Thursday, January 21, 2010

So You Actually Read??? - Help, Please.

If you can actually read, you are likely older than the average age in America - 33 (and getting older). If you actually take the time to read (like this) anything other than text messages, and email - or anything past a headline you are definitely in the smallest of minorities in America today.

The ignorance of America and its declining educational standards are the biggest cause of America's problems already today, and more importantly reflect the most tragic trend in its likely future.

Without reading, and with only a steady diet of 'Everybody Loves Raymond', 'American Idol', and 'Sponge Bob Square Pants' interspersed with bouts of video games like 'XBox', 'PS2', and addictions like 'Warcraft' and the like, the average American has lost the concept of improving themselves and their knowledge base.

Add to this the fact that in most cases their education base from their declining level of schooling years, and the quality of the input has left them ignorant of the value of things that were the foundation of education in the past - such as the value of honesty, integrity, respect, honor, etc.; the importance of studying history so that you are not condemned to repeat it, how economics work - particularly against you - when out of control, etc. and it is little wonder the average American still thinks Barack Obama is 'cool', supported or voted for him because he is 'black' (# 1 reason) if they actually voted at all, and thinks that everything is getting better in the economy when the stock market is up (the great pool of collective ignorance) so that we can all celebrate the future.

The reality is that the economy, and the American collective politic are no longer being controlled by solid policy of any sort. In reality, the only policy of the current administration is selfish political posturing guided by idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are so out of touch with the people they are supposed to serve (Really???) that they consider the Massachusetts election of Scott Brown an indictment of the more than a year gone 'George W. Bush Administration'.

Hello?? They are spinning so hard, they have made themselves dizzy beyond a recuperable state. The only excellent news politically is that with this stance, the saner minds should prevail this November with a complete rejection of these loons under the banner of 'throw the incumbent bums out!'.

I of course will celebrate politically as we lift the nose of the crashing plane away from the ground. However the damage to our freedoms, our economy, and the ignorance of our people is already at the point that to land safely now still, and already, takes us into the burning embers of a damaged hulk that more fully resembles the sad pictures this week of Port-Au Prince in Haiti, than it does the Disney-esque picture of America so many of our American Dreams were built on.

And the place to rebuild America is in its education first. A democratic republic will never survive another generation with this growing level of ignorance. We are already at the point where the teachers are becoming so morally ignorant and informationally bankrupt that their 'teaching' is simply a contribution to the morass of ignorance given in wasted time in exchange for the opportunity to build minds.

It is time to create the policy for an educational complex in this information age that can acutally build minds for the future that contribute effectively - instead of simply hooking our childrens minds on to the public tit. The tit is dry, the minds are shrivelling, and the future is bleak even if we save the plane from crashing after this falls elections.

Can you help?

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