Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fannie, Freddie, Franklin, Barney And Chris

While it might pass for the name of a hillbilly law firm, the reality is that it was this concoction of liberal loons, and legacy that have shaken the foundations of the world financial system to the point that even the royalty of OPEC aren't willing to eat the last piece of pie.

During the fray leading up to any election, every problem is either the fault of the GOP or the Democrats, the right or the left, the red or the blue. Now that the election is over, and every problem's legacy has become purple, there is no need to focus on the past. Let's simply remember that it was bad government policy that got us into this mess, and there is no need to worry any more because better policy is on the way!

But those who don't study history are condemned to repeat it, and the history of this mess is the most important aspect of why you have personally lost a fortune, your business and/or job is under new pressure, and you will not likely see this country recover its grander days in your lifetime.

So even now the liberal press can agree that it was all caused by bad government policy - the spin was always in which government to blame? Well lets remember that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as social engineering experiments for the poor were entirely a fabrication of the ...GOP right? isn't that why you voted for Obama?

Of course not. The social engineering party is the Democrats.

And the long stalwarts of the manipulation, malignment, and massive mismanagement were none other than the maligned's favorite spokesman Elmer Fudd's fruit flavored cousin Barney Fwank (D) (of New Yowk), ably assisted by his chocolate flavored cohort and thieving mismanager Franklin Raines (either third cousin, mortgage agent, or simply close friend of our new President in waiting, BO).

This two step dancing pair of minorities were the least able to be criticized, least able to be listened to, and less challenged than any other pair of "ponzi scheme" generators in the history of publicly presented abuse because of their ridiculously well paid spokesman and frontman/legitimizer Senator Chris Dodd (D). Democrat Senator Chris Dodd is that white haired, stone faced, dashing and debonair, sultry voiced frontline example of all that is wonderful about American politics, who people love to listen to drone on. Everyone incuding the ladies, barney and friends, and even the men of the democrats love to listen to Mrrrrrrr..... Chris Dodd. Like his old and retired nemesis Sen. Ernest Hollings of South Carolina who spoke with marbles in his mouth, he is simply "marbelous" to listen to regardless of what he says - the life of the party.

And in the case of the democrat party, Chris Dodd has been the face and life of the loony left since well before the patriarch Ted K's marbles began to scramble, fall out and generally be lost.

But did Chris Do. enable his minority friends alone to socially engineer this disaster of epic proportions on their own? Of course not. These lefties only took on the leftovers that can be traced back through the Clinton era, and back as far as the era of the peanut breath President Shimmy Cawter, whose troika of White House, Senate, and House control planted the first social peanut seeds of crap in the earliest twists of mortgage oriented social engineering.

Only after the seeds were planted way back then was the resolve established to grow this new peanut plant into a massive beanstock by delegating the responsibility of watering and nurturing it to every self respecting 'loser loving lefty' that wanted to endear themselves to their favorite minority constituencies.

But only recently did the protection of the lefties allow the lunacy of "free mortgage money" stock (stalk) to grow through the roof of the Capitol building and grow right up to the clouds and on outta sight! Twas the perfect success in preparation for their new president. And then to everyones surprise, especially John McCains - it got even better. Even though the roots rotted on the big beanstalk, and it fell over, luckily it fell right over on the White House, and Senator Chris Dodd was able to flank himself with Bawney and friends and blame the President for trying to steal all the beans - to all the world through their other best friends on the left side of the TV dial.

So you voted for Obama? Well don't blame me when he takes your share of the beans to make Progresso soup, and only serves it to his friends. Bad policy makers support bad policy, and don't know how to make good policy. And we are about to redefine the notion of bad policy.

The rights biggest problems in this election were that there is no TV on the right side of the dial, there was no right leadership, and the time was right to turn left.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and let them eat soup.

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