Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Caging The Monkey

A little draft I wrote five years ago in early 2009, and never published until now....

      "When Curious George Obama took over the White House, with the other of the three stooges over in          the Capital Building, Nasty Belowsi in the House, and the scary weed Harry Reid in the Senate, it                  appears as though we have watched the transformation of the monkey into a gorilla.

       Now King Kong is halfway up the Empire State Building with Faye Ray freedom firmly clenched in his          arm, clearly intent on throwing freedom down to it's death....

       What we need now is a commercial break so we can think long enough to rewrite the ending of this              communist oriented classic. Stop the cameras, cut the lights, put the monkey back in the cage, and let's          think about this for a bit. But of course how do we get the monkey back in the cage as long as he has all        the power...

       The real solution is to lure him with the banana, away from his power base, and back into a more        
       controlled environment. Who let these creatures out in the first place? Well apparently we gave them
       this authority by forfeiting our schools and our children to the jungle at recess, and then never ringing
        the bell..."

All so eerily accurate insight - even back that early into this mess.
I regret having asked for 'Wisdom' in a world of stupidity.
Instead I look forward to the happiness of memory loss. I might choose it now.

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