Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Warning To 'Crats Playing Government Regulation Chess...With Americas former Strength: Business

Oh the thrill of power....Isn't it good to be the king?

But you 'crats* easily forget that when your beloved government falls apart - because you helped kill it....- that you too are one of the paeons that your type pee on as well - and the world you are destroying is your own, and your family's - including your children - if you are not so sterile as to have not had any.

The regulation-istas of America have closed more restaurants in America in the last 5 years than were opened in the previous 15 years. And in most cases, the power hungry 'crats that are responsible for closing them will return to their neighborhoods to find half of their own favorite restaurants also closed. And retail stores. And important service providers.

"But why?" they are so foolish to ask when the light begins to finally break through the fog of their corruption (because they are so willing to work aggressively with NO real or useful information - just their favorite kinds of 'report information': lists and colorful pie charts about irrelevant comparisons that have nothing to do with the basis of intelligent decision making that is based on thoughtful affecting factors.....'excuse data')

So what are the 'crats of America accomplishing by confusing the concept of law with self generated 'regulations' interpreted from badly written excuses for law... Nothing good.

Oh - the 'crats* say the problems belong to the business sector:
-  'they do not know how to manage their businesses in this important regulatory environment - they must change their approach....'
- 'they should increase their prices to reflect the growing costs of regulation - but don't cause inflation now'
- 'these regulations are necessary to protect the public....'
- 'inspection and investigation are necessary to maintain compliance...'  (If investigation and inspection by objective reviewers is so beneficial, why are the same regulators, inspectors, and investigators putting up so many security blocks to even getting into their offices - let alone allowing inspection and investigation of their offices to ensure they are in compliance with the public's determined best interests....)

Ah - but this is the rub in what is now officially and regulatorily a police state - the 'crats are both organized and funded to work against the public, but the public is neither organized or funded to work against the police state. So who is going to win this chess game? The strategy has worked, and the answer for you dear paeon is 'Checkmate'.

Relinquish your queen.

You are nothing, and you own nothing of value. When it finally occurs to you that what you think you own is both valueless, and no longer your own, and it begins to irritate you enough to shut off your big screen, and rise from your comfy chair, see if I am still around. I'll be happy to explain how it went down to you.

Yours truly ...
from the field.

* 'Crats - bureaucrats empowered by the statist Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives that fight freedom with 'evergrown' governing authority.

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