected, and uneducated (a group to which I admit my own participation) – I contemptuously and categorically curse every court in America and its judges, officers and representatives that have, hereby, and would ever deny justice to any party incapable of adequately representing their own interests for any reason, and cannot relinquish this obligation to the benefit of the courts expediency.

Instead, it is the courts responsibility to meet every defendant at their point of need at any time, and in any place, to absolutely and fully support the highest priority of complete justice based in truth in every matter with every person – every time. Anything less is an affront to our individual constitutional rights.

Any person in America has as much right as any arrogant lawyer or judge to be in a court alone if they so choose where they stand challenged or accused of anything, and expect to receive the full mercy and support of the court until such truth and justice is fully served.

Anything less is unacceptable and worthy of challenge in any and every way possible by any person inappropriately mishandled in the absence of such care, and with any party to or officer of the court that is incapable of summoning the patience, or the resource to support such a mandate. Any party so incapable should either resign, or be removed from the courts in whatever manner is deemed necessary by any person or party until truth based justice shall again prevail in this land.

Any other response to any person is the basis for the valid contempt of such a court, and/or it’s officers, and such responsive action cannot be deemed punishable in the eyes of God – the ultimate sovereign authority on every matter of law and truth unless otherwise trumped by the hand of God alone. And for clarity sake, the court is not the God I refer to in this position.

Consider the referenced laws challenged and due for review by the South Carolina Supreme Court, or the State Legislature in the absence of such a fair treatment in this matter. I reserve the right to so appeal."
If you concur that you should be able to reserve and retain the right to defend yourself and your own interests without giving up these rights to any fool that will claim them from you, be sure to support this notion and stand up for your rights!

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