Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Wood (As Posted On Glenn Beck's Facebook Discussion Board)

Who are the responsible that have cast aside the era of
American generosity, enlightenment, and blessing?

Is it the nobles of Washington present or past,
perhaps twas the Elephant or maybe the Ass?
Is it the bankers behind Wall street walls,
or the Dow Jones components in their paper game stalls?

Maybe tis farmers who failed to sell crops,
Or fools who bought houses whose values fast dropped
Or was it the rules of self serving bureaucrats,
Helping the poor with their ignorance of real world stats

Maybe twas car makers giving up market share
All while protectionists generate deficit scares.
Maybe the rights we’ve demanded for me and you,
Are too expensive except to those without ACLU.

The reality is in our media driven romp,
We’ve all taken sides and are now poised to stomp.
The problem we have is that while we’re all mad,
There isn’t a one we can single out as bad.

The problem isn’t the bad, the problems the good.
We can’t find any more because we’ve chopped it like wood.
Like trees of great size, it wasn’t us that made one.
We’ve just made use of there shade from the sun.

Now the fools found the forest to be too much trouble
They’d killed all the small trees and made them as rubble
Now tis time to chop big ones that stand in the way
E’en though we don’t know why they’re planted this way

Must have been fools that would plant up a hill.
They seem like their farther away from the mill.
And what about these planted close to the sea.
Ruining the potential beach that could be.

And what about trees that fall in the dark,
And fall upon our things and then leave their mark?
And what about children that might climb and fall?
Isn’t it time we protected them all?

So lets chop the wood say the kings of the era
Ever so quick to chase out the sparrow
We’ll fix the land by making it safe.
We’ll cut the trees and find us more space!

But the trees are protection grown in the past
Planted with wisdom that has proven to last
Without progressive insight that knows so much more
And now proves to be the fathers of whores

What was once honor, integrity and love
Twas all made possible from blessings above
The infinite wisdom of ages beyond
Have been eroded by the fools on the lawn.

You have your gods, and we have the King
The one you so arrogantly drive from your thing
But you are the fool that doesn’t understand
That God built the freedom that has honored this land

You are the fool that has helped cut the wood
And made this land now so absent of good.
We who’ve allowed rob us of history’s treasures
In search of what they are sure are great pleasures.

So stand in your judgment – tis not you who’ll decide
Our God has already made ready your ride
Instead in the prayers of the saints thrown asunder
We’ll watch as our God reclaims freedom in wonder

All will choose sides, and till tis finally wrought
Your choice will define - whether life He has bought
Or off to the gallows where your soul will rot
Your success and your freedom will surely be not

Scoff as you will. Bill Maher is a fool.
Only those who honor God rule.
The realm of all majesty is not defined by this nation
Ignorance has survived through many generations

Beauty is fleeting and e’er hard to find
Its pursuit is how mediocrity’s defined.
Beauty and freedom in our life on this earth
Are gifts from our maker who defines all our worth

So if you are so smart as to always know better
I wont even waste my time with your letter.
Your position and power are irrelevant to me
I know the author of what is and will be

And we have no use for your tree chopping kind
The arrogant ‘(k)no(w) better’ fools in the line
The one who makes history in a leadership seat
Like Haman the head losing master of defeat.

This I will say to the questioning one
Ignore all the boxes that talk about fun
Ignore all the fools that always know better
And tell us how power will poverty unfetter

I have a suggestion that has proven so true
Look up the word that He gave to you
See where the love is focused for all
Not in the marketplace or inside the mall

Not in the ivory tower in the east,
Or the political will of its ignorant beast.
Not in the courts ruled by fools like your brother
Or even laws cast aside for another

Love is a concept that is only for people.
It is the root of every church steeple.
God is the author of love in this world,
And tis' His rejection thats left it unfurled.

The good news for you, and for them, and for me
Is God is still loving if we’ll just let him lead
All you need do is ask him to be
The King of your life and wisdom you’ll see.

So forget about trying to steal back your rights
They were left with your wrongs every night.
Forget about the partisan media fools
They don’t know anything about following rules.

Forget about those who warn of inflation.
They know nothing of leading a Nation
Forget about taxes that pay for these fools.
Scream how they first broke all their own rules.

To hell with bureaucracy – tis never too soon
Its time these too sing the job hunting tune.
Self serving attitudes no longer have place
In a land that wants once again to save face.

