Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Patrick Fitzgerald: Today's Award Winning National Idiot

Forgive my stupidity, but why would anyone let this idiot Patrick Fitzgerald - the famous F**ing fool that failed to fulfill the fundamental functions of a Federal prosecutor - let him now take a second stab at trying to kill the freedom of former Illinois Governor - Rod Blagojevich???

If you can't prove a case that has been controversial at best from the beginning in your best shot when you're simply trying to convict what has become the national norm for the last two Democrat Presidents - including the current: lying and cheating - also known as democratic politics; why don't you just shut the hell up and go home?? You deserve to be locked in your own closet, and ridiculed nationally.

Rod's my hero - even if his language more closely resembles a Newfoundland Priests.
But not because he is a good guy; but simply because by his failure to fulfill his own promises to testify, he most effectively proved that the arrogant self-serving buffoon prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is in fact today's National Idiot for the most important reason: He doesn't know what the hell he is talking about! Please someone - put this man out of our national misery. Quit paying him, and fire him!

Now we can all enjoy the reflective representation of every ridiculous detail again through the retrial of the century - all throughout this fall's election season as we work collectively to rid America of the stench of Chicago politics by dragging the President, his knuckle dragging Chief of Staff - Rahm Emanuel, and the other Chicago cronies in his anally tight circle - like David A**holeRod, and the rest of the NAACP - all taking prominent roles once again in the public media as the central characters of the Patrick "National Idiot" Fitzgerald vs Rompin' Rod's "Mad Magazine" show.

Not much can motivate me lately to move my cheese by myself. But despite my exasperation with the current State of America, only the adrenaline rush associated with this demonstration of award winning vapidness demonstrated by a new winner for the all too common National Idiot's award - it is clearly time to raise the banner today to the never ending incompetence of an American icon of arrogance - today's prize winning National Idiot: Mr. Patrick "I'll get em'" Fitzgerald!!

Way to go Patrick. Why don't you just fitz off.

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