Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Monopolistic Morass of More Asses With More Ass

Government bureaucracies are generally made up of two groups of people. The 'Temporarys' and the 'Permanents'. Without specific detail, generally the Temporarys fall in the category of being young, vibrant, beautiful, energetic, etc.

Generally hired by male bosses under the age of 45, temporarys are generally women, who know how to reveal a little cleavage, and have an agenda. Both they and their bosses are temporary because before long one - or both - is going to cross a line and/or simply become 'tired of the game' and move on.

Then there are the permanents. You've met them at the DMV, the post office, the social security office. They are generally sitting on something - presumably a stool, except that you can't see it, or a really wide well worn chair. Often thick rimmed glasses, and/or an enormous amount of make-up (a la Tammy Faye Bakker), and a voice like a drain snake.

Generally these people have attitude. I would refer to this average bureaucrat as having the attitude of an 'ass'. (Which demonstrates complete disrespect for the stubborn form of donkey specifcally referred to as a 'Jackass' or Ass for short - from which this attitude reference derives...)

This however is confusing, because if there is anything particularly noteworthy about these people physically, it is what they are sitting on - which is also an 'ass'. In reality, the confusion derives from the fact that these appear to be two ass people - one physical, and one attitudinal.

And so it is that I would have to describe a bureaucrat as having 'More Ass' than an average human.

But it is more complex than this. You see, generally we can refer to anyone with the attitude of a Jackass (Donkey) as derogatorily being an Ass. Which means that we would be referring to a group of these people with this bad attitude as a bunch of asses. But it is my contention, that because the temporary bureaucrats move on (before they develop these very large physical asses), the only ones that remain in mass are the asses. Ie. there are more asses with more ass.

Which brings us to the final observation of government bureaucrats. Their inability to complete (not 'compete' ...LOL!) productively, effectively, or competitively on ANYTHING. This is what I would call a black hole, a waste patch, or a morass. Thats right - there it is again!! Morass.

And that is the summary of government anything - a great morass of more asses with more ass.

So what would you call it?

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