Monday, September 13, 2010

Criminal Bureaucrats - The New Solution To America's Cash Flow Problems

In the absence of morality - the new standard for US Government everything (after all - we are no longer a Christian nation....) now includes taking whatever steps the government employee deems appropriate and/or necessary, to collect money on behalf of the cash starved IRS and each of its State equivalents.

The effect of a cheating bureaucrat attempting to "steal" money from citizens is the equivalent of a mafioso shakedown. Add to this the police powers to not only intimidate, but to actually take tax returns, seize bank accounts, and amend credit reports and Social Security records with false information, and the only conclusion one can come to is that the criminals are now the bureaucrats.

Some of you assume I have given leave of my senses, and are left scratching your head about what I am talking about. So let me back up these radical thoughts by defining my thinking with 3 TRUE stories that have surfaced in the last 6 months.

True Story # 1

The first relates to a woman I worked with in a consulting role earlier this year who has been divorced for more than 20 years from a man who fraudulently collected Social Security benefits back in the early '80's. While this woman denies any responsibility in the matter ever, she accepted responsibility for the period she remained with him because the Social Security Administration told her that she was responsible - despite her objections. For many years she made monthly payments to the SSA to keep the government off her back, and had paid off all of it in early 2007 except a small amount (less than $ 700.00) for which she has the last statement they sent her. She continued to pay $ 50.00 per month for more than another year until she had completed her final payments. All good for America so far? So what do you do when she files her taxes for 2009, and the Federal Government takes all of her refund of more than $ 4,000. and tells her it is to pay for this account, and that she still owes another $ 7,000.00??? Then when I help her repeatedly file for an account review, the SSA loses the first two applications, and then after a 3rd request, they tell her she needs to file an application for a review of her account.

I have now helped her ensure that she will not have a refund for 2010.

True Story # 2

My wife and I file our taxes for 2009, and while I don't pay taxes - and likely never will again (due to self employment - and a strong yearning to withhold alcohol from drunks) my wife has earned a reasonable wage, and after many deductions (including me) calculations made it clear that she was entitled to a substantial refund. While the IRS initially paid up, and then later disputed due to their review, the State of South Carolina took the irresponsible position of deducting almost all of her refund to pay water bills related to properties I had released to bank foreclosures earlier.

The State of South Carolina does not sell water, and they do not have the charter to collect water bill accounts on behalf of counties, any more than I have the right to collect repair bills on behalf of my friends from taxes owed to the State. But apparently this logical argument - that is made even more serious by the States overbearing policing powers - appears to be lost on these criminal bureaucrats.

My wife was shorted more than $ 800. until I personally took on the responsibility for reimbursing from funds otherwise designated as State taxes. Let there be no doubt - just because these arrogant overbearing fools presume that they are serving the public good, they have violated the moral freedom upon which America was founded.

She will also not have a refund for 2010.

True Story # 3

Related to the same aforementioned (failed) business that I was previously responsible for establishing and managing, (which was wound down in late 2007) I recently received a letter from the same american state government demanding that I contact their revenue office to address the tax arrears that they were about to hang on me personally by attaching a lien to my Social Security #.

While I was initially angry, I left a message after hours on the answering machine of the phone number provided demanding that unless further information was provided to explain their calculations, I was throwing out their letter and treating it as if it had never been sent. I did not leave a phone number, or any other information except my name, but nonetheless I received a call the following morning from the letter author explaining tauntingly that she had received my message. She began by asking how I was, and I replied "I'm pissed". She went on to explain that if I didn't make arrangements to pay "the $ 11,000+ balance" immediately, she would be adding a tax lien to my social security #. I explained that I owed nothing, and that she had best not take this action without providing a complete breakdown of the State's calculations, or as I promised there would be "ramifications".

While I was still explaining my position, this arrogant buffoon interrupted me and started making light of my comments - at which point I screamed in the phone for her to "shut up". Immediate silence, and then an incredulous response: "Did you just tell me to shut up??" "Yes I did - just shut the hell up and listen without interrup-" "That's it, I am ending this call immediately" Click.

So of course I called back, and left her a message: "Good now you're pissed too. Now let me explain in a format where I will not be interrupted. I owe nothing. If you want me to respond professionally, you need to send me a complete breakdown of your calculations, but that I had better not find out the next information on my credit report, or I promise again that there will be "ramifications".

Today I received the State's idea of information in the mail. Apparently I hadn't reported any payroll taxes since the end of 2007, so the State had generously calculated an estimated tax bill on my behalf for the last 3 years.

Whatever happened to the American ideal of justice - "innocent until proven guilty"?
Is this the governments new approach? The mafioso shakedown? The new KGB dragging you into dark rooms to question us under a single dim light bulb? Or maybe we'll just jump to conclusions and file your "assumed" debts on your Social Security # until you prove your innocence???

These stories are all true, and they make clear to me that the American government is out of control at EVERY level. But criminal bureaucrats are not elected, and I doubt their elected bosses even have a clue about whats going on. So what do you suggest??

I have now counselled many on how to ensure that they have no refund for 2010, or ever again!

I would instead suggest that we the people start electing politicians committed to RADICALLY cutting government spending to starve these people out.

I would suggest that you pay your taxes (if you will) into escrow accounts, or into places you are confident are secure, to legally agree to your obligations while denying these governments the benefits of your money.

But in this electronic age, the last place I would want to be trusting my personal resources to are anywhere that these 'criminal bureaucrats' can have access to.

You make your choices. Mine are to challenge everything these people do at every level, until we restore a responsible governance at every level of America including eliminating 'criminal bureaucrats'.

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