Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Year For Toyota? Or Great Year For Gov't Motors

What's the likelihood that Toyota's recall problems would have arisen this year had the the most corrupt American Government in the history of the republic had not just converted GM Corporation to Government Motors? Particularly when the GM declining market share needs a huge new influx of interest both to historically justify the government investment, as well as to benefit the Unions that are now a part of the NBC/GM/'3Pigs'* troica that now governs the country? (*3Pigs = 3 Stooges: Harry,Pelosi & BO)

So is Toyota more dangerous this year? Maybe their simply too proud to confess their arrogant irresponsibility? Or is it that the real crisis for Toyota is their fall from grace because of who they are not?

I don't own a Toyota or a GM. I am suspicious of EVERYTHING this Government is doing, and as such, my default assumption is that the Government that will lie, will make the competition die - and we all know that GM's victory is key to the success of the public's perception of the GM takeover. And of course what a perfect way to reward those unions that put their lawyer/President into office.

In any event, you can be certain there is not an ounce of good in the future of the Toyota relationship to the American market until an honesty loving free market 'pansy' (like John McCain) takes over the lead seat, and starts holding those lobbyist Unions at arms length for a change...

Now if Scott Brown knew what a 'Big Picture' is, and the Thursday health summit had a publicly beneficial agenda from the start, we could move onto serving the public instead of lobbyist/union interests.

Not likely soon.

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