Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Played By The Rules That They Taught Me In Schools.

I played by the rules that they taught me in schools.
And yet when we won they called us all fools.
I won the race to the top of a heap
with a fortune of money I was promised I’d keep.

But instead they had lied and couldn’t agree
that all of that fortune now was for me.
No, now they have new rules we can now see,
Even though they might make a criminal of me.

I’ll tell you the criminals are the ones who make rules
they change as they go – they are the fools.
And as for the rest of you – you are their mules,
as you serve for a season to earn as their tools.

If we've still freedom, we'll have to refuse
To listen as these fools decide what to choose.
They can turn up the heat and turn down the screws
But I promise in the end those fools can now lose.

Because you as the public are ready for truths,
And you know that their rhetoric is making you lose.
You need a leader that will really refuse
To spend all your money like they like to choose.

Out Reid out Pelosi, out Frank and out Dodd
Out Barack and the others that think they are God
Out bureaucrats, lawyers, police and bad judges.
Out arrogant Wall street bankers with grudges

Out fanciful artists with your heads in your rears,
And you sports stars with pockets but heads without ears
Out ACLU that kills life but loves queers
Out fraudulent pornmakers – tis time for your tears.

My God is above all of this hype and this lore
My God is the one who will destroy all of yours
He allows me to serve in the most lowly place
As you watch me now serve with a smile on my face.

You see you are this time to determined to see
That you get the money I say is for me
But neither will I ever give you a dime
Cuz’ this time I’ll collect while serving some time

For now I’m a dissident of the new KGB
I will not let you steal what was hard earned by me
In fact according to your foolish rules
You have to keep me while I build my tools.

Well my tools are knowledge and wisdom of truth
Yours are mere words that you change as you shoot
You are the fools that think you’re so right
But I’ll change your rules as I sit in your sight

My tools are words that change minds and right hearts
And appeal to the weary who while tired are smart
I have the support of the small and the wise
The ones who own ships and those who serve fries.

But you in your ignorance have all lost your way
You don’t even know what’s the goal of this day
You cap and you trade and you give away cash
You bandaid your unions that are lead by the trash

The truth is you waste both your time and our money
And you don’t even think that your actions are funny
Well you’re right – they’re not funny – turns out they’re sad.
And only the honest are now really mad

You think they are teabaggers there on your hill
You think fly over states miss your kind of thrill.
You are so smart and so filled with great skill
But truth wins the day and births your plans still.

The truth is that you are the self serving fools
Who selfishly avoid making “country-first” rules.
Well to hell with you and your fast dying schools
Where phonics and science are ignored with new rules

I prefer basics when learning in schools
Instead of your PC oriented tolerance rules
But math means that we can now triple the fools
And act like our civics are just Honda tools.

So to hell with you leaders - I condemn you right now
You are the ones who have bowed to the cow.
You are so smart when you’re backs are so weak
Why do you think that freedom has leaked?

Why did you think that your place made you better?
Have your cake too while the public you fetter?
You’ve a new view to come when you’ve finally met her
That I can't begin to explain in this letter.

All I can say is that dictators die
And once in their hell they learn how to cry
As for your lazy ass comfort while here
Your soul will regret your old lack of fear.

So my job is to warn you – you’ve robbed and you’ve stole
And unless you repent, theirs no hope for your soul
I have no interest in hearing your cries and excuses
My task is to expose all your lies and abuses.

You are the criminals but I’m the one jailed.
If that isn’t evidence of how you have failed.
You don’t have the ears to serve in your seats
The ones earned by blood and many defeats.

The blood you have spilled is of kids never grown
The freedom of yesterday spent for your own
You pay off your bureaucrats now on your roll,
And act like you help us with our money you’ve stole.

You’re smarter than the average because you’ve played us as fools
By stealing our money with daily new rules
People are entitled so you can’t cut those costs,
But stealing the freedom of the mass is their loss.

So until they wake up and figure it out
And try to find God and seek a new route…
I’ll take my money back – a dollar a day
Sleeping in cots and eating your way.

As for my heart as long as it lasts
I will seek a new way to love on this class
My fellow inmates as crazy inside
Are really no different than the ones on your ride.

Whether these bars or your government rooms
You as our government have made them all tombs.
So I judge your souls now as long till you die
I curse your use of the power misapplied

You’ll soon have eternity of hellish dark night
To think what you’d done if you'd done it once right.
Instead of your votes for what you know to be wrong
To demand that your colleagues all go along.

To have enough spine and brain in the fight
To truly determine the wrong and the right.
The truth is that compromise isn’t what’s good
You knew as a kid that truth’s stronger than wood.

When you have the power to choose the right stand
And improve the good for all in this land
Who are you to choose less and let the wrong win
You are the guilty of all of this sin.

No I won’t support your methods that fail
I'll instead choose to fight from the rail
To educate masses beginning with one
To show them what’s right instead of what’s fun.

So what do you stand for you spineless old fools?
What is the purpose of support for such rules?
I’ll tell you truth that is all about right
And you best choose this fight all day and all night.

The truth is that freedom is lifting a mantle.
Stopping the spending that burns like a candle.
Bureaucrat Payrolls are more than a cost
They are the key to why freedom is lost

So know as I tell you you have to cut cost
Beginning with laying off people you’ve bossed.
And you have to cut benefits for those in the street
For you have nothing to offer them all but defeat.

Hungry people find their own when they must
You can bet you are the first now they've cussed.
You have trampled on all of our trust
In seeking your way abused with your lust.

Our honor destroyed is now your new cost
Deluding the masses with what you have lost...
But we are the losers – our faith you have tossed
And the wisest and smartest are never the boss.

You can't be the answer – we all must now fail
Until we choose God with our backs on the rail
You are not God and you cannot save
All you are doing is making new slaves.

Churches are ready for the onslaught to come
The people will turn and go on the run
Where food is a charity instead of a pill
Your government cheese that tastes of bad swill.

You have proven that you have no skill
That you’re ways are useless except for YOUR thrill
Well to hell with your efforts – get out of the way.
Instead it is time for a new kind of day.

A day in which mules begin now to pray
And offer their souls to the one worth this day
The God of the universe who made us this way
And chooses to hear our hearts when we stray.

Too big to fail? You will soon see.
You are the failures that have indicted me.
You are the ones more guilty of sin
I am but one who was lost in this din

And as for your judges that rule from the bench
They are more whores than the ones they call wench
For they in their selfish comfort so smug
Are the ones who as rotting we'll roll in the rug.

And throw among waste for the snake and the bug.
For they and their pigs are the lowest of slugs.
But whatever your seat in this arrogant rule,
None can judge further the mouth of this mule.

For you have done all you can to this one.
I’ve put my trust in the blood of God’s Son.
You choose your savior I've chosen mine
I don’t know you, but I will be fine!

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