Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bush Legacy - The President Who Couldn't Write Or Speak

Well now that all that is going to be done has effectively been done by the 43rd President, we can begin to ascertain what the future will think of George W. Bush.

While his supporters will decry the critics, and trumpet the fact that President George was the clearest voice to follow 9/11, and the wars he has presided over were the appropriate answer to terrorist hate, the net effect of such debatably good will has been overrun by the loss of America on every more important front.

Morally, industrially, and financially the country has lost enormous ground in the eight years we have bestowed this broken alcoholic with the highest office in the land.

As a republican supporting right wing Christian who loved the noble concepts of freedom, and less government, the conservatism that the right wing has traditionally stood for in the person of the Grand Old Party was the only logical choice for those of us afraid of the power grabbing left.

But in the now defining post mortem of a dying legacy, it appears that George W. Bush will be more likely defined as the President that killed the GOP. His inability to use a veto pen crowns him the king of the drunken spenders that made the Democratic Party appear in 2008 as the only financially responsible choice to the voters. What a legacy for the party of Reagan and Nixon.

And add to that the inability of any in the GOP - least of all the White House - to earn a voice in the media over the dying years of this Presidency, and it becomes clear that the best of George W. Bush will be lost in the voice of what was left. You see the left was not opposed by the Right Wing - it was opposed by the Wrong Wing. And now we are left with what is Left as all that is perceived as 'right'.

You can have your parties, and you can have your celebrations, but to me the GOP has leapfrogged the democrats for the new position opposite of what is right, and I for one will blame George W. Bush for all that is left, because he is the President that wouldn't write a Veto, and couldn't speak opposition in the media to all of his critics.

Scott Atlan

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