Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Is Not The Only Idiot In America

Obama is finally seeing the edge of the cliff as he spends today running around in Massachusetts like a chicken with his head cut off. Or maybe more like 'Chicken Little' - "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". And of course in the state where he polls worse than Martha Coakley - the home of Democrat formerly assumptive Senator to be, only Obama can take it from a close race to a clear lead for the Republican Scott Brown.

Of course its been a long time coming. Obama was a known quantity long before he was elected in November 2008 - at least by anyone with the slightest penchant for facts or the truth. Then the Republicans were the ones crying wolf - and the Republicans were right - in more ways than one. On the other hand the Republicans needed a 'bi*ch slap' also to get there heads out of the fairy tale clouds they had puffed themselves up into - spending like drunken democrats and letting their President act like a veto pen was a serpent.

The reality is that we didn't have a good option at all in 2008. McCain proved to be hopeless on every front, and particularly at saving the economy with his ridiculous campaign suspending white horse ride to Washington - where he caved like a school child under threat.

But Obama??? Give us all a break. And God alone knows its now overdue - the Senate splitting vote this Tuesday in Massachusetts is the closest thing we who oppose the Obama spend-a-holic rocketeer can hope for as a break in the overwhelming tide of disaster. So for once I am glad to hear Obama is running to the scene of the fight - to ensure what I can only pray will be a massive upset - the kind that turns the tide in time for the rush for the fall elections.

But of course if the former Kennedyites of Massachusetts choose to support the Obama machine once again - like all the fools did in November 2008, you will know where to point the finger when trying to identify the rest of the idiots in America.

Please people, wake up and smell the nightmare.

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