Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Piggies In Blankets

The day was March 19, 2003 and America's military was focused on quickly moving toward Baghdad, Iraq. The television news was abuzz with the pending challenge attack that was anticipated by Saddam Hussein's strongest battalions of the Republican Guard that were Iraq's military elite.

America's military had braced itself and planned accordingly - ready to fight the strongest of traditional military battles against what was clearly going to be outpowered, but brave, strongly presented forces that would fight with a sense of pride along with a focus on protecting their families and country.

But instead we were shocked as the American troops boldly drove into town without any such confrontation. Instead American lives were lost to what the embedded news people described as a terribly disorganized and surreptitious enemy that was ‘too chicken' to fight bravely and honorably. Instead the Iraqi military men would hide, remove their uniforms - or cover them up with long desert style robes to look like reasonable civilians in amongst the rest of the Iraqi people, but would then spring a gun out from under such a robe and mercilessly attack the Americans as they drove by - only to run away and return to their military uniforms for their superiors. America was disgusted by these 'cheaters'.

What a gutless bunch of wimps - we Americans were disgusted by their lack of willingness to fight properly, bravely honorably, and wearing their true colors. What is this pathetic lack of self respect that would not be willing to fight honorably? Is it because they knew that they were severely outmanned, overpowered, and under equipped to meet the enemy straight on? In fact it was. The Iraqis had no real power, and no chance of survival if they did not resort to surreptitious and hidden approaches. They were to be more pitied than criticized, and America was too naieve to anticipate successfully such pathetic guerilla tactics generated by desperation.

But what if the tables were turned? What if the powerful American forces instead came in dressed as Iraqis in robes and innocently killed the innocent Iraqi citizenry as well as military without identifying themselves - would not the world have been far more outraged? That would have been the most disgusting combination of power and surreptitious wimpiness that could possibly be fathomed.

But that most disgusting combination of power and surreptitious wimpiness has now become the modus operandi of American traffic policing. The idiots that run police forces have made war with the American public - claimed in the name of safety and other noble causes - but really only for the sake of stealing money for their budgets - like Biblical Pharisees and tax collectors.

This kind of policing is worse than Iraqi military hiding under robes. It is the people with the power simply abusing without controls. Yes these jerks use the laws to justify their tactics so that they can 'win the war'. But who made it a war in the first place? They did - the ones with the power. In fact, if they had a bit of self respect, let alone any for the public they are hired to serve, they would return to what policing was traditionally - a service to the people that pay their salaries through municipal, state, and federal budgets.

What is this stench to accomplish a goal at any cost even when you have the power? Did the Americans abuse their power in Iraq? No they fought honorably and respectably in the face of such powerless and desperate guerilla opposition. But what justification do police use for their abuse of their power?

What traffic policing has become is an embarrassment to America, and particularly the wimpy police forces themselves that hide in unmarked cars, and prey upon the public.

The ONLY right way to police the public's traffic is to do so with a clear and consistent demonstration of what should be the respectable authority these Officers of the Courts have been granted with fully marked and obvious police cars. Anything less is an Iraqi wimp under a robe - but worse yet with the already defined war winning power to abuse.

It is time this type of traffic policing was outlawed by the fools we elect to represent us. But who has the brains - let alone the fortitude to stand up for the people? Yes I strongly criticize because no one else will.

Grow up little ‘piggies' - throw off your blankets and serve - not service - the public you are paid to work for - not against. Your arrogance is becoming a stench, and the public demands a new attitude before we take the necessary steps to eliminate your budgets.

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