Can America be salvaged from here in this yard
In the scrapheap of Europe’s old discard?
What kind of beauty do they build with a hague?
When their financial world follows our drag?

What kind of morals are they claiming to have
When the best of their best is the least of the slavs?
Europe is tired and small and misguided
They cleaned out God who they quickly derided.

Freedom was lost, as they pursued all new Marx
And now they boastfully lack in their parks
Theirs is a history worthy of wonder
They were the first to cast good asunder.

Crazy you say? Doesn’t seem right?
Not so excited about pursuing such “light”?
Couldn’t agree more if I got to choose
I’m sick of watching America lose.

But what instead is the vision to pursue?
We’ve let go of Reagan and history too.
Why not ask God what we ought to find true?
He has made people more important than you.

But what about people is their left to abide?
Isn’t it people that hate and divide?
And isn’t it people that hurt and destroy?
That rape and kill children and wreck all their toys?

What is God thinking that people are worth?
If God is still God, why do we e’en give birth?
Surely the people of this twisted earth
Can’t offer this God any more or much worse?

But God sees it different as twas long ago written
He created folks with whom He is smitten
He loves the good in the people He makes
And grows that good carefully next to his lakes

He grows His good people on the edges of hills
E’en though they might not be close to the mills
He grows good in people like wood in a tree.
Good in our hearts and our minds you can see.

Regardless of anger and frustrated wills
He grows His good in our hearts till they’re filled.
People are all that have good in reserve
Its up to us to collectively preserve
All of the wood that is freedom in this land
And now strong as wood we must now take a stand
So, First collect wisdom as given by His hand,
And then let us together take back this land

Out with the partisans, and out with the corps.
Lets pay our taxes into escrows of courts.
Lets define leadership that’s worthy pursuing
Leadership that starts with the hearts they are wooing.

People must be highest priority again
when good is the base of their everyday plan.
Throw out the judges and close up bad courts.
Challenge police when freedom they thwart.

They’ve chopped down our wood and stolen our good.
By claiming they know their law really good.
Well their law's no good if it fosters the worst
So I say lets toss out the worst of law first.

If we want a leader that’s worth as salt.
We've got to begin to remove those at fault.
Anyone failing to focus on good
Is part of that chopping down all the good wood.

I want the God of creation back here
Where the good again lead, and the rest live in fear.
I want the nation that was founded back then
When good was the focus of vision of men.

I want the leaders we have to retire.
Or at the next vote we will have them all fired.
There isn’t a leader in Washington today
That has demonstrated how to lead in this way

Where good is the mantra we want for our land,
And with spine they are willing to back up this stand.
So let’s move on forward and define a new plan
We’ll start with what’s old, and what’s older again

The old Constitution cost nothing to write
Except for the boldness of defining new light
The Bible was written in a time before this
By a long list of writers that sought God on this.

Both chose the peoples rights to first love
As reflections of love from our great God above
As the basis for all that is worthy in time
And the reason we all have to live and to shine.

So forget all the rest – these corporate priorities
These ill run schools with their frats and sororities
These greedy corporations and fee greedy banks
Its time to relegate them back to their ranks

Our government’s worse and so out of touch
Rein in their power and money and such.
Pay no more taxes to bureaucrat thieves.
Instead pay to escrows and force them to leave.

And as for these judges so bereft of what’s just
Thinking they're smart by defining their lust
Burn their books and their robes, and their precedents too
And send them out back to clean out the loo
Knee deep in waste would be good for them too
Enough of their dumping on me and on you.

So who is now ready to take up this fight
Simply by taking a stand for whats right
I for one have enough skin for their bite,
And I prefer good to their dim watt of light.

But I am but one who chooses the good.
And I’m chained to a tree to save its good wood.
I would have you - choose to - like me
Rejoin the land of the good and the free

Take up your heart and let it beat strong
Chase out this nations tolerance of wrong
Instead choose the high road away from the mill
Instead take a stand at the top of the hill.

The air is real clear above all the clutter
The view towards the sea will make your spine shudder
Then reach your arm down and stretch out a hand
And pull up a brother who’ll help take the stand.

There is no other way we will take back this land
Except by the challenge of the bad and the bland
And no higher calling is made for ones soul.
Than for you and for me to claim our new role

That is why I like a good tea party!
- by Scott Strople

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