Monday, December 1, 2008

The Stranglers Match

One post and the question comes -but why 'The Stranglers Match'?

The name 'Stranglers Match' is based on my vision of a one on one fight to the death without the benefit of weapons. Only one wins.

My view of the tangled web of growing government bureaucracy is as a strangler that is slowly overpowering it's enemy - you and I - John and Susie Q. Public.

No one person can match the strangler's power in todays world.

But the solution to the problem is to ignite the fight back against the strangler. This is my attempt to ignite the flame - a match as you will - to strangle back; to incite the victim to strangle the life out of the bureaucracy beginning with its tentacles and kill off the problem.

Can the fight ever be won fully? No - we will always need a level of government bureaucracy - but it can be held in check with a good fight. We must begin to strangle back, and stop the growth before we are killed by it. We must all become a match for the strangler, and this is my match to start the fire in you.

My goal in this blog is to tell the stories of people who are successful in fighting back against government, and how they did it, along with outlining the vision of how to group together against the oppressive Pharisees that now take far more than they give, and have lost their focus. Ideas about how to reign in control. Steps towards success that force refocus on our oppressors.

Lets demand more of our government with less of our freedom, less of our money, and less attitude. After all - who is supposed to be serving who? Government is supposed to be for the people and of the people, not strangling the people.

I want to be the match that starts the fire. And let's make it a bonfire!!

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