Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solomon’s Rejects

Who is this ‘king’ that the vote has last brought?
What are these rules that this fool has now wrought?
Who are you minions of his with these rules?
Why has all logic been abandoned to fools?

Why is the treasure of freedom now lost?
As you drunks spend our futures at any plan cost?
You idiot savants with IQ’s of 30
Who follow the “reds” and call profit dirty?

“We are your ‘leadership’ focused on jobs
We’ll hire all the rejected buffoons and the slobs.
They will all know that we are their kings
And help us as we develop new things.

There now – see – all of you huddling masses.
We got unemployed folks off of their asses.
We give them great jobs, and we pay them a lot.
And now we can add even more on the spot.

In fact we’ll hire more to run printing presses
We’ll start printing money for fixing our messes
Quick make us lists of available addresses
We’ll hire some folks who’re black and wear dresses.

Let’s fill up those places with paper for cash
We’ll get lots of green ink from trees in a flash
Professors of money schools need now to bless us
And silence that chorus who our folly confesses.

Call the Chinese who think that we’re in a squeeze.
Tell them its over – we’re not on our knees.
Instead we stand tall with our nose in the air
We don’t need their loans to cut our new share.

We’ve got new cash from our fresh minted stash
And we haven’t a clue what they mean by ‘a crash’
We’re in control as we tell all in the room
We’re progressive enough to redefine ‘boom’

(or maybe our mistake is we should have said ‘doom’…
But who wants to think about filling that tomb.)

Now our work has been special and wonderful too
We’ve created more good than did God with his zoo.
We’ve cured all our ills, and the Middle East mess
And now we can fix Europe and the world of the rest.

But first let’s get bankers and give them a shake
Everyone knows the Gold Sachs are not fake
In fact it is clear that those Jews on the take
Are the reason we have this money mistake.

Get them on their heels and our buds at the Fed
And our porn loving SEC gang now we’ve lead
Let’s get the media and put them on their head
And no one will notice how housing’s still dead.

We need to find us some other good news
Election’s are coming what else can we use?
How about dinner for the media we abuse
Before we define how we’ll turn up their screws.

How’s General Motors? Have they brought out the ‘Lada’?
Its time we delivered cars to the mass as we oughta
Get ‘em green motors and run ‘em on grass
We can’t use the oil up or burn natural gas

I hear electricity is now made with coal?
We can’t use that black stuff from out of a hole
They keep killing miners as they skip all the rules
Who are these owners anyway? - These “fools”!

Speaking of black and of night and whats right
Being as we’re black and this house still is white
Isn’t it time we show America who’s right?
Let’s paint the house black and redefine bright.

We are the Kings of the world’s newest order
We’ve saved all our country and well cross the border
Like housing for poor that we give when we try
We’ve now granted health to the poor as they die.

And of course like the housing who cares ‘bout the cost
Like every good deed that began for the lost
We have to remember our union friends first
Tis’ their votes and dollars that helped toss the worst.

And speaking of smart and bubbles we’ve burst
Another ‘beer summit’ could cure the world’s thirst
How bad is a drunk when we’re here with the worst
Axelrod, Geithner, and Bernanke were first

So let’s all get drunk and then mention taxes
The prolific rhetoric intoxicates masses
Hopefully they won’t think to bring or swing axes
Or try to swing votes of those key middle classes.

Call Harry and Nancy up from the hill
Have them and their minions over for swill
Let’s talk about taxes on energy too
Cap and Trade’s tops for the next dropping shoe….”

Ok you cannibals who eat all our young
And leave them lying their deep in your dung
Why do you claim that you are so smart?
When you’re thoughts are mere vapors akin to a fart?

I know the reason, but tis’ illegal to tell.
My telling the truth is the first step to hell.
My mind may be bursting with facts yet to yell,
But I’ll hold them in and let my brain swell.

Ok you masses who voted them in.
You get the blame for creating this din.
You are the fools who couldn’t care less
Except to run from the ‘right’ and all of their mess..

But what have you bought with the money you wasted
With your ignorant votes our freedom you basted
Was this special thinking that we have all tasted
The goal of your voting as the right you lambasted?

Is not the problem of “how they got there”
Due to your share of the lack of ‘vote care’
To see what experience and knowledge they share
When choosing who deserves to be sitting up there?

-- -- --

November is coming; please do us all right
Learn what you’re doing before joining the fight
Know all the people you choose to support
Or do us a favor and find a new sport.

We can’t afford fools at the polls anymore
No more than we can the fools in the store,
We’ve fallen off mountains, and we’re now at the shore
And we’re soon to be drowned lest we stop any more.

To the right or the left I cannot say which,
But we certainly must turn lest we fall in the ditch
A business professional is best able to pitch
O’er a self served socialist like ‘Pelosi the “bitch”’.

And who needs another lawyer in the senate or house
To serve lawyers interests like a ‘greed-burdened louse’.
We’ll never get torts reformed with these pigs
Padding their pensions and new lobby gigs.

So if you’re willing to admit you we’re part of the vote
That brought us the current field full of goats
Of having your brain up your butt their so dark
With the mental momentum of a car locked in park,

I have a solution for your cranial rectumitis
That might not this time come back to bite us
Plan in advance that you will learn about all
Of the candidates that are willing to run now this fall

Think about how people you know are quite smart
What about their abilities really sets them apart?
Do they know about history and the world of the past?
Do they know economics and solutions that last?

Do they own their own business and actually create work?
Do they know what they like, and know Obama’s a jerk?
Do they see what is wrong and know God is all right?
Do they look at the world in this same kind of light?

Maybe you ought to ask if they’ll run;
If they couldn’t do better than Kenya’s lost son.
Maybe you are the one who’d do us the best
Who knows how to revive what was killed by the rest.

We need some new thinking that knows all the old,
That knows how to play cards, and what decks to fold.
That knows that most unions have outlived their day,
Like black civil rights laws - now over played.

We need fresh people that are willing to serve
And serve the tough love that we really deserve.
We need a new approach to managing money
That doesn’t need Euros and Yen to be funny.

Please think about what you can offer to do
If you can’t run or won’t run, please think it through.
Then find the right people and lend them your shoe
You know, and I know, what I say here is true.

People that think are the people to vote
Distract all the rest, send them off in a boat
Don’t let them kill all our hope with a gloat
As they pick their best idiot by TV remote.

Please give a damn and please give a care
Take this ‘lil thought and give it a share
I am sure you must have some friends over there
Who could use this reminder they ought be aware.

Thank you for caring!

